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Your game and you. It’s a profound relationship and it needs to be corralled in the right way so that you’re both happy. There are many ways to achieve this dual success, and knowing the hardware you’re using and having it configured specifically to achieve its desired goals is front and center. The best way for you to achieve that is to direct yourself right here.

There you will find the most effective tool to ensure your PC settings on Intel chips are configured with expert guidance for the games you play.

How? It’s remarkably simple. In fact, this tool will do pretty much all the hard lifting.

First, you can let the application identify your system setup so it’s clear what power you have under your PC hood. Then, find your game of choice from the extensive list of the most current games, and let the system configure it for optimal performance. That means blending visual prowess with core horsepower so that the game experience is as streamlined to your system as possible.

Intel has sought out the most popular games to showcase for this project, so your favorite is almost certainly a part of this program. If it’s not, ask. Games are regularly added to this optimization process, so whether it’s a new release like Dirt 4 or an older title in your library you should be able to find provided settings that showcase the game—and your hardware—to its maximum.

Of course, your Intel processor does need to meet a certain spec, but if you’re running a 4th Generation Core or higher (that’s the i7-4xxxx, i3-5xxx and similar) then you’ll find your system tuned to gaming perfection.

And it’s a simple process. And it works seamlessly.

And since it’s constantly updated by the Intel engineers, whatever new game you choose, you should check the site for a simple process to establish your optimum settings.

What to do? Go here.

As PC gamers we all know the need to maintain updated graphics drivers, and so always make sure you’re up-to-date, which you can do by heading straight here.

When you recognize the visual improvement and performance enhancements, you’ll thank us. All part of the service. You, and your game.


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