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Best Dot Matrix Printer 2023 • 7 Dot Matrix Printers Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 7
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Evaluated Studies 94
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Best Dot Matrix Printer 2023 • 7 Dot Matrix Printers Reviews

Printers are vital in any business because their function is focused on recording information in order to have control over any administrative area through the printing of receipts. In that sense, matrix printers are intended to fulfill a fundamental task in work environments.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 73
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 94
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 249

What is a dot matrix printer and how does it work?

Those who have experience in the field of printers are usually linked to professions that involve many roles. In everyday tasks, a printer needs to offer an effective job. Of course, it is necessary to know the terms, but there is nothing like practice.

In definition, a dot matrix printer is a computer peripheral that has the function of transcribing or marking a document from the computer to the paper. To do this, the print head moves from side to side using pins that mark the paper with ink to form the graphic that is printed.


What types of dot matrix printers are there?

In general, matrix printers will always be used, although their popularity has diminished over time. Even today, various models of this equipment are still being manufactured. Matrix printers are typically classified by the number of pins they use.


These are often smaller calculators or printers; their use is common in simple equipment that does not exceed 8 bits of processing.


Compared to others, these are the most common. There are many models on the market, and they are distinguished by their wide or narrow formats and are often used for printing forms.


These are high-end printers and have higher print quality. Compared to other types, they are ideal for large stores or medical consulting office. Even the most recognized brands make this type of printer.

18- and 27-pin

The former is very uncommonly used; few manufacturers work with them. The latter is a printer model from technology giant Apple called ImageWriter, which, according to tests, customer opinion, and reviews, is the best and highest resolution printer available on the market.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printers

In expert and customer opinion, the advantages and disadvantages of a dot matrix printer are fairly equal in number. The best option for you depends on your needs.


Description: Dot matrix printers serve to maintain order in company records.

  • Print on multilayer paper, which increases the number of possible copies
  • Low cost per page
  • Work with continuous paper
  • Durable


  • Noisy
  • Limited color resolution
  • Spindle pins sometimes fail


Shopping Criteria for Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers are very useful, practical, and economical. But even so, there are several features that you should consider before selecting one. For that reason, we have created a small guide for you to ensure a good purchase and achieve business objectives while saving money. To form your own opinion and choose wisely, consider the following.

  • Points
  • Print speed
  • Characters
  • Connection
  • Paper


When it comes to comparing different models of dot matrix printers, it is advised that you check and test the number of points that the equipment offers; this factor will define the resolution with which the printer will mark the paper. Customers say that if you do not require a very detailed print job, a printer with nine points will be fine.

However, this choice will depend on your intended use of the printer. Compared to the first option, in our opinion, if you prefer a high level of detail or need a greater number of characters in printing, then you should select a printer with more points. This aspect is important because it directly influences the cost of the equipment.

Print Speed

In these devices, the speed is measured by CPS, that is, the number of characters it processes per second (the larger the number, the faster the print job). This aspect is important to compare, as it regulates the capacity of the team and defines the rhythm. On the whole, matrix printers are typically quite fast.

Perform periodic maintenance of the piece that moves the needles, otherwise known as the roller.
The higher the number of characters, the more expensive the matrix printer will be.


This is another important feature that affects quality and cost. The characters are responsible for expressing the content you want to print; they are placed by the action of the dots on the paper. That is why it is advisable to check the duration of the tape, which is usually calculated by the number of characters printed before the ink runs out.

You should see if it allows you to print at least 2 million characters. Also, it is useful to know that the higher the number of characters, the more expensive the dot matrix printer will be. Even so, you will save money in the long run. The key is to find a practical balance, although the best choice for you will depend on your needs.


Dot matrix printers connect to different systems that are responsible for issuing invoices, such as computers or cash registers. This is the reason why you need to think about the connection capacity of your printer, either via USB or network cables. Defining the type of connection facilitates the installation and transmission of data.


