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Best Deadbolt Smart Lock 2023 • 7 Deadbolt Smart Locks Reviews
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Tested Products 7
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Hours Spent 56
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Evaluated Studies 312
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Considered Reviews 648

Best Deadbolt Smart Lock 2023 • 7 Deadbolt Smart Locks Reviews

When it comes to security, no matter how thorough you are, it is never enough. However, with smart door locks, having top-notch security is no longer difficult. You can easily control these locks using your smartphone and lock and unlock your front door with a touch of the screen. Smart door locks are ideal for when you are away from home and want to let someone in. Finding the best deadbolt smart lock is not easy, but with our help, you can find the best one for yourself. Our team carried out extensive research with plenty of deadbolt locks and tried and tested each of them individually. We then settled on the top seven and specified their features, disadvantages, and why they stand out. Read on below to learn more about them.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 56
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 312
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 648

What Is A Deadbolt Smart Lock And How Does It Work?

Deadlocks or deadbolts are locks that make use of a locking mechanism and are manually controlled through the turning of a key. This means that in order to pry back the bolt, you will need to put in a significant amount of force. For this reason, they are very secure, and when the door is unlocked, the lock bolt stays in its withdrawn position.

These deadbolts are one of the most popular kinds of door locks and are usually used in residential areas. This lock system comes with a unique locking mechanism that helps in decreasing the risk of burglary or forced entry. Deadbolt locks have a secure lock system that doesn’t allow burglars to go through.

Nowadays, smart deadbolt locks have app integration that sends a notification as soon as someone enters or leaves your home. This app also makes it easy for you to lock the door, no matter where you are.

What Are The Types of Deadbolt Smart Locks?

When it comes down to smart locks, there are plenty of them present in the market. However, the most well-known unit is the deadbolt smart lock. This deadlock has a strict locking mechanism that reduces the risk of forced entry. It comes in three different types:

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  • Single Cylinder

Single-cylinder deadbolts make use of a key cylinder situated on the outside, whereas they have a thumb turn present on the inside that controls the lock. Even though such models are used widely, they all have one single weakness. If someone has access to the inside of your home, such as through a nearby window, then the door can be opened easily through a thumb turn.

  • Double Cylinder

A double-cylinder features a key cylinder present on the outside and the inside of the door. They are more secure than single-cylinder models and can be difficult to open even with a window or area of access nearby. However, one major disadvantage of these locks is that they require a key to open every time. So if it is locked, you cannot open it without a key. This can be secure but also a significant problem in the event of a fire or any other emergency.

  • Lockable Thumbturn

This kind of deadbolt is a mix between a double and a single deadbolt. It has a thumb turn on the inside, and it works similar to a normal single cylinder deadbolt. Furthermore, this unit can be easily locked, so if anyone has access to the door from the inside, then the deadbolt won’t get unlocked. It is the most flexible and secure deadbolt lock out of the three, and most people prefer the lockable thumb turn over any other.

Who Is a Deadbolt Smart Lock Suitable For And What Benefits Does It Bring?

A deadbolt smart lock is suitable for people afraid of burglars and is ideal for any residential place. Furthermore, these locks are smart and come with excellent features, such as real-time alerts and video camera integration that allow you to look at your door 24/7. If you tend to travel a lot or have a family with entirely different schedules, then deadbolt smart locks are perfect for you.

These models allow you to keep track of your home wherever you are, and they even allow you to lock and unlock the door using your application. Moreover, no matter where you are in the world, you can allow anyone inside your home with a single click of a button. This is an ideal device today and is another step towards better home automation.

Shopping Criteria for Best Deadbolt Smart Lock

If you are going shopping for the best deadbolt smart lock, there are a few features you need to keep in mind. These qualities will allow you to buy the best product out there and make you get your money’s worth. So read on to find out about the best deadbolt smart locks and how to shop for them.

  • Bluetooth

A Bluetooth lock comes with many locking functions that make the unit ideal to use. It senses when you are within a specific distance and unlocks the door automatically when you approach it. Furthermore, it allows you to tap your phone onto the lock or a key-fob to unlock it. Bluetooth is an excellent feature to have, as it uses less energy and also preserves the battery life for long periods of time.

  • Keypad
Smart locks were introduced in 2015.

Keypads need a pin number in order to unlock the door. They are also easy to set up and provide excellent versatility. Business owners can set different pin codes for different people and even for family members so that they can enter without any issue. This feature is also ideal for landlords, and they can change the pin code when the renter’s lease ends, making a new one for the next renter. Today, many keypads come with a touch screen, and only a few have physical buttons that you can press.

  • Biometric

Fingerprint entry is another excellent and convenient feature. These kinds of door locks can be ideal for small businesses since they allow only authorized employees to enter areas where expensive products or sensitive information is kept. Furthermore, biometric locks are very easy to program and allow around 100 fingerprints to be stored. They are also suitable for keeping an entry and exit time, which can be handy if you have employees who work on an hourly pay basis.

Turbolock Smart Lock allows quick connection with your phone

  • RFID

This method is often used at workplaces, and it makes use of key cards or fobs to unlock the doors. Many door locks with an RFID require the card to be pressed onto the RFID reader, which detects the code and opens the door. Some can even be unlocked easily from a specific distance, making them ideal for today’s COVID-19 world. This prevents everyone from touching the reader and keeps it clean and safe for the next user.

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