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Best Bluetooth Headphones 2022 • 7 Bluetooth Headphones Reviews
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Best Bluetooth Headphones 2022 • 7 Bluetooth Headphones Reviews

Portable music listening has been a craze for many years, and with the invention of smartphones, it is reaching new heights. Today we can take our music with us wherever we go, even without annoying cables involved. Don’t think so? Then you need to try Bluetooth headphones! Traveling by train, going out for a run, or taking a leisurely walk are no longer activities to be done in silence, or with bulky devices that take you out of the moment. Bluetooth headphones make all the difference to your daily wellbeing, giving you an overall better experience. Read on to learn everything about these handy little devices!

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 26
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 12
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 44

What is a Bluetooth headphone and how does it work?

Bluetooth headphones are capable of receiving an electrical signal originated by an electronic source and designed to be placed in the ears. They have speakers that generate sound waves, making it possible to listen to music or other vocals. They are different from traditional headphones because they are wireless.

Bluetooth technology is used to make this type of headphones, and is basically operated by a wireless transmission of data (music, photos) and voice between different devices that are a short distance away. Mobile phones were the first devices to have Bluetooth technology, and are great today for using less cables.

What are the types of Bluetooth headphones?

Although there are several types of Bluetooth headphone models, each with their own designs and features, there are basically three different types: intra-mural or button, supra-aural and circumaural. The difference depends on the use and specific features you are after.


For sports and physical activities.

Bluetooth headphones use wireless technology to establish wireless communication, which allows you to listen to any type of sound with high quality and high transmission speed.

They fit comfortably inside the ear and offer better support regarding the opinion of experts. They are compact and lightweight. In general, they are waterproof, so they withstand rain and sweat when comparing them to other types.


Better for working inside, at home or in an office. They offer a balance between comfort, lightness, and sound quality.They have a headband to hold them in place and fit over the ear.


For those looking for high frequency range, high-power, and sound quality without distortion.

They also have a headband, with large pads that cover the ears compared to other types of Bluetooth headphones.

Shopping Criteria for Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more sophisticated and there is a wide variety available. The model you want will depend on how you plan to use them. In this section, we have detailed some criteria that is essential to consider before making a purchase. Whatever bluetooth headphone model you are after, we will help you make the right decision. You should consider:

  • Sound quality (frequency)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Battery and range
  • Bluetooth version
  • Waterproofness

Sound quality (frequency)

The main reason we buy Bluetooth headphones is because we want good quality sound. This is why we must look at the frequency in the product description. Unless we are specifically looking for certain frequencies, it is ideal to have as wide a sound range as possible regarding the opinion of users.

Ergonomic design

We generally use headphones when we have down time. This may be when we are working, driving, traveling, or working out. As time goes by, it is better to have headphones that fit comfortably in your ear. This will help you have a better experience, and can even prevent health risks.

Did you know: “Noise damages your ears almost the same way aging does, except continuous exposure to louder noise accelerates the process greatly.” (CBS News)

Battery and range

As with smartphones, nobody likes for their devices to run out of battery. While the battery life of Bluetooth headphones depends on the use, battery capacity is something to consider.

In addition to the quality and comfort of these headphones, there are several models that allow you to customize the settings to your preference.

It is recommended that this is not less than 300 mAh when comparing expert’s opinions.

Bluetooth version

After comparing several Bluetooth versions, we would say: If we want the best Bluetooth technology, we must choose a device with the latest version. This can greatly affect the connectivity between your headphones and your other devices. You want to make sure you avoid sudden cuts and interferences due to distance. Therefore, it is best to choose headphones with Bluetooth version 5.0.


Even if you only plan to use your headphones indoors, there is a chance you may encounter rain or be sweaty. Therefore, it is important to have Bluetooth headphones that are capable of resisting these factors following the opinion of experts. Whether or not your headphones are waterproof is something you should consider when purchasing a pair.

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What can I use Bluetooth headphones for?

Bluetooth headphones were designed to make everyday life easier. You can wear them for work, while traveling, or while playing sports, all without wires. You can generally use these headphones in 3 modes: Mono: Ideal for driving. You can listen to music or make calls while paying attention to the road. Stereo: The best way to listen to two high-quality channels. Very useful while playing sports, traveling, or relaxing. Shared Use: In a hyperconnected world, this mode is great for sharing music, movies, or other content with friends and family, as long as they have Bluetooth devices.

How do I make sure my Bluetooth headphones have high-quality sound?

Naturally, we want our Bluetooth headphones to have high-quality sound. Having less wires is very convenient, but if we cannot get a clear sound when listening to music or making calls, then we will not be happy with our device. Therefore, it is important to consider certain aspects. Transducer quality Quality of DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), that is, the converter that transmits the signal from digital to analogue Noise cancelling technology The most updated Bluetooth technology, to ensure good connectivity

How do you charge Bluetooth headphones?

Generally, Bluetooth headphones come in rechargeable cases. This means that all you need is a micro USB cable (included with your purchase) to plug into any outlet or computer that has a USB port. Very few models have traditional alkaline batteries. It is normal for the weight and size of the headphones to influence the size and capacity of the battery. Typically, your headphones should have between 5 and 10 hours of play time, but this can depend on usage. This is a good option because the battery life does not influence the sound quality.

What is the best version of Bluetooth?

Wireless technology is always growing. Although the first versions of Bluetooth, 3.1 or 4.0, were not very different, the version you use does make a difference. The more modern, the better the resolution and sound quality will be, as well as how well it pairs with other devices. A modern version also ensures better latency and battery life. Today, most Bluetooth devices feature the 5.0 version. Experts say that this version has a range of up to 4 times more than the 4.0 version. It is also proven that data transmission is better, and saves more energy.

How do Bluetooth headphones pair with other devices?

How do Bluetooth headphones pair with other devices? The new Bluetooth headset models are very easy to set up and pair. Firstly, the device you want to connect to must be in close range, and of course, must have Bluetooth. As for the headphones themselves, they just need to be charged and turned on. There are a few easy steps to follow. Activate pairing mode on the headphones. Usually, this is done by pressing and holding the power button or ID SET. Wait for the indicator to flash or make a sound. This will show that the pairing is successful. Activate the device (computer, smartphone, or tablet) to pair with bluetooth devices. The modes will vary depending on the device you have. It is best to read the included instructions. Enjoy the comforts of wireless listening. Once the devices are paired, they should automatically connect the next time you use them.

Can Bluetooth headphones connect to several devices?

For most models, yes, but not all. This is a very useful feature in today’s world, where it is common to share all types of data with family and friends. Although Bluetooth headphones can be paired with several devices, they can only play music from one device at a time.

Is the frequency of Bluetooth headphones important?

Yes, it is very important. The frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz), measures the range of sound that headphones can reproduce. The wider the range, the better the sound quality. For reference, a human being can hear frequencies between 20 Hz and 20000 Hz. Some headphones are specialized for certain types of frequencies. Severe: between 10 and 256 Hz Medium: between 10 and 2000 Hz Acute: between 2000 and 20000 Hz

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