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Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming 2023 • 10 Ethernet Cables for Gaming Reviews
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Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming 2023 • 10 Ethernet Cables for Gaming Reviews

Ethernet cables can easily affect your gaming experience depending on their variety and quality. Here are the best ones that you can find on the market.

Ethernet Cable for Gaming Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 10
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 35
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 10
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 235

What are gaming Ethernet cables used for?

As the name implies, a set of gaming Ethernet cables is designed specifically for gaming necessities.

It is different from typical office-grade Ethernet cables as gaming cables are made with the intent to improve your gaming experience, like having the capacity to attain the desired Internet speed by directly accessing improved bandwidth technology. Such equipment can be found in different varieties depending on the needs of the user.

How do gaming Ethernet cables work?

Gaming Ethernet cables work just like any other Ethernet cable you can find on the market today. One of the most common factors to look for in a gaming Ethernet cable is the type of fiber used. Spending a bit more money on one made with better materials may highly affect the Internet’s performance, making for a smoother gaming experience.

Advantages and Applications

Advantages from a Ethernet Cables for Gaming ReviewGaming Ethernet cables are a basic necessity for any hardcore gamer or PC enthusiast. They come with a variety of benefits for the user. One example of the many benefits of acquiring a gaming Ethernet cable is having the convenience of high Internet speeds that allow the user the leisure of smooth and uninterrupted Internet browsing. Having a regular office Ethernet cable can get the job done, but a gaming Ethernet cable’s reactivity is the bread and butter of any online gamer, giving the user fewer time delays. This is especially useful for online games that require fast reaction speeds such as visual and audio cues—even the occasional haptic feedback (i.e., vibration cues) of console games (e.g., Tekken 7 and the Call of Duty franchise).

Another advantage that comes with purchasing gaming Ethernet cables is that they are designed with long-term use in mind. While the common office cables are designed to last long, they cannot compare with the durability of gaming cables. Gaming Ethernet cables address this issue by using relatively expensive materials that have been tested for time and wear. Having the luxury of durability permits gamers to enjoy their games without the distraction of potential Internet interruptions.

As another practical use, having high Internet speeds helps with communication. Aside from being able to send chat messages more quickly, gamers also often require communication through voice calls.

When speaking—whether it be leisurely or competitively—users have the convenience of having low-latency Internet calls. Many games require vocal communication and having the capacity for quick call-outs certainly helps to achieve wins. In short, better communication is often the key to winning team-based games.

What types of gaming Ethernet cables are out there?

There are typically two types of Ethernet cables:

  • The Single-mode fiber (SMF) uses just one ray of light to deliver data. This type of cabling is designed to send data over long distances.
  • The multi-mode fiber (MMF) uses several rays of light to deliver data. This type of cabling is usually cheaper than SMF.

How Gaming Ethernet Cables Are Tested

How Gaming Ethernet Cables Are Tested ReviewTo find out the best Ethernet cables on the market, reviews and tests are often the most reliable means of separating decent Ethernet cables from substandard ones. The following are common features found on highly rated Ethernet cables.

  • Bandwidth capacity
  • High-quality construction
  • Weather resistance
  • Compatibility
  • Luxury features (such as appearance)
  • Price-to-quality ratio

What to Look for When Buying Gaming Ethernet Cables

Bandwidth capacity

Pay attention to these tips when purchasing a Ethernet Cables for Gaming review winnerThis is by far the most important feature when buying a gaming cable. It is the main reason you may be choosing to upgrade, as your Internet speed greatly improves as bandwidth capacity increases. For most online multiplayer games, fast Internet speeds are a basic requirement for an enjoyable experience. When the Internet is uninterrupted, it helps the player have an immersive gaming experience, making games easier and much more enjoyable.

Cable durability

This is also another important feature to consider. When purchasing an Ethernet cable, you must consider how long you want the product to last, especially regarding weather resistance. Noting a cable’s longevity is important because this will likely affect the price of the product. This is determined by the product’s materials and structure design. Make sure to find an extra-durable cable if your location is regularly hit with harsher weather (e.g., snowy or rainy seasons) to avoid wear and tear on the product.

Variety and compatibility

Ethernet cables have different fits for different uses. Assess the cable’s compatibility and consider whether the product you’re opting for is suitable for your living space. The cable may be too long, which would look displeasing and cluttered; but most often, cables end up being too short, requiring you to buy either an extension cord or an entirely new Ethernet cable.

Internet Versus In-Store: From where should I buy my gaming Ethernet cables?

In general, finding gaming Ethernet cables on the online market is feasible—potential discounts are waiting to be found on many popular sites. Plus, the product you’re buying would be delivered directly to your home, making it less of a hassle.

Buying through retail is not necessarily a bad option, but there are some unavoidable downsides:

  • Searching in a store just to find out that they don’t even carry the product that you’re looking for is both time-consuming and frustrating;
  • Expect slightly higher prices that are needed to keep the storefront’s business going.

