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Presented by Intel

VentureBeat is proud to announce a new collaboration with Intel Corporation that will offer a broad, informed perspective on the current state of PC game development.

The PC continues to be a highly important platform for gaming. A recent survey from the Game Developers Conference indicates the PC is the most popular platform with 53 percent of developers currently creating a PC/Mac game — providing developers with a continuously expanding and enthusiastic market for their games.

This joint venture seeks to pull back the curtain on how games are created in 2017, revealing what drives individuals and teams to become game developers, how they tackle the hurdles and challenges of their craft, what inspires them to innovate with technology, and the ways they can share their creations with the world.


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“Intel has long been an advocate for and adviser to game developers, with the mission of helping them thrive – because when developers do well, the whole ecosystem benefits,” said Doug Fisher, senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group at Intel. “This exciting project with VentureBeat will provide a cache of valuable information for developers, which will aid them in their pursuit to create quality games and succeed in the marketplace.”

Intel and VentureBeat will collaboratively create content in many areas with emphasis on three centerpieces available on the PC Gaming Channel under VB’s GamesBeat umbrella:

  • Developer Spotlight will profile some of today’s most innovative and inspiring game developers, highlighting what they’re doing that impacts and influences the gaming industry.
  • Inspiration Videos will put a spotlight on impassioned developers and publishers through video profiles that introduce readers to the companies, their creative staffs, and their current projects.
  • Visionary Veterans will take a look at game-industry educators who share what they’ve learned in their careers through training and mentoring to help drive the next generation of developers to be all they can be.

The Intel/VentureBeat project will launch just ahead of the upcoming GamesBeat Summit (held May 1–2 at the Claremont Club & Spa Hotel in Berkeley, California, and sponsored in part by Intel). GamesBeat Summit attendees will be able to meet and learn from experienced members of the Intel Game Dev Program.

“Games are a source of entertainment and inspiration the world over, and so making games easier to develop is meaningful,” said Matt Marshall, VentureBeat Founder and CEO. “We’re delighted to join with Intel to create what we hope will be a leading source of information for PC game developers — from how games are conceived, to how they’re built, tested, and launched.”

The Intel Game Dev Program collaborates with key game industry experts to give nascent developers access to tools, such as SDKs and code libraries, as well as performance analyzers to help optimize game software, and introductions to test partners. Providing a wealth of information, this program also offers opportunities for developers to differentiate their product and achieve success in the video-game business. The Intel Game Dev website takes a non-partisan approach that helps developers identify problems and mutually find solutions, regardless of the technology behind the screen. Intel also provides assistance and advice to the game-development community, not only through its own technology and tools, but also by offering a vast support network that enables developers to get news and information on current events, and to discuss their issues and seek advice with each other.

The barriers to entry for game development have lowered significantly, and more people are seeking to join this exciting and creative industry. This new offering between Intel and VentureBeat will help developers get a leg up on topics such as the ever-changing landscape of gaming platforms; new and evolving technology, such as virtual reality (VR) and eSports; progress in software engines and middleware tools; and changes to the business of PC game development, publishing, and monetization so that developers can make their PC games the best they can be.

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