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Best 1080p Smart TV 2023 • 7 1080p Smart TVs Reviews
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Tested Products 7
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Hours Spent 49
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Considered Reviews 234

Best 1080p Smart TV 2023 • 7 1080p Smart TVs Reviews

The TV market is constantly changing recently in terms of pricing and, of course, technology. Now the recent trend is smart TVs and having one can make your life incredibly easy. They allow you to stream movies and your favourite shows while some more advanced ones even allow voice control. This is another step towards home automation and smart home integration. Finding the best 1080p smart TV can be difficult, especially due to so many options present today. To help you out, our team carried out extensive research and tried plenty of the best smart TV models present today. To ensure that you’re buying the best 1080p smart tv, we’ve spent a good amount of time testing each of the items in the product table below making a comparison. Read on below to learn about the top seven 1080p smart TVs and pick the one suited for you.

1080p Smart TV Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 49
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 6
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 234

What Is A 1080p Smart TV And How Does It Work?

A Smart TV connects to the internet and offers services such as online gaming, web browsing, and video streaming. Such TVs allow users to access traditional electronic media such as regular cables, online media, and OTT (Over The Top) content.

Some popular apps compatible with smart TVs include Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, and Netflix. Good smart TVs come with a 1080p resolution for excellent clarity and picture quality. The focus of smart TVs is to allow you to load extra content from the internet. These TVs allow access to Wi-Fi or come with an Ethernet connection that makes it easier to install third-party applications. They can also deliver and receive content such as music, movies, etc., from other connected devices over LAN.

In a nutshell, the best 1080p smart TV is integrated with a system that makes it easy for you to manage and access online media content.

What Are The Types of 1080p Smart TV?

TCL 32” Roku Smart TV with excellent apps and HD resolution

If you have been searching for the best 1080p smart TV, then you must have realized that there are many different manufacturers and options available. We have broken down the different key terms related to 1080p Smart TVs to help you choose the right product. Read on below to find out the different types of smart TVs and which one to choose.

  • OLED

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitted Diodes. It combines LED with pixel, which means that each pixel produces its own light source. This makes this kind of screen the best option for a balanced contrast between light and dark. Since each pixel creates its own light source, it can turn off its light source in areas where the screen has to be dark.

So, if you are looking at the moon on a dark sky on your TV screen, then the pixels rendering the moon will produce a bright light, whereas light around the sky will be turned off. This allows excellent picture quality and makes for an amazing TV to buy.

  • Edge-Lit LED

As the name suggests, an edge-lit LED has two rows of LEDs present on the edges to light the screen’s pixels from each side. This screen lighting technology, however, can suffer from a light-bleed in the middle of the screen. This is because the contrast between dark and light is not well-replicated. After all, the light is emitted from the same part of the screen.

  • QLED

QLED stands for Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes and is a form of LED created by Samsung. This technology makes use of quantum dots to achieve the optimum level of brightness and color. QLED is a step up from edge-lit LED but is not as great as OLED. This is because OLED separates the pixels and LED, whereas QLED doesn’t.

  • Full-Array LED

If you want to take a step up from edge-lit LED models but don’t want OLED Or QLED due to their prices, then a full-array LED is a good option for you. These screens have evenly distributed LEDs, which gives better contrast. The light is focused on the areas of the screen that need it and is dimmed in the darker areas. This effect is known as local dimming, and it allows the luminosity of a specific screen area to be increased or decreased depending on the requirements.

Who Is 1080p Smart TV Suitable For And What Benefits Does It Bring?

A 1080p smart TV is, well, for everyone, because who doesn’t like good-quality entertainment? These TVs are a step towards home automation and provide a crisp screen display alongside better controls. You not only get the traditional cable TV but can also enjoy Netflix, Youtube, and other applications.

Smart TVs give you access to unlimited content and allow you to watch what you want, whenever you want. They also have voice-control compatibility and a universal remote on your phone.

Shopping Criteria for Best 1080p Smart TV

If you are planning on shopping for a 1080p smart TV, then there are a few features you must look out for.

  • Size

The size of the smart TV is the most important aspect to focus on. If you want a TV for a large room, then a large screen size is ideal. In contrast, a medium-sized screen is recommended for a small room.

The right screen will provide you with an optimal viewing distance due to the angle and the room size. Just keep in mind that bigger does not always mean better.

  • Refresh rate

A smart TV is like a large laptop with all the features it sports.

This refresh rate refers to how quickly the screen updates your picture. It is measured in Hertz, and the higher the refresh rate, the faster the performance of your product will be. Look for a refresh rate of 60 Hz at least, and if your pocket allows, you can go as high as 120 – or even 240 Hz. Higher refresh rates are ideal for displaying action pictures with swift motion, like sports games.

  • HDR

HDR means high dynamic range and helps increase the contrast between dark and light areas of the image. This is one television feature that is incredibly hyped, and for good reason. It improves the quality of the screen, and the best part is that it is available in TV models that cost just around $500-600. TCL 32” Roku Smart TV with excellent apps and HD resolution

  • Sound Quality

Good sound quality is necessary for an immersive TV experience. Most advanced smart TVs come with excellent sound quality. However, some models do not have a good sound system. This can ruin your entire user experience and make movie nights dull. If you end up with a smart TV with a weak sound system, attaching external audio to it can help.

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What is the price of smart TV?

Smart TVs come at different prices, but the majority range between $300 and $2000. Some advanced models, albeit a few, go even higher. It all depends on the features, manufacturer, and quality of the device.

What to do if my 1080p smart TV doesn’t connect to the internet?

If your smart TV fails to connect to the internet, unplug both the Wi-Fi router and the TV. Leave the devices be for a minute or so, and then turn them on again. If there are no software or hardware faults, doing this will fix the issue.

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