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Best Acer Laptop 2023 • 7 Acer Laptops Reviews
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Best Acer Laptop 2023 • 7 Acer Laptops Reviews

We are in the golden age of computers. Not only is there now a computer in almost every home, but many also carry a laptop wherever they go. These devices are now at the center of our working lives and our principal source of entertainment. Acer laptops are a perfect example of this. In our test, we will show you the results of our research.

Acer Laptop Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 64
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 493
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 610

What is the history of Acer laptops?

Taiwan experienced a technological explosion in the 1970s. Acer was an important figure in this revolution when it was founded in 1976 under the name Multitech. Five years later, the company changed its name to Acer, and began to focus on microprocessors, and is now no less than the fifth largest manufacturer of computers in the world.

The first Acer computer for domestic use was launched in 1982, the Microprofessor II, with 8 bits. Four years later, they surprised the world with a 32-bit model that became famous worldwide. Today the company has 39,000 employees in around 100 countries and its product line has grown to include servers, monitors, and accessories, among other products.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Acer Laptops

 Depending on the Acer laptop which you choose, you should pay attention to certain components like the processor, RAM memory and hard drive.

Acer produces laptops, monitors, smartphones, tablets, storage devices, and other electronic products. As of July 2020, Acer is the fifth-largest personal computer vendor in the world and very famous in comparison to other companies.

Acer creates laptops for a variety of different purposes such as business, gaming, entertainment, or personal use. So, if you are looking for a slim, elegant, and affordable laptop that perfectly meets your technical requirements, Acer laptops are the best option. Our product test shows that their products combine a low price and smart performance.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Customer support
  • Innovation
  • Variety
  • Warranty
  • Portable


  • Dull designs
  • Slower average performance

Shopping Criteria for Acer Laptops

Our product test shows that Acer laptops can be great tools in your day-to-day life, no matter what you do or what you need them for. Although the technical and aesthetic specifications may vary depending on the model, there are some criteria that you cannot ignore if you want to enjoy high performance. In this section, we summarize the most important aspects to consider.

  • Processor
  • Battery
  • Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Design


The processor is the component that controls and ensures the proper functioning of your laptop. In our opinion, you should pay attention to the number of cores the computer has as well as its cache memory and frequency speed. This will make sure you always get the best performance.


Our test demonstrates that it is very difficult to calculate the hours of battery life that your Acer laptop will give you because it depends on how you configure it and how you will use it. In our opinion, it’s best if you look for a model that offers at least six hours of work time without having to recharge your computer. Our product test confirms that if you use your laptop for gaming, you will need even more battery life.

The founder of Acer, Stan Shih, states his main business strategy as “global brand, local touch.”


Our test already demonstrated that the screens are a key feature when choosing between models of Acer laptops. Again, it is important to know what you use the computer for since its use dictates what specifications you need. However, in general, you will want to look for a high resolution, Full HD screen.

KeyboardIt is a good idea to ensure that the materials of the keyboard are resistant and light at the same time.

In our opinion, after the screen, the keyboard of an Acer laptop is probably the most important component. The test shows that it is important to make sure that the materials are light yet resistant, so that the keys are suitably responsive to touch. To do this, the keys must have a quality response mode, which allows you to move them easily. The keyboards of Acer laptops are usually very soft and responsive in comparison to other laptops.


The design is not a minor issue when choosing an Acer laptop, since the idea of ​​these devices is that they are comfortable to carry as well as lightweight and portable. That is why we must pay attention to the size, weight, and shape of the product. Acer even has convertible models that allow you to use them as tablets, which can be handy depending on the situation.

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What revolutionary moments have Acer laptops had?

Long before the birth of tablets, around the year 2000, Acer surprised the world with the TravelMate C100, a model that became the first convertible laptop on the market. This means that the screen could flip and work as the laptop cover. Although it wasn’t immediately successful, this signaled the start of an enormous revolution.

In 2005, Acer was the biggest manufacturer of laptops in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Two years later, they were already ranked second in the world, which was helped by the merger between Gateway and Packard Bell. In 2010, Acer was named the second-largest manufacturer of computers, including laptops and desktops.

What does it mean for Acre screens to have IPS technology?

The acronym IPS refers to in-plane switching, a technology that is used in LCD or LED screens that is commonly found in laptops and tablets. This technology solves some limitations that certain screens have had, such as issues with the viewing angle or problems delivering high resolution, especially in color.

Today, most laptops, including Acer laptops, have IPS screens, which means excellent screen resolution from any viewing angle. This technology is now also being used, of course, in smartphones and tablets, as we increasingly use their screens to play videos or movies.

What components of Acer laptops should I pay attention to?

Like all laptop brands, Acer wants you to choose a model that suits your tastes and your needs. But the most important factor is that it will deliver a high-level, reliable performance, whether you use your laptop for work or for leisure.

One important factor is the processor. It manages the operating system, execution of programs and different devices. What you should consider here is the number of cores they have (the more the better) and the memory cache, which makes it run faster. The frequency is measured in GHz. Another important factor is random-access memory (RAM). It loads all the instructions executed by the processor and allows you to open many programs and applications simultaneously. In order to do that, you need at least 4 GB of RAM.

Also, you should look at the hard drive, which is responsible for storing data and files thanks to a magnetic recording system. Thanks to cloud storage, it is not necessary to have a very large storage capacity.

Why are Acer laptop screens important?

Our test proves that the screen is one of the most critical elements of a laptop, both in Acer and other brands. Although the screen size is what we pay the most attention to, this is not the most important aspect. There are other features of the screen that we must consider that improve our laptop experience.

For example, the resolution of the screen is measured by the number of pixels that can be displayed on the screen.

Another aspect is the response time, which is the time a pixel takes to change the color it is emitting. If it takes too long, it may cause motion blur.

You should also consider the refresh frequency. It is the speed of updating the screen, an aspect highly valued by gamers. Faster speeds allow the screen to display a greater number of images in a second, which gives it greater continuity and smoothness.

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