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Best backlit keyboard 2023 • 7 backlit keyboards Reviews
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Best backlit keyboard 2023 • 7 backlit keyboards Reviews

The lighting of backlit keyboards isn’t merely about aesthetics. Under certain circumstances, such as when you play video games or in specific low-light environments, this feature offers significant advantages. This is why they have gained popularity in recent years, with more and more users turning to these keyboards. If you’re thinking of getting one, you have come to the right place. There is an incredible range of models out there, but don’t let the light effects become the only deciding factor. It is also essential to determine how you plan on using your new keyboard. You will also have to pick between membrane and mechanical types, as well as wired or wireless models.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 60
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 480
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 710

What is a Backlit Keyboard and how does it work?

Backlit keyboards only differ from standard models in that they integrate a lighting system. Generally composed of LED lights, it may offer various effects. They are primarily intended for use in low-light environments, and their primary – though not only – application is for playing video games.

Advantages and disadvantages of Backlit Keyboards

These devices are ideal for use at night or in low-light environments. That means that you can work longer without interruption and in optimal conditions. Besides, they offer a significant competitive edge to all gamers who use them.

Backlit Keyboards come with different background colors.


  • They are ideal for dark or low-light rooms.
  • They offer a competitive advantage to video game players.
  • You can choose from different customization options.
  • They allow you to work without interruptions.
  • They are more aesthetically appealing.
  • The characters on the keys won’t fade.


  • Wireless keyboards consume more energy.
  • They tend to be more expensive than traditional keyboards.

Shopping Criteria for Backlit Keyboards

Are you really thinking about getting your own backlit keyboard? Then there are several key shopping criteria that you need to be familiar with. We want to make your life easier, which is why we have selected the six most important factors and detailed them for you below. We guarantee that taking all of these aspects into account is the best way to find the perfect model for you and get the best value for money.

Personal Use

If you’re considering buying a backlit keyboard, chances are you’ll want it to play video games. But you will also find it useful for office tasks, programming, browsing the web, or for your business. In that regard, you have to think about the computer you will connect your keyboard to, as well as how you plan on using it.

If you’re a gamer, we advise you to opt for a model with a gaming-specific design. Besides, you will find mechanical keyboards to be the better option as they offer higher sensitivity and shorter response time. If you don’t plan on using it extensively, you can opt for a simpler design and fewer lighting effects.

Lighting Options

This criterion is all about the types and modes of lighting that are integrated into a keyboard. From the choice of colors you have available, to the possibility of adjusting their intensity, to the control system the device features. As you already know, some models even offer the option of enjoying multicolor backlighting.

Generally speaking, the more affordable keyboards come with a reduced choice of colors. That being said, you can find a variety of products with wider ranges. In addition, backlit keyboards allow you to enjoy several different effects, depending on the model. The most common type alternates the color of the lighting from time to time.

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Keyboard Size

The different styles are determined based on the number of keys they have and how these keys are set up. As you may know, they also vary depending on the language. In the United States, the keyboards follow the classic QWERTY layout. Within that type, we can make a distinction between extended models and reduced or tenkeyless (TKL) models.

The former feature a number pad on the right side for a total of 105 keys, while the latter do not have this pad and generally have 88 keys. Although less common, you can opt for a third layout that eliminates all non-essential keys – such as function or media control keys – for only 62 keys.

Additional to the Backlit Keyboard are the backlit mouses.

Wired vs. Wireless

Wireless keyboards give you great freedom from cumbersome cables and the ability to use them further away from your computer. This distance can generally reach 30 feet. However, you will need to recharge your battery or change the batteries from time to time. And, as you can imagine, a lighting system means higher energy consumption.

If you’re looking for a backlit keyboard to play competitive video games, do not think about it twice and buy a wired model. Its response time will be significantly shorter. If you want more versatility, you can also find devices that will function with and without cables. That way, you can choose which is more appropriate depending on the activity you want to perform.

Mechanical vs. Membran

While mechanical keyboards offer the very best performance out there, they are considerably more expensive. Their greater sensitivity has led them to become the go-to option among gamers. They are, without a doubt, the most professional choice in the keyboard world. A mechanical keyboard with backlighting allows you to enjoy unmatched response quality.

This type is also recommended for people who spend hours typing every day, as they will notice a substantial improvement in productivity. Besides, they tend to be more ergonomic and have a longer lifespan. Membrane keyboards, on the other hand, are more economical, quieter, and often have a more compact design.


This is one of the trendy words of the moment, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t essential. If you know you will make extensive use of your backlit keyboard, you should really purchase one with an ergonomic design. Nowadays, many keyboard manufacturers modify the size of certain keys or separate the corresponding keys for the left and right hands.

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What color are the lights?

Many backlit keyboards will allow you to choose from a range of different colors. Note that the most basic models will offer a smaller number of colors, with some even having a single-color lighting system. High-end backlit keyboards, on the other hand, can cover the entire color spectrum.

Can I customize individual keys?

Nowadays, the very best keyboards on the market let you personalize each key individually. This system is called dynamic multicolor per-key backlighting. Using a specific software, it provides virtually unlimited possibilities for control and customization of color and effects.

For whom are backlit keyboards recommended?

They are especially recommended for those of us who play video games. In such a competitive environment, where performing an action a microsecond earlier can make the difference between victory and defeat, finding the right key is vital. Besides, gamers often play more relaxed with a backlit keyboard. You will also find these devices helpful if your workspace often has low light conditions or if you work at night. Everyone will benefit from you having one of these keyboards if you share a room with others and need to use your computer at night. Last but not least, they are perfect for nightlife venues and cybercafés.

Are backlit keyboards the same as gaming models?

They are actually two different types of devices. However, the reality is that an overwhelming majority of gaming keyboards integrate this functionality, whose competitive edge is essential for video game players. If you are familiar with e-sports, you will have noticed that competitions take place in low-light conditions. This allows players to focus on what is happening on the screen and, therefore, on the game. In addition, and as we mentioned earlier, specific lighting will help you recognize the keys you’re looking for faster. However, a keyboard must include a few more features than simply backlighting to be considered a gaming model.

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