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Best iPad Case 2023 • 7 iPad Cases Reviews
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Best iPad Case 2023 • 7 iPad Cases Reviews

The tablet as we know it today was released by Apple in 2010. Though there is a history of tablets dating back to the 1960s, it wasn’t until the launch of the iPad that these devices became common. Despite their technological advancement, they’re still fragile. iPad cases offer protection.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 58
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 95
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 890

What is an iPad case and how does it work?

The introduction of the iPad launched a market that was immediately adopted by millions of users worldwide. Its versatility, technology, and aesthetic appeal made this gadget an object of desire despite its relatively high price. Fortunately, iPad cases protect these devices and often make their use more efficient.

What types of iPad cases are there?

There are iPad cases that have various characteristics ranging from functional to aesthetic. Although there are others, the most common are durable covers, followed closely by those which angle the screen. The following list contains other popular options.

  • Screen cover included: These protect the iPad while making the device easily accessible.
  • Keyboard attached: This design is ideal for people who work from their tablets.
  • Organizers: These cases have external pockets designed to store tablet accessories and similarly-sized items.
  • Soft-touch: Such covers are usually made of cloth or leather for a more comfortable user experience.

Shopping Criteria for iPad Cases

The price of an iPad can be high depending on the model, so choosing the right case can end up saving you a good amount of money. And although protection against damage is a case’s most crucial element, it’s more than that: The case’s aesthetic can personalize the item and even add value to the gadget with additional features. Here are a few factors to consider when buying an iPad case.There are covers for all kinds of tastes. Those made with polymers and synthetic leather are the most common.

Size and Weight

When buying objects of this type online, there is a risk that the purchased case won’t fit your device perfectly. To avoid this cumbersome situation, it is recommended to check the iPad model and its compatibility with the case in question. Another important factor is the weight. Most covers weigh between 50 and 500 grams.

Intended Use

If the iPad is used to take photos or videos during a trip, then it will be preferable to buy a case that provides greater protection and offers a cutout for the camera. If the device will be used by young children or toddlers, it would be better to choose a waterproof cover. If you use the iPad for work, consider buying a case with an integrated keyboard.


There are covers in varying colors and designs, including animal print, camouflage, designs that resemble materials such as wood or steel, drawings for children, and even some that feature motifs from famous movies or series. If no predesigned model attracts you, some companies manufacture custom iPad cases.

iPad cases can save you a lot of money. Buying one involves an extra expense at first, but it provides “life insurance” for your gadget.


It’s hard to accurately predict the life of an iPad case; however, some companies calculate an estimated lifespan. Another way to research its durability is to check all the materials with which the is made. It is important to review these two elements alongside each other, as some cases are less resistant.

Design or durability are some of the key factors before buying this item.

The most durable covers are those made with polymers or leather. The difference between the two is that those made of leather run the risk of tearing and cracking little by little. Conversely, those made with ripstop fabrics are usually thinner, which can ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan.


The size, weight, design, and material of the chosen iPad case must match its intended use. In the end, it is useless to have a case whose design is nice if the said case will not adequately protect the device.

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What materials are recommended for iPad cases?

High strength and long-term durability are undoubtedly desired features in an iPad case. This will depend on the materials with which they are made. So it is important to carefully review the type of product that is being purchased.

Most iPad cases on the market are made with high-quality polymers or rubbers, which are resistant to falls, bumps, and scratches. These are usually reinforced with synthetic leather, which gives them an elegant finish. This type of material is usually found on the back and corners of the case.

Although they are available at much higher prices, there are covers made of ultralight steel, which guarantees even greater resistance. Usually, these types of cases come in one piece, which fits around the iPad, thus protecting the back and the screen.

Do iPad cases have other advantages aside from physical protection?

Yes. iPad cases are not only designed to protect devices from bumps and scratches, but they also make the gadget in question a more complete and equipped device. There are cases that, for example, have an integrated QWERTY keyboard. These are ideal for those who use the tablet to work.

There are also covers that stand the iPad up at certain angles. This feature makes it easier to use the iPad during various activities, such as watching videos, reading, or writing. There are also covers with included speakers and protected ports.

Is physical appearance or protection more important for an iPad case?

Actually, there are cases for all kinds of consumers. In a globalized market, there are covers with designs as varied as tastes: There are minimalist, vintage-inspired, and animal-printed cases as well as those designed with various textures or specifically for children.

Regarding the level of protection, the covers that have greater resistance are typically made of materials that are often not appreciated for their aesthetic value; but their main goal is to protect the iPad. It is advisable to find a balance and, above all, to firmly identify the tablet's intended use.

Finally, for those who want total protection and an aesthetic value that meets their expectations, there are companies that manufacture iPad cases with the desired materials and physical features. This case customization—though more expensive—is an option to consider.

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