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    Our testing and comparison procedures are certified under ISO 9001:2015.

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    Our evaluations are objective and independent of manufacturers or brands.

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    Our comparative tests place great value on transparent and structured presentation.

We are developing a digital tool for all your purchases.

This situation may seem familiar to you: You are about to make a purchase when you suddenly feel bombarded and overwhelmed by the immense number of stores’ and producers’ advertisements. And of course, each product is described as the best in its category—the best on the market.

And so it goes for hundreds of thousands of consumers who find themselves in this same situation daily.

This is where we come in, helping consumers make the best possible decisions with our clear and precise product comparisons.

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On VentureBeat, you will find reports, independent tests, and information from experts, professionals, and leading test magazines. We collect all this data for you and present it in a scrutable comparator that’s digestible even for the inexperienced.

Simple, clear, understandable: These are the objectives behind our summary and comparison tables.

This allows you to compare the characteristics of more or less complex products through a playful and accessible interface: an interface enriched by specialists that allows you to quickly understand the advantages and disadvantages of the analyzed product.

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