Although the main objective of matrix printers is to print invoices or labels, it does not necessarily have to be in small sizes and formats. Some printers work with A4-sized documents, while others focus on smaller papers that are in rolls to achieve continuous and uninterrupted printing.

It is wise to think about the amount of information you want to capture on the paper to define the size of the paper used. Another factor to consider is how to reload the printer paper because some printers can work exclusively with continuous paper, while others must be fed manually.

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(Source of the featured image: 123rf / Vladimir Mucibabic)


What are some characteristics of dot matrix printers?

There are several things that you should keep in mind if you are thinking of buying a matrix printer for your business or office. In this section, we have gathered the main tested characteristics that define and differentiate this type of printer from other types, such as photo printers. These characteristics will help you compare different types, form an opinion, and make the best decision. It is important to check each of the following features before getting a matrix printer.

Print speed: This aspect is important for this type of printer because the tests show that speeds vary greatly in each model. It is usually measured by characters per second (CPS) and defines the speed of the equipment, an important aspect according to the workload you require.

Print quality: Just as important, this factor will depend on the number of needles the equipment has. The more needles you have in the printhead, the better the print quality.

Durability: One of the most attractive features of matrix printers is their lifespan. Generally, in workspaces, teams are expected to maintain productivity and adapt to different situations. In that sense, they need reliable, fast printers, with good paper handling and that are easy to use. In fewer words, the best dot matrix printer.

Multilayer printing: Another great advantage is that these types of printers are capable of printing on multilayer paper, which means that it allows the use of carbon paper to multiply copies. Tests show that, compared to others, this is the best type if you want to reduce costs.

How is a matrix printer correctly installed?

To maintain order in company records and to best regulate the administrative system, a matrix printer will be very useful. They are also vital for billing the services or products you offer. You must know the elements of these printers so that you can properly use the equipment.

You must ensure that all printer accessories are included; in addition to the printing device, it should include the ribbon or cartridge, the paper guide, a power supply cable, a disc with the installation software, and the respective documents of the manufacturer.

Choose a suitable place to put it: Equally important is that you find a suitable place to put your matrix printer, ideally a flat surface that is near a plug. Keep in mind that it is necessary to place the device away from other wireless devices since this might cause interference.

Install the print ribbon: Before verifying that the printer is turned off, you will have to remove the cover completely so that it does not obstruct the installation process. Turn the side control to stretch the tape and prevent it from getting tangled in the heads. Keep the cartridge in hand. Take the handle and adjust the tape in the mounting area where the pair of side hooks are.

Place the tape below the paper guide: To do this, you can use a pencil, then just verify that the installation is correct by operating the displacement in the form of a test. Then replace the cover and you’re done.

Insert the paper guide: If you check the structure of the matrix printer, you will find a couple of slots that support the paper guide. It is just a matter of taking the guide and mounting it in an upright position to adjust the small sheets carefully. Lightly press it with your hands to do so.

Software installation: Once you connect the printer to an electrical outlet, you will need to install the software so you can access the functions. To do this, insert the disk included in the box and wait for it to open a new dialog window. Click it, follow the provided steps, and that’s it. You may also have to go to the manufacturer’s page. Afterward, you are ready to test the printer.

How is a dot matrix printer maintained?

As you can imagine, in comparison to other printers, matrix printers use a ribbon that receives the ink and strikes the paper with needles. This tape is the main consumable of this type of printer, it is a piece that must be replaced from time to time or when it is finished. The best maintenance of this equipment is usually slightly more complex than other printers.

Not only do you have to keep it clean and in a cool place; it is also advisable to test and perform periodic maintenance of the roller—the piece that moves the needles—which accumulates residual ink and dust. It is necessary to clean it with a cloth dampened with cleaning alcohol and then to dry the area very well.

The traction car should be cleaned with pressurized air as it accumulates waste by the continuous paper passing through the tray. The metal guide through which the print head slides must be hydrated to prevent dryness. To do this, apply oil with graphite base.

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