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Best cheap gaming laptops of 2023 | VentureBeat
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Best cheap gaming laptops of 2023 | VentureBeat

Not everyone has the budget to buy an expensive gaming laptop, however, this does not mean that playing games are out of the picture. Cheap gaming laptops are laptops that give good performance for a cheaper price. With cheap gaming laptops gamers can play on high settings and run games smoothly.

Cheap gaming laptop Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 8
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 47
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 403
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 589

What is a cheap gaming laptop?


A cheap gaming laptop is a laptop that has the best performance for its price. It’s not necessarily the cheapest, but it offers great value for money and can be used to play games at high settings without any problems.

How does a cheap gaming laptop work?

ow does a cheap gaming laptop work in a review and comparison? Cheap gaming laptops are not as powerful as the high-end ones. They have a lower resolution display, less RAM and slower processors. However, they can still run most games at medium settings with decent frame rates. If you want to play on ultra settings then it is better to buy an expensive laptop or desktop computer instead of buying a cheap one for gaming purposes only.

Advantages and Applications

What are 5 benefits of a cheap gaming laptop?

1. You can save money for other things in life, like a vacation or new clothes.

2. A cheap gaming laptop is easy to upgrade and repair if something goes wrong with it

3. Cheap laptops are great for students who need one while they’re at school

4. If you have an old computer that doesn’t work anymore, you can use the parts from your old computer to build yourself a cheap gaming laptop

5 . If you want to play games on the go but don’t want to spend too much money then getting a cheap gaming laptop will be perfect.

Who should use a cheap gaming laptop?

Who should use a cheap gaming laptop in a review and comparison?If you are looking for a cheap gaming laptop, then it is best to buy one that has been built with the right components. You should also consider buying from a reputable brand and make sure that they have an excellent customer service team in place. This will ensure that if anything goes wrong with your device, you can get it fixed or replaced quickly without any hassle at all.

What types of cheap gaming laptops are there?

There are many types of cheap gaming laptops. The most common ones include the following:

Gaming Laptops Under $500

These are usually low-end models that have a decent processor and graphics card, but they lack in other areas such as storage space or RAM. They’re great for casual gamers who don’t play too much demanding games on their laptop. However, if you want to play more advanced titles like GTA V or Battlefield 1 then these aren’t going to cut it because they won’t be able to run them smoothly at high settings without lagging all over the place (even with lower resolutions).

Gaming Laptops Under $300

If you can find one under $300 then even better. You should also check out our list of best budget gaming laptops here which includes some good options under this price range.

For what do I need to look out for when comparing a cheap gaming laptop?

What to look for when comparing cheap gaming laptops in a review and comparison There are many things you need to look out for when comparing a cheap gaming laptops.


The first thing is the processor, because it will affect your computer’s performance greatly.

RAM, Storage & GPU

You also have to check if there is enough RAM and storage space available on the laptop as well as its graphics card (GPU). If possible, try playing some games with this laptop before buying it so that you can see how good or bad it performs in terms of gaming experience.

Advantages and disadvantages based on Customer Reviews


  • The main advantage of a cheap gaming laptop is that it will be cheaper than other laptops. This means you can get more for your money and have the ability to buy better components in order to build up a great machine.
  • You also won’t need as much storage space, which makes them easier to carry around with you wherever you go.


  • Cheap gaming laptops are not as powerful and reliable as the expensive ones.
  • They have a shorter battery life.
  • They get hot easily
  • Their keyboards can be uncomfortable to use for long periods of time.
  • Some models may even lack an optical drive or USB ports.

What alternatives to cheap gaming laptops do exist?

There are a few alternatives to cheap gaming laptops. The first is the desktop computer, which can be used for both work and play. However, this option has its own drawbacks as well; it’s not portable at all and requires more space than most people have available in their homes or apartments. Another alternative is an inexpensive laptop that isn’t designed specifically for gaming but still offers decent performance when playing games on lower settings (or older titles). This type of machine will usually cost less than $500 USD, though you may need to spend closer to $600 if you want something with a dedicated graphics card rather than integrated graphics like Intel HD Graphics 4000/AMD Radeon R7 M260DX found in many budget-friendly machines. Finally there are ultraportable laptops such as Apple MacBook Air 13″ ($999) or Dell XPS 12 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop ($1,299), which offer great portability while sacrificing some power compared to full-size notebooks due to smaller batteries and slower processors (Intel Core i5 vs Intel Core i7).

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