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Best Gaming Monitor for XBox One X 2022 • 10 Gaming Monitors for XBox One X Reviews

Gaming monitors could hugely affect your gaming experience depending on their model and price point. Here are the best ones that you can find on the market.

Gaming Monitor for XBox One X  Leaderboard 2022

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Tested Products 10
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 22
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 9
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 271

What are gaming monitors used for?

As the name suggests, a gaming monitor is designed to be used specifically for all your gaming necessities.

What differentiates it from the standard monitors is that gaming monitors are made with the intent to improve your gaming experience, such as allowing the output of your graphics card and CPU to be as captivating as possible while you are gaming. Such appliances can now be found easily on the market.

How do gaming monitors work?

Gaming monitors function just like any other monitor that you can find today, aside from the increased quality and prices.

One of the most common factors to look for in a gaming monitor is its refresh rate. Spending more on a monitor that is manufactured with improved materials and design is surely a large factor that affects your gaming performance, which directly makes for a better overall gaming experience.

Advantages and Applications

Advantages from a Gaming Monitor for XBox One X comparison reviewA gaming monitor is a basic necessity for any gamer, whether it be on consoles or desktop computers. They usually come with a variety of benefits for the user, an example of which would be the higher refresh rates and faster pixel response, which give the user smooth and uninterrupted frames.

Having a standard office monitor can serve the purpose of a monitor, but the fast reactivity of a gaming monitor is any console or PC gamer’s bread and butter. This is especially useful for online games that require high-speed reaction times, such as Tekken 7, where a player needs to be able to see each pixel moving to counterattack, and the Call of Duty franchise, where players are required to see their enemies from hundreds of meters away.

Another advantage of gaming monitors is that they are designed with longevity in mind. While standard office monitors are designed to last long and survive the wear and tear of daily usage, they can’t be compared to the build quality of gaming monitors.

This was improved upon by gaming monitor manufacturers by using relatively more expensive materials that are tested for durability and functionality. Durability allows gamers to thoroughly enjoy their games without having to worry about potential frames breaking or slowing down.

What types of gaming monitors are out there?

No need to worry! Gaming monitors are generally made with one purpose: to allow users to play games with higher refresh rates and a higher resolution capacity. This means that despite your budget, whichever one you buy might well be a good gaming monitor.

How Gaming Monitors Are Tested

To find out the best monitors on the market, reviews and tests are often the most reliable means of separating decent gaming monitors from substandard ones. The following are common features found on highly rated gaming monitors.

  • High refresh rates
  • High pixel response rates
  • High-quality construction
  • Compatibility
  • Luxury features (such as appearance)
  • Price relative to quality

What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor

Fast refresh rates

What should I watch out for when purchasing a Gaming Monitor for XBox One X review winner?This is by far the most important feature to keep in mind when purchasing a gaming monitor. It is probably the primary reason why you’re about to purchase one. Your frames would look way better when the monitor can handle the requirements of the game. For most of the online games played on the Xbox One, reliable refresh rates are a basic requirement for a fully immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Panel size and resolution

When it comes to gaming monitors, a large size is usually considered to be a necessity. If space allows, a 27-inch display screen will offer various advantages, including less stress on the eyes which greatly reduces tension, especially when playing over long periods. The higher pixel count also offers much sharper imagery. However, you’ll also need fairly powerful graphics card support.

If you also have unlimited space and a whole lot of money to spend, why not splurge on a 30-inch Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) monitor that certainly gives a much more pleasing image with its 3,840-by-2,160-pixel resolution.

Compatibility and features

Gaming monitors are usually equipped with various video inputs, allowing you to connect to multiple devices at a time. A minimum requirement for any gaming monitor is having HDMI ports to which the Xbox One can connect.
Without HDMI ports, most gaming devices wouldn’t be able to connect, let alone an Xbox One. Aside from the HDMI, DVI, and other ports, a USB port should come with the monitor: they’re an additional feature that allows for easy connections to gaming controllers, thumb drives, and a variety of external peripherals. Some monitors even have speaker systems, and a certain few have built-in subwoofers that would certainly improve your gaming experience and save desk space for the added comfort.


The price-performance of the Gaming Monitor for XBox One X review winner in review and in comparisonA gaming monitor’s screen size, refresh rates, and features will determine how much a gaming monitor could go for. Some 24-inch models utilize twisted nematic (TN) technology, which has fast pixel response and generally costs around $170. Even though the price is good and has a decent 24-inch display, it might still be lacking when it comes to features. If you want a gaming monitor that has features like an adjustable stand, a USB hub, and multiple digital video inputs, then expect to pay more money.

Purchasing an all-out 27-inch model that has all the major features, including either G-Sync or FreeSync support is certainly going to cost quite the amount of money for all it’s worth, sold at a minimum price of about $600. However, if you’ve got stacks of cash and want to go on an all-out splurge, you could pick up a 30-inch UHD monitor with a big screen and ultra-wide curved paneling, but this will easily cost anywhere from $2,400 to $3,500.

Internet Versus In-Store: From where should I buy my gaming monitor?

In general, finding gaming monitors on the online market is a great way to buy. Potential discounts await on many popular sites. Plus, the product you’re buying would be delivered directly to your home, making it less of a hassle.

Buying through retail is not necessarily a bad option, but there are some unavoidable downsides: 1) Searching in a store just to find out that they don’t even carry the product that you’re looking for is both time-consuming and frustrating; 2) Expect slightly higher prices that are needed to keep the storefront’s business going.

