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Best Headphone for Smartphones 2023 • 7 Headphones for Smartphones Reviews
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Best Headphone for Smartphones 2023 • 7 Headphones for Smartphones Reviews

We all want an immersive audio experience, be it while playing games or working out. By choosing good-quality headphones instead of the most affordable ones out there, it can be easy for you to have the desired experience. Now, it can be pretty confusing to buy headphones for smartphones, given the plethora of options available. To make it easier for you, we have tried and tested some of the best headphones for smartphones out there. This comprehensive guide will take you through all the information you need to buy the perfect headset for your smartphone.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 97
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 144
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 152

What is a headphone for smartphones and how does it work?

Headphones are devices that offer a private audio experience. However, now, headphones can do a lot more than just allowing you to peacefully listen to an audio file without letting the noise out in the surrounding. With these technical developments, one would think headphones are some highly complicated pieces of equipment.

In fact, the basic working principle is pretty simple. Headphones work by converting electrical energy into sound by means of magnets. The magnets, in turn, vibrate the air, which produces the sound one hears.

What are the Types of Headphones for Smartphones?

Headphones are available in multiple designs, colors, and different technical features. However, they can be broadly divided into two categories on the basis of their designs, namely, in-ear and on-ear headphones.

Bose Headphones 700 with 11 levels of noise cancellation

In-ear headphones

These tend to be smaller in size and hang down from the ears. Two subtypes of in-ear headphones are earbuds and in-ear monitors. The former is simply placed on the entrance of the ear, whereas the latter is pushed in the ear canal. In-ear headphones are pretty comfortable to wear

However, they tend to let in a lot of external noise, compromising the listening experience. They can potentially fall off during a workout or running if you’re planning to buy one for that purpose. These tend to be on the more affordable side of the price spectrum.

On-ear headphones

On-air headphones are big in size compared to in-ear headphones. They can either sit on the entrance of your ear or encompass it entirely to block out noise. The design is such that two speakers are linked via a headband. On-ear headphones tend to have clear and crisp noise quality as their design has insulation to prevent external noise from entering along with larger drivers.

They can cause you to sweat and feel hot after extended wearing due to the amount of padding they have. They are heavy and not the most portable headphones but there. However, there are some newer models that have a foldable design to make them easy to store and travel with.

Who Are Headphones for Smartphones Suitable for And What Benefits Does It Bring?

These days, headphones for smartphones are a must-have for everyone. Be it to listen to music, audiobooks while traveling, or to attend calls related to work; it’s difficult to imagine these activities without them. Headphones now have a lot more functions than traditional wired headphones. They can be used wirelessly for workouts and running. With a click of a button on the headphones, you can activate Google, Apple, or other assistants. They are also equipped with rechargeable batteries and fast charging to offer convenience and save time.

The designs of these headphones are no longer uncomfortable and painful. They are fitted with insulation and padding to reduce external noise disturbance and ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

Shopping Criteria for Headphones for Smartphones

Feeling perplexed by the confusing terminologies thrown at you? Wondering how to look for the best headphones for smartphones? Here are some features to look out for when shopping for them:

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation and noise isolation are often used in place of one another when they are quite different. Noise isolation simply means that the headphones you invest in will provide a physical barrier between you and noise, so you hear none of it. So, it’s basically the same purpose an earplug serves.

Meanwhile, active noise cancellation is complicated and intricate. Headphones with ANC utilize microphones to sample external noise and cancel it by producing an inverse wave to it. It is considered to be largely effective in eliminating low and mid-level frequencies.

Wired vs. Wireless

It’s smart to invest in a unit that offers both wireless and wired configuration. Each has its own pros and cons that you can weigh against each other. Wireless headphones are becoming more and more popular as the technology they equip improves. However, they tend to experience a bit of latency and are more expensive than their wired counterparts.

Wireless headphones with class 2 Bluetooth can have a range up to 33 feet.

Mpow On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone with a swivel folding design


Headphones are an expensive investment, and you want them to be long-lasting. Therefore, it is important to invest in headphones made of superior-quality, sturdy materials. This often results in a heavier weight. Choose headphones that come with a protective case in which you can store them when you’re not using them.


People often overlook the fit and comfort of the headphones upon being too excited by the features. All headphones feel fine when they are worn briefly, but in the long run, they may cause a lot of discomfort if not carefully chosen. Lightweight headphones feel more comfortable as they don’t strain your ear even after prolonged wear. Fabric or leather padding on headphones also helps reduce the pressure exerted.

Furthermore, the fit of the headphone also contributes to its comfort. It is important to have an adjustable headband on the headphone to make sure it fits right.

Battery Life

One of the most important aspects of any wireless headset is its battery life. Be it to listen to music during your run, while commuting or for conference calls for work, you don’t want your headphones to run out of power. Generally, over and on-ear headphones tend to have a longer playtime when compared to in-ear headphones or earbuds. Aim to get at least 20 hours of battery life if you are planning to use your headphones extensively.

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What Are the Best Headphones for Cell Phones?

JBL, Sony, Bose, Cowin, etc., are known for manufacturing some of the best headphones for cell phones.

What are the Best Wired Headphones for Smartphones for Android phones?

Our list of recommendations includes some excellent phones that work well with Android phones. These include Cowin E7 pro, Bose QuietComfort 35, JBL E55BT, etc.

How Do I Choose Headphones for My Phone?

There are several aspects to consider before buying a headphone set, one of them being your usage. Whether you need a pair of headphones for working, gaming, commuting, traveling, etc., or for some other purpose, make sure you choose one that’s most optimized for your needs. Other important considerations are comfort, playtime, design type, etc.

How are headphones for smartphones used?

The purpose that headphones serve is to allow the user to listen to an audio source privately. They do so by converting electrical energy into sound by means of magnets that vibrate to produce the sound you hear.

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