Advantages and Disadvantages Based on Customer Reviews


Advantages from a Ethernet Cables for Gaming comparison reviewCheap material quality

  • When gaming Ethernet cables are made from low-grade metals and rubber, the product is bound to be negatively reviewed and appropriately criticized for its bad-quality segments.

Poor connectivity

  • Ethernet cables are sometimes damaged; broken components can cause connectivity issues, which may result in an interrupted Internet connection.

Poor compatibility

  • Accidentally purchasing a product that isn’t compatible with your machine would be a waste of time—you’ll find yourself needing to reserve some time to return the product or even waste money on buying an entirely different alternative.

Delayed feedback

  • Low bandwidth leads to delays in your game’s cues, which can badly affect gameplay.

Lack of variety

  • Some gaming Ethernet cables do not have the option of varying sizes and quality types, making it difficult for buyers to understand the differences and to ultimately choose the right product.


The most important advantages from a Ethernet Cables for Gaming review winner in overviewConvenient to use

  • Gaming Ethernet cables are usually fitted with the design feature in mind. Be sure to reference customer reviews to ensure that you find one that is easy to use.

Bandwidth capacity

  • Finding the right product isn’t easy as there is a fair number of scams out there. Scoping out the reviews can help you to understand whether the product truly has high bandwidth capacity.

Low latency

  • Many Ethernet cables come with a decent enough bandwidth speed but having a better Ethernet cable will allow for low-latency feedback.

Proper fit

  • Gaming Ethernet cables have different lengths, but a good Ethernet cable should have a common size and perhaps even different length options to make for an easy user experience.

Premium build quality

  • Gaming Ethernet cables that are made by popular brands are often made with the best quality materials relative to price.


  • Some Ethernet cables are sold at a low price, making them a great budget option.


  • Ethernet cables are generally in constant use. Having a durable, weather-resistant cable would work for long periods, making for better gaming sessions.

Interesting Facts and Advice

The History of Gaming Ethernet Cables

The History of Gaming Ethernet Cables in reviewIn 1973, the Ethernet cable was invented. Gaming Ethernet cables weren’t a thing since the Ethernet cable’s sole purpose was to aid in communication. The earliest computers were attached to a bus network by November 11, 1973. This new network design was created with capacity speeds of three megabits per second (Mbps) and strongly pushed modernity forward.

Back when games were only made only for single-players, a revolution began when competitive and cooperative multiplayer games emerged. At that time, online games sparked passion amongst avid gaming fans, building fan bases and connecting players across the world. Their popularity became the driving force behind multiplayer games up until today.

In modern gaming, players hate Wi-Fi connections for their instability. Modern wireless connectivity simply isn’t as fast as the old, direct, and reliable Ethernet cable. Some people are even obsessed with their “ping,” or the speed at which signal is sent to and from server and device because too much latency negatively affects the user’s ability to interact with and react to a game’s fast-paced activities.

Distance might be a problem for Ethernet cables. The longer the wire, the easier the attenuation and distortion of the copper wires. This is because the longer the wires are away from your nearest Internet service provider’s (ISP), the worse the signal could become—this is why copper cables can only be so long without suffering from connectivity issues. This problem was solved by fiber cables, a type of cable that delivers data much faster than copper.

With the arrival of the latest generation of gaming consoles, there also came an increase in demand for faster Internet speeds to keep up. With Internet gaming becoming a new norm, games have also become digital.

Gaming now requires especially stable connections due to the nature of modern gaming—games are often saved through online servers referred to as cloud storage. Other than being a need for connecting to others and saving progress, fast Internet is also needed for quick game downloads.

As of now, the newest kind of Ethernet cable is prominent amongst serious gamers. This is also used for data centers because of the high-speed Internet requirement. The cables could run 1 – 2 GHz and can move up to 40 Gbps. Although fast, they require double-shielding for extra durability and resistance, along with metal-jacketed connectors. These high-speed cables are limited to lengths of one hundred feet if you want them to remain effective.

All facts from a Ethernet Cables for Gaming reviewGaming Ethernet cables have become a lot more popular in recent years as the gaming scene has become larger than it has ever been. Demand for better gaming equipment and hardware has been on the rise. Gaming has especially been competitively popular in the Western and Pacific regions of the world. This is mainly because competitive gaming is an important asset for achieving both profit and entertainment for people across the world.

It has been mentioned that gaming is what contributes the most to the increase of gaming and its popularity, but that hasn’t been the only reason. The e-sports industry has grown tremendously and is largely responsible for the demand for gaming Ethernet cables. Many e-sports players and groups across the gaming community have been obsessed with having low pings to ensure that their plays are as accurate as possible.

To no surprise, the competitive gaming scene has been most popular in the region with the largest population, China. Think of the population—approximately 907.5 million people using high-speed Internet—and how it affects the economy greatly, with a whopping 40,854 USD in revenue. Coming in second with an Internet population of around 283.9 million users, the US has always been active on the Internet, making an easy revenue of 36,921 USD. Keeping up with the trends, most of East Asia has also been a considerable portion of Internet users, making high-speed Internet a demand all over the world.