Advantages and Disadvantages Based on Customer Reviews


  • Cheap material quality – When gaming monitors are made from low-grade materials, the product is bound to be negatively reviewed and appropriately criticized for its low-quality segments.
  • Poor refresh rates – Gaming monitors are sometimes damaged. Whether they’re minor or major damages, broken components can cause connectivity issues, which may result in a broken monitor altogether.
  • Poor compatibility – Accidentally purchasing a product that isn’t compatible with your machine would be a waste of time. You’ll need to return the product or even waste money on buying an entirely different alternative.
  • Delayed feedback – Low pixel refresh rates lead to small delays in your game’s cues, which can badly affect gameplay.


  • Convenient and compatible – Gaming monitors are usually fitted with the design feature in mind. Be sure to reference customer reviews to ensure that you find one that is easy to use and compatible with your setup.
  • Good refresh rates – Finding the right product isn’t easy—there is a fair number of scams out there. Scoping out the reviews can help determine whether the product truly has a high refresh rate.
  • Proper fit – Gaming monitors have different sizes, but what discerns a good gaming monitor from a bad one is the proper size for your space. Look for a gaming monitor that fits proportionately on your desk—and more importantly, your budget.
  • Premium build quality – Gaming monitors that are made by popular brands (such as ViewSonic, Sony, Samsung, and many others) are often made with the best quality materials relative to price.
  • Affordability – Some gaming monitors are sold at a low price, making them a great budget option.
  • Long-lasting – Monitors are generally in constant use. Having a durable, low-maintenance gaming monitor would work for long periods, making for better gaming sessions.

Installing a Gaming Monitor Correctly in Four Steps

Step 1: Taking the monitor out of the box

Step 1: Taking the monitor out of the box

You need to be careful when unboxing a new monitor, especially when you’re attempting to get it out—many of them could tend to be bulky and large, which could cause an accident. Keep in mind that there’s no need to hurry and have a gander at the user manual to ensure that you’re not doing anything wrong as you start the actual installation process.

Step 2: Connecting the monitor

Step 2: Connecting the monitor

After running through the user manual and installing the monitor, you should now decide which monitor cable is attached. You should find a DisplayPort connector among the accessories that came with the monitor. You can now physically attach the provided cable to the monitor’s ports and apply the opposite end into the Xbox One’s port.

Step 3: Turning the monitor on

Step 3: Turning the monitor on

Turn on the switch on your power socket. The monitor should then boot up after a short while and should go into standby mode with its power indicator flashes on. If ever you don’t see the power indicator turning on, check the power switches located at the back of the monitor. After confirming that the monitor is working, turn the computer on. Be sure to confirm that the monitor is turned on before booting up the PC so that the graphics card can properly interact with the monitor. This interaction happens as soon as the Xbox One turns on. You should then be able to see the display live on your monitor.

Step 4: Setting up

Step 4: Setting up

Once everything is up and running, you will need to make some changes in your Control Panel’s settings. This is so that you could set up the brightness, colors, sharpness, etc. to ensure the best possible viewing experience. Once all this is done, the gaming monitor is ready for action.

9 Tips for Care

Tip 1

Tip 1

Plan out the installation and make sure to avoid pulling on the wires, as this may induce damage.

Tip 2

Tip 2

Avoid bending the wires too much as this may cause damage over time, ruining your gaming monitor’s cables and making for possible connection failure.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Make sure to keep the wires out of direct heat and moisture to avoid damage.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Segregate and tidy cables to avoid twisting them. If the cables are twisted, they will likely get damaged.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Always clean your monitor. This is to avoid any dust buildup or even potential mold growth.

Tip 6

Tip 6

Label and organize your cables. This helps so you can identify the cables easily, so you won’t have a difficult time dealing with them in the future.

Tip 7

Tip 7

Keep in mind that the monitors will require safe placement on or around the desk space to avoid the chances of it ever falling off the desk.

Tip 8

Tip 8

Once installed, be sure to continually check the components of your monitor and cables for damage.

Tip 9

Tip 9

When needed, ask professionals for help to ensure safety, proper usage, and maximum enjoyment.


The review conclusion of the best products from the Gaming Monitor for XBox One X categoryAre gaming monitors different from regular monitors?

Yes, they are, as they offer a better gaming experience with improved visuals, durability, and stability.

Which gaming monitors are the best?

It may prove difficult to decide which gaming monitor brand or variety is the best. It depends heavily on the buyer’s budget.

Are gaming monitors worth it?

Without a doubt, yes. Gaming monitors generally perform better than regular monitors, making them a viable purchase for any avid gamer.

Are gaming monitors durable?

How durable is a Gaming Monitor for XBox One X review winner in continuous use?Other than their cheaper budget options, gaming monitors are designed to provide the best possible gaming experience. This means that they are surely made with the intent to be long-lasting.

What is a good gaming monitor?

Decent gaming monitors have great size–resolution ratios and high-speed refresh rates that are relative to price. There are many options on the market, but always keep your budget in mind.

Are gaming monitors cheap?

There are certainly affordable options, but the more expensive they are, the better their quality typically becomes. But you don’t have to worry about the price as much if you aren’t in the professional gaming scene. The cheaper ones can still offer great performance.

Where can I buy gaming monitors?

You can find gaming monitors in local retail stores. Alternatively, purchase them online for less hassle.


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