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Best Apple Computer 2022 • 7 Apple Computers Reviews
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Best Apple Computer 2022 • 7 Apple Computers Reviews

Of all the revolutions that have taken place in the world of computer technology, none have matched the innovation, aesthetics, and performance of Apple. In this new article, we will tell you all the fabulous secrets that have led Apple computers to their global success and show you the results of our research.

Apple Computer Leaderboard 2022

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 64
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 172
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 576

What is an Apple Computer and how does it work?

Apple computers directly follow the Macintosh line of products, a range that the California-based company started marketing in 1984. These Mac devices currently include the most basic Mac Mini desktop computers to top-of-the-line workstations like the Mac Pro. Their main target groups are home, education, and professional creativity spheres.

What types of Apple computers are there?

Our product test shows that Apple produces a lot of different varieties of computers. Here is an overview of how the different models differ.

  • MacBook Air – Outstanding for its portability, as it is ultra-light.  Average, non-professional user type. Year of release: 2015.
  • MacBook Pro – Maximum power and performance. Professional user type.  Year of release: 2006.
  • MacBook – Most sold and popular for its thickness and size. Average, professional user type. Year of release: 2006.
  • Mac mini – Low performance, compact. Average, non-professional user type.  Year of release: 2005.
  • iMac – Combines only high-quality components. Average, professional user type.  Year of release: 1998.
  • iMac Pro – This is the most powerful of all iMacs. Professional user type. Year of release: 2017.
  • eMac – G4 processors and 17-inch CTR screens. Educational sector user type.  Year of release: 2002 (discontinued).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Computers

Both desktop computers and MacBooks are characterized by their sophisticated appearance and the care given to their materials.

Apple computers have become popular in recent years and are increasingly common, but our test confirms that Windows remains the absolute and undisputed leader in the global desktop and laptop operating system market. Still, Apple computers have some advantages over their competitors that are worth noting.


  • Apple manufactures its own hardware and software. In comparison to Windows computers, Apple takes care of the whole production process of its devices. The product test proves that through an integrated approach, it designs top-quality hardware and software to ensure maximum performance.
  • The design of Mac computers is superior. Both desktop computers and MacBooks are characterized by their sophisticated appearance and the care given to their materials. In our opinion, it’s no surprise that many brands try to imitate them, from the sleek metallic finishes to the clean packaging.
  • Apple’s operating system is more intuitive in comparison to other computer systems. macOS is another reason why these computers are simply better. You can start using it right out of the box: all you need to do is set up your iCloud account. Windows, in comparison, generally requires a more extensive configuration.
  • The productivity of Apple computers is superior. Our product test demonstrates that features such as the keyboard shortcuts, the Multi-Touch gestures of the trackpad, or the Magic Mouse are very effective tools to improve your productivity.
  • Mac security is very high. Our test proves that while the operating system isn’t impenetrable (no system is), the macOS has much fewer viruses in comparison to Windows. This means that, with the Apple operating system, you are less exposed to threats than with the Microsoft operating system.


  • Apple computers are definitely way more expensive than Windows computers.
  • No upgradable parts inside such as RAM cards or hard drive capacity.
  • Our product test shows that they are difficult to repair.

Shopping Criteria for Apple Computers

Apple computers are known for their elegant design.

If you’re thinking about getting your own Mac, it means you want to take your performance and productivity to new heights. Tests confirm that these computers are the top choice of executives and professionals in every field. If you want to pick the model that best suits your needs, in our opinion you need to pay attention to the following criteria.

  • Processor
  • Connectivity
  • Battery


This is basically the motor of computers and Apple has spared no expense on it. Whether you’re choosing a Mac for gaming, social networking, or professional purposes, you need to make sure you can perform all the tasks without problems. Opt for a model with at least a dual-core Intel Core i5 processor.


Our product test confirms that the connectivity options of the devices are one of the areas in which Apple has most evolved over time. Nowadays, taking this factor into account is essential, as most of us have to work with several devices at once. The brand has also designed accessories that allow you access to more USB, USB-C, and HDMI ports if needed.

Total Mac computer sales amounted to 18.21 million units in Apple’s 2018 fiscal year.


The battery is a key aspect for anyone purchasing a new computer. Luckily for us, Apple computers offer an overall autonomy that often exceeds their competitors. However, a desktop computer that is always plugged in is different from a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. In our opinion, you need to choose your device based on how you want to use it.

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What operating system does Apple use?

Unlike other brands, Mac computers are based on a vertically integrated model. This means that Apple supplies all aspects of its hardware and creates its own operating system that is then preinstalled on every computer. Officially dating back to 2001, its name is macOS (previously Mac OS X and OS X).

Why do all Apple computers require an Apple ID?

Not only computers, but all Apple products actually require an ID account to be used. Setting it up is very straightforward and will give you many benefits, including access to services such as the App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, iMessage, FaceTime, and much more.

Every time you set up a new Apple device, make a purchase, or use a service, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID and password. Once you set it up, it’s a very safe system to use—as long as you don’t share it with anyone else!

What is iCloud?

This online storage system is included in every Apple computer. It allows you to protect and keep all your content (e.g., photos, files, and notes) up to date while having it available at all times. Besides, it works automatically, so you never have to worry about anything. iCloud gives you 5GB of free storage, and you can easily add more if needed.

What apps come with my Mac?

In our opinion, one of the great advantages of Mac computers that many people often forget to mention is the brand’s own preinstalled software and applications. These handy tools help you work and create, explore design possibilities, connect with the world, and be more efficient in your tasks.

You can have all your photos and videos at hand to edit and retouch or even make gifts to frame for your loved ones. Plus, you can save a considerable amount of media files on iCloud. The application iMovie is a video editing tool that will change the way you tell stories. With an intuitive interface and 4K quality compatibility, you’ll be creating true Hollywood-style movies in no time. If you like to write music, GarageBand will become part of your daily life. With a vast sound library at your disposal, you will learn to play, record, and share your own music like a pro.

Pages, which is a quality word processor, is key in any computer, and Apple provides you with the best tools to create great documents. If you need spreadsheets, Numbers makes it easy to edit graphs, tables, and images so that your figures speak for themselves. Keynote is the ideal tool for all your presentations.

Make your ideas shine with the design options, effects, and filters that this application provides. Apple’s own browser Safari will make your relationship with the Internet unique. Its security features protect your data and device, with a homepage that lets you save, search, and share your favorite sites at the click of a button. You can also take advantage of great tips from Siri, the company’s virtual assistant.

What professional software is included with Apple computers?

In addition to the apps mentioned above, these devices integrate professional software for experts looking to take their creativity to the next level.

This particularly applies to jobs in the music and video editing, processing, and production industry. In our opinion, you should take a look at the five incredible applications you can enjoy on your Mac. First, Logic Pro X. This complete MIDI recording and production studio has everything you need to compose, record, mix, and edit music. Its otherworldly collection of plug-ins, sounds, and loops will help you finish your projects like a true sound engineer.

Second, Main Stage 3 turns your Mac into a live performance device and transforms your keyboard, guitar, or vocals into the show you always dreamed of giving. Captivate your audience.

Next, the Final Cut Pro X is the best tool for the most creative video professionals. It integrates advanced editing and multimedia content organization features.

Motion is the best animation application existing to create 2D and 3D titles, fluid transitions, and impressive effects to watch in real-time.

And last but not least, Compressor, which you can use to export Final Cut Pro projects quickly and efficiently.

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