Finally, let’s talk about the potential future of Cat 9 and Cat 10 Ethernet cables. As of now, the Cat 8 cable has had the most recent boom in the Ethernet cable market, but it’s been hinted that the Ethernet cable industry is aiming for even better connectivity and alternatives to achieve a much more responsive and efficient connection technology.

Installing a Gaming Ethernet Cable Correctly in Five Steps

Plan your installation

Installing a Gaming Ethernet Cable Correctly in Five StepsYou must find out where to install the cable. The easiest way is first to figure out its length by measuring the distance between the router and the external Internet cable. To avoid cluttering the space, simply line the Ethernet cable along the base of the wall or even behind furniture. Make sure not to run it over any water pipes or electrical conduits.


Secure the cables safely by attaching adhesive plastic cord hooks to the walls or any compartment where you’re running the cables.


Put labels on your Ethernet cable to avoid confusion with other cables. This also helps to avoid clutter and mishaps during renovations or redecoration.


Keep things tidy by rolling up the extra length of the cable. This can be achieved using cable ties or even Velcro tape.

Plug in

After successfully installing the Ethernet cable, you can now plug your cables into the router and the other into your computer. You are now ready to surf the Internet with the fastest and safest Internet available.

10 Tips for Care

Tip 1

Tip 1

Plan out the installation and make sure to avoid pulling on the wires, as this may induce damage.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Avoid bending the wires too much as this may cause damage over time, ruining your gaming Ethernet cables, and making for possible connection failure.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Make sure to keep the wires out of direct heat and moisture to avoid damage.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Segregate and tidy cables to avoid twisting the cables. If the cables are twisted, the cable will likely get damaged.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Electromagnetic and magnetic interference can affect Internet speeds. If left alone, this may damage your Ethernet cable.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Label and organize your cables, this helps so you can identify them easily, so you won’t have a difficult time dealing with cables in the future.

Tip 7

Tip 7

Keep distance in mind. If the cable is longer than the suggested length limit, it could lead to slower Internet speeds.

Tip 8

Tip 8

Once installed, be sure to check your Internet every once in a while, to check for potential damage.

Tip 9

Tip 9

Ask for help from professionals to ensure safety and for getting the best out of the product.

Useful Accessories

Cable bundler

The best accessories for a Ethernet Cables for Gaming in reviewYour Ethernet cable isn’t the only device that connects to your PC. Your monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, and other devices each have their own dedicated wires. With so many to manage, it’s easy to end up with a bundle of messy cables. To fix this, opt for a cable bundler. Not only does it manage and arrange your wires carefully, but it makes your PC setup appear much cleaner.

LAN network tester

Whether installing a new network connection or checking an existing cable network, the cable tester checks the cable quality and which portions require attention. Your Ethernet cable requires occasional testing. A LAN network tester is vital for checking for potential cable damage.

Network adapter

A LAN adapter is used to connect an Ethernet cable to a computer or any device that requires an Internet connection. This is put in place when your Ethernet cable has compatibility issues.

Cable ties and Velcro tape

These are used for effective wire management. Keep your cables neat and tidy by using cable ties and Velcro tape to secure your cables safely.
These can also be used to secure your cables on elevated areas and keep them safe from potential harm.



Are gaming Ethernet cables different from regular Ethernet cables?

Are gaming Ethernet cables different from regular Ethernet cables in review?Yes, they are, as they offer a better gaming experience in the sense that they improve Internet connectivity, durability, and stability.

Which gaming Ethernet cables are best?

It may prove difficult to decide which Ethernet cable brand or variety is the best. But the Cat 8 Ethernet cables are most common for gaming—meaning, any Cat 8 Ethernet cable is a viable option.

Are gaming Ethernet cables worth it?

Without a doubt, gaming Ethernet cables perform better than regular Ethernet cables, making them a viable purchase for any avid gamer.

Are gaming Ethernet cables durable?

Other than cheaper budget options, gaming Ethernet cables are designed to provide the best gaming experience. This means that they are surely made with the intent to be long-lasting.

What is a good gaming Ethernet cable?

Decent gaming Ethernet cables have the qualities of both high speed and convenience, relative to price. There are many options on the market, but always keep your budget in mind.

Are gaming Ethernet cables cheap?

There are certainly affordable options, but the Purchasing a good Ethernet Cables for Gaming review winnermore expensive they are, the better their quality typically becomes. But you don’t have to worry about the price as much if you aren’t in the professional gaming scene. The cheaper ones can still offer great performance.

Where can I buy gaming Ethernet cables?

You can find gaming Ethernet cables in local retail stores. Alternatively, purchase them online with less hassle.

Are there any uses for gaming Ethernet cables aside from gaming?

Yes, there are. For example, they could be used for downloading and uploading content. The gaming Ethernet cable was solely designed to improve communication and satisfy gaming consumers.

Are gaming Ethernet cables good for content creators?

Yes. Aside from casual gaming, you could also become a streaming entertainer, whether it be gaming content, informative content, etc.

Can a gaming Ethernet cable be used outside?

Yes, as long as the cable is kept dry and safe from any extremities that could damage the protective outer layer.


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