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Best Bluetooth Adapter 2022 • 7 Bluetooth Adapters Reviews
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Best Bluetooth Adapter 2022 • 7 Bluetooth Adapters Reviews

Since it was developed in 1994, Bluetooth has quickly spread throughout the technology industry due to its multitude of advantages—most notably that it connects devices without the use of bothersome wires. Though older devices aren’t Bluetooth-enabled, a USB adapter can resolve the issue.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 62
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 148
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 620

What is a Bluetooth adapter and how does it work?

This very small electronic equipment connects to a USB port and allows various devices to connect using Bluetooth wireless technology. This communication protocol gives you the possibility to transfer information wirelessly between devices that are within a short distance—generally 30 feet or less.

Two or more Bluetooth-connected devices communicate with each other via radio frequency. Once you enable Bluetooth on your equipment, it will detect all other Bluetooth-enabled devices within its range. You will then need to pair them. Once they are connected, they can share information.

What types of Bluetooth adapters are there?

  • Bluetooth adapter for headphones: This Bluetooth 4.2 receiver car kit is a little different from other models because it is plugged in via a jack connector. This is very useful for older stereo models that are not equipped with USB ports.
  • Bluetooth adapter with microphone: Specifically designed for use with your car stereo, this also works perfectly with any other device with a jack connector—all the speakers, headphones, and other amplifiers you might use.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluetooth adapters

The biggest perk of Bluetooth adapters naturally lies in their ability to connect devices without any wiring. They are also very easy to set up and are quite affordable. On the other hand, they are so small that you can lose them easily. Additionally, Bluetooth connections can be interfered with.

Stream audio via Bluetooth from your phone or tablet to your car.


  • They allow you to connect electronic devices wirelessly.
  • They are very easy to set up.
  • Most are plug-and-play devices, so they are ready to be used.
  • They are very affordable, many costing less than $15.
  • They are small and compact, so they go nearly unnoticed.
  • You can connect computers that are in different rooms.


  • Their small size makes them relatively easy to lose.
  • Bluetooth connections can be affected by interference.

Shopping Criteria for Bluetooth Adapter

There are various key aspects that you should consider when the time comes to buy your very own Bluetooth adapter. To make this task easier for you, we will discuss the five most important criteria in the section below. We’re confident that they’ll guide you on your way to finding a product that best suits your needs.

  • Personal use and compatibility
  • Bluetooth version
  • Class
  • Range
  • Transfer speed

Personal Use and Compatibility

The very first aspect you should evaluate when choosing a Bluetooth adapter is, naturally, what you need it for. You don’t want to get the same type of device to connect a headset to your computer as you do to connect various game consoles. You may also want to use it with your car stereo.

In the same vein, you should know exactly whether you’ll use your adapter on a Windows, Linux, or Mac OS computer. Your operating system will obviously have to be compatible with your Bluetooth connector. Keep in mind that, while most devices are plug-and-play with the latest operating systems, you’ll need to install drivers for older generations.

Bluetooth Version

Different Bluetooth versions are currently available, the most recent being the 5.1, which was released in January 2019. Note that the use of the latest generation isn’t very widespread yet. In any case, you don’t have to worry about two devices being from different versions since they are designed to be backward compatible.

  • Version 1.2: up to 1 Mbps
  • Version 2.0 + EDR: up to 2 or 3 Mbps
  • Version 3.0 + HS: up to 24 Mbps
  • Version 4.0: from 25 to 32 Mbps
  • Version 5.0: 50 Mbps
Did you know that Bluetooth adapters can support up to seven devices?


Range of compatible devices.

There are currently four types of Bluetooth signals or classes. Each one refers to the maximum connection speed and distance. This allows you to know exactly what performance to expect simply by checking the class of the adapter you want to purchase.

The classes differ in maximum power in milliwatts (mW), in decibel-milliwatts (dBm), and the range expressed in feet (ft) for every type. Class 4 is the one used by Bluetooth version 1.0, so it is practically obsolete. Class 3 is now in a very similar position, working only with versions 2.0 or 2.1. The best option is Class 1.


As you now know, the range of your adapter’s Bluetooth connection will fundamentally depend on the class to which it belongs. In that regard, the most common devices offer a range of 30 feet. The great thing about this type of connection is that you can have devices connected from different rooms, even if a wall stands in the way.

Transfer Speed

The majority of Bluetooth devices currently on the market use version 4.0 or higher. This guarantees you speeds of up to 32 megabits per second (Mbps), which is plenty for tasks like listening to music or connecting a mouse, for example. You really only need to pay attention to the speed if you intend on transferring large files between your devices.

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Is it worth buying a Bluetooth adapter?

If your computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, getting one of these adapters will give you an additional wireless option so you can connect to more devices. You’ll be able to breathe new life into older equipment. They are also fairly inexpensive and easy to set up.

As you can see, Bluetooth connections offer many advantages. In fact, the connection of devices through this technology is practically essential today. The future of the industry is certainly wireless, and each new version of Bluetooth brings us closer to that.

Can I pair Bluetooth devices using different versions with the adapter?

Not only it is possible to pair Bluetooth-enabled devices using different versions, but it is also common. While it is generally recommended that the emitting equipment be of a higher class and therefore more powerful, this is not a requirement. As a matter of fact, the total compatibility between its versions is one of the greatest advantages of this technology.

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