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The Best HBO Series Of 2023 | VentureBeat
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The Best HBO Series Of 2023 | VentureBeat

Getting started with your first HBO series can sometimes be overwhelming for anyone. Here at VentureBeat, we've collated the best series you can find on HBO plus certain aspects you should look out when purchasing.

HBO Series Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
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Evaluated Studies 34
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Considered Reviews 295

What is an HBO series?

An HBO series is a television show that airs on the cable network Home Box Office, home of The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Six Feet Under and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

How does it work?

HBO series are produced by the network and aired on their channel. They have a set number of episodes per season, which is usually 10-13 for dramas or 6-8 for comedies. The show will air weekly in the evening. After each episode airs, you’ll be able to watch them online via streaming video through your television provider or HBO go app. You can also buy full seasons on DVD from Amazon after they’ve been released!

Advantages and Applications

What are the 5 benefits of an HBO series?

  1. It’s a great way to get your name out there and build an audience for yourself as well as the series you’re working on.
  2. You can make money from it if you have enough of a following or are able to sell advertising space in conjunction with the show.
  3. If done right, it will be seen by many people who would not otherwise see your work – which means more potential fans!
  4. The exposure that comes along with being part of something like this helps open doors for other opportunities down the road.
  5. There’s nothing quite like seeing all those views roll up on YouTube when someone posts one of your videos online.

Who should use an HBO series?

Anyone who wants to watch classic long-form television made with the highest of quality.

What are the types of HBO series?


HBO produce documentaries on a number of subjects, including true crime, sports, current affairs, entertainment and music. HBO documentaries are considered, by many critics, to be excellent examples of the form, with their quality editing, topical content and wide variety of subject matters, like The Jinx, Allen v. Farrow and Bobby Fischer Against the World.


HBO is renowned for its groundbreaking comedies, like Curb Your Enthusiasm, Eastbound And Down, The Larry Sanders Show and Barry. Each series is typically made up of six to eight 30 minute-long episodes and tackle a number of issues, in a humorous and irreverent style.


The type of television series where HBO excels is in its drama offerings. HBO drama series often engage the view by exploring deep and complex ideas in a very watchable way. The most popular example is The Sopranos, a drama about a New Jersey mafia boss that struggles to balance a traditional gangster lifestyle while remaining as part of the upper-middle-class. There’s also The Wire, a show that presents the lives of different kinds of people living in Baltimore, through the prism of the police.


If you like television that’s a bit more epic, like tall tales with overarching storylines, HBO is at the top of its class. These types of series feature ensemble casts, filled to the brim with classically trained actors. With grandiose historical recreations like Rome, or adaptations of popular high fantasy novels, like Game of Thrones, HBO regularly brings the best in long-form fictional narratives.

What to look for when comparing an HBO series?

What to look for HBO series Euphoria review

Running Length

If your time is valuable to you, it’s important to consider how many episodes each series has. Many HBO series have a total of 20 episodes, whereas others have significantly more. It could therefore be a critical aspect of the kind of show that you want to watch.


One of the things to look for in the best HBO series is the number of awards that HBO series receive, as this can be a clear sign of the show’s quality. Many different HBO series like Succession often win or are nominated for Golden Globes and Emmy Awards.

Did you know that Game of Thrones won 17 Emmy Awards?


Another key factor in choosing your HBO series is the cast. HBO series frequently attract the best actors across the globe, like Brian Cox, Kate Winslet and Dustin Hoffman. These top thespians constantly elevate the quality of the programming by putting in top performances.

Release Date

You should compare the release date of each HBO series or movie with others that have been released in a similar time frame, as well as those which are coming up soon. If there’s a particular HBO series or film you want to watch, but it hasn’t been released yet, then make sure you check back at regular intervals. Therefore, when it does come out on DVD/Blu-ray, we will be able to notify you immediately!

Advantages and disadvantages Based on Customer Reviews

Advantages HBO series review in comparision


  • Highest quality prestige television on the market
  • Routinely produce entertaining and engaging content
  • Attracts and brings out the best of the top talent in television and film


  • Sometimes not always the most family-friendly content
  • Release dates are sometimes longer than other shows

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What alternatives to HBO series exist?

There are many alternatives to HBO series. The most popular ones include AMC, Showtime and Hulu Plus.

What makes a good HBO series?

A good HBO series is one that has quality performances, excellent writing and beautiful cinematography.

Where can I watch HBO series?

You can watch HBO series by subscribing to HBO Max, Sky Atlantic or by purchasing the physical edition on Amazon.

Can I watch HBO series on Netflix?

No, HBO series are unavailable on Netflix.

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