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Best Gaming Keyboard 2023 • 7 Gaming Keyboards Reviews
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Best Gaming Keyboard 2023 • 7 Gaming Keyboards Reviews

From budget to high-end, there are several models of gaming keyboards available to suit every gamer. In addition, they are often much more durable compared to regular keyboards. They often include stylish options such as LED backlighting and other customizable options.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 27
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 12
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 49

What is a gaming keyboard and how does it work?

At first glance, it may seem simple. This peripheral is basically a keyboard that has been tailored to the needs of video game players. That being said, gaming keyboards are very versatile. If you are someone who spends lots of time typing at a computer, then you too can consider using a gaming keyboard.

What are the types of a gaming keyboard?

We can identify three main types of gaming keyboards: mechanical, membrane, and semi-mechanical keyboards. Whichever you decide will be based on your style as a gamer. Here is a comparison of the different characteristics of each keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards

  • Mechanical gaming keyboards are extremely popular among the gamer community due to their excellent     quality.
  • Their internal structure is based on a large number of mechanical switches.
    Their system offers incredible levels of accuracy and sensitivity, a main reason why they are the most popular
  • You can fully customize mechanical gaming keyboards, making them the ideal option for advanced players
  • Their one disadvantage is that they can be particularly noisy.

Membrane keyboards

  • These are mainly used by regular computer users, so you may not find many for gaming
  • They can be useful for certain types of games
  • Their internal hardware uses     rubber membranes that receive the keystroke signals.
  • Membrane keyboards are generally much quieter than mechanical models, however not nearly as durable.
  • Membrane gaming keyboards tend to be cheaper, but often offer less features than mechanical products.

Semi-mechanical keyboards

  • The best of both worlds with their hybrid structure.
  • Their strong keystrokes imitate those of mechanical models.
  • They are very accurate, with quick response time
  • They tend to be cheaper than mechanical models
  • While they are not quite as sophisticated as mechanical gaming keyboards, they are a great option for casual players.

Shopping Criteria for a gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards are fundamental for both professional and amateur players, and picking the right one can give you a real edge in battle. That being said, it is important to choose a keyboard based on your individual needs as a gamer. This is why we’ve detailed the key criteria to evaluate if you want to choose the right gaming keyboard:


As we’ve already mentioned in previous sections, gaming keyboards have several additional features that are specifically designed to be used for gaming. When you find a keyboard that interests you, it is important to carefully evaluate those functions. For instance, you want to now what key rollover is available.

The incredible variety of gaming keyboards on the market means you can choose the one that best suits your needs and taste.

Besides the anti-ghosting system, you will also need to consider the configurability, backlighting or key lock. The latter is particularly useful, as it will prevent you from activating random keys in the middle of crucial games.


Did you know: “You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.” Morgan Wootten

Many video game experts believe that these types of devices are just as important as your computer’s CPU. This means that their design is crucial. Your user experience will be negatively affected if you opt for a model whose features do not suit your needs as a gamer. You want to try and avoid this at all costs.

You want to be comfortable while you are gaming, which means taking into account the ergonomics of your keyboard. Then, there’s is the more superficial aspect to consider: the customization. With so many options available on the market, there is a wide variety to choose from. The vast majority of models are highly customizable. That way, you’ll be happy with the quality as well as the look of your gaming keyboard.

Connectivity and Response Time

No matter the model, if you want to play video games then you will need a keyboard with a quick response time. In that regard, the options available to you generally range from 1 to 5 milliseconds. This tends to only be important to professional gamers, but is still something to take into consideration. Don’t overlook this fundamental aspect!

On the other hand, we have already discussed the various connectivity options out there. Bluetooth keyboards are often used by regular users, however they are generally not the best option for gamers. The USB and PS/2 connections are slightly different. Mechanical gaming keyboard with a PS/2 connection tends to work very well with anti-ghosting.

Mechanical, Membrane or Hybrid?

Which type is better? Do you personally prefer hybrid models? Do you intend to use your gaming keyboard for your daily tasks? Mechanical models are definitely the best choice if you’re an avid gamer. Membrane keyboards are better suited for office work, but this depends on your individual playing style.

Mechanical keyboards use a mechanism called switches.

Hybrid keyboards, on the other hand, combine the best of both options. That being said, these type of keyboards tend to sacrifice a few key features of each model. It is therefore important to decide based on your personal gaming style.

Type of User

The gaming keyboard you choose will also depend on what type of player you are. If you are a hardcore or professional gamer, mechanical models will be your best option. They are very precise and highly customizable. On the other hand, casual or beginner gamers can opt for semi-mechanical or membrane keyboards.

If you play several times a week, you may prefer the hybrid models. However, it is important that the mode you choose offers great versatility while fitting within your budget. There is no point in purchasing a very expensive keyboard if you don’t play very often. Certain mechanical keyboards may also suit your needs.

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What is the difference between gaming and regular keyboards?

This goes back to the previous answer. Though gaming keyboard can be used in everyday life, they include a series of additional features compared to regular keyboards. They are designed to improve your gaming experience. These include aspects such as RGB backlighting, macro keys or anti-ghosting technology. Gaming keyboards are not only for gamers. They can also be used by office workers, writers, editors, and many others. Most regular models are called membrane keyboards, while mechanical ones are more used by gamers.

What are switches on mechanical gaming keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards use a mechanism called switches. They offer different levels of response depending on how they are categorized. Each type indicates the amount of pressure required on a key to transmit the information to your computer. The five most frequently used categories are known as Cherry: Cherry MX Black It’s the hardest keystroke (80 grams of pressure). Its main advantage is that it helps avoid double keystrokes. The rigid spring guarantees an equal force in each keystroke. They’re a good option for gaming, but not for writing. Cherry MX Brown The Cherry MX Brown has 45 grams of force. Its soft touch is considered an ideal for new gamers. Since it doesn’t need as much pressure, it’s also a great choice for your day-to-day tasks. Cherry MX Red The Cherry MX Red has 45 grams of force. It is silent but its final click is typical of nonlinear switches. Their high sensitivity can cause double keystrokes. Despite this, they remain a favorite among gamers as they are easy to use. It is most widely used by the majority of models. You have the option of an improved version, called Cherry MX Speed. Cherry MX Blue The Cherry MY Blue has 50 grams of pressure needed for each keystroke. It is generally quite noisy. The click occurs at the beginning of the keystroke, as opposed to the end. Many gamers have said that its usability is similar to membrane keyboards. Cherry MX Clear This system is rarely used. It’s a cross between Black and Brown switches. It pressures ranges between 55 and 65 grams. Their sturdiness gives them an extended useful life.

What exactly is the anti-ghosting function on gaming keyboards?

Some video games require you to press several keys at once. Regular keyboards only allow you to press one or two keys — up to three if you use CTRL or ALT. If you exceed that number of simultaneous keystrokes on a regular keyboard, you computer won’t receive any signal or will block itself. This is where anti-ghosting (or rollover) technology comes in. The higher end models will most likely feature 6KRO category — which allows six keys to be pressed simultaneously. How are gaming keyboards connected? Your gaming keyboard will use one out of three types of connectivity. These are: USB, PS/2 and wireless connection. Most gamers do not use wireless connection as it has the possibility of dropping out during game play. With an USB connection, the computer asks the keyboard for information. It has a higher latency, but worse option when working with anti-ghosting systems. It is a plug-and-play devices. With an PS/2 connection, the device transmits information autonomously. It has a lover latency, but is the best option with higher key rollover. It cannot be unplugged on the fly.

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