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Best Laptop bag 2023 • 6 Laptop bags Reviews
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Best Laptop bag 2023 • 6 Laptop bags Reviews

The defining feature of laptops is naturally their portability. For this purpose, we need a suitable bag or backpack to protect our device from bumps and scratches. These bags also allow us to carry important accessories such as mice, power cables or portable hard drives. Your laptop will seldom come with a transport bag when you purchase it, which is why it will be the very first accessory you should look for if you plan on using your device away from home. Gone are the carry cases where little more than the computer and its cables could fit. Today, the range of laptop bags is tremendous, and there is a model to meet every person’s needs.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 6
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 45
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 123
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 289

What is a laptop bag and how does it work?

In a laptop bag, you can carry your laptop safely and protect it from damage and scratches. There are bags with a carrying strap to hang or put on. Some laptop bags are just a case which you can put in bags for better transport. There is a wide variety of laptop bags, but their common goal is to protect the expensive laptops.

What types of laptop bags are there?

Do you want a plastic case that just protects your laptop, or should the bag be in a fancy color or style? There are many different types of laptop bags and in the following sections, you will get an overview of the different types.

Most laptop bags and backpacks feature padded compartments for increased protection.

Shoulder bags

This type of laptop bag features an adjustable strap and a pair of handles for use as a briefcase. They generally have a padded laptop compartment and an external pocket for cables and other accessories. Some convertible vintage models come with several pockets.


These are mostly designed to be carried by the handles, although many also include a detachable strap to wear them over the shoulder. The majority of these products only feature two compartments: one for the computer and another for the cables. Their design tends to be more classic and formal than that of shoulder bags.


Unlike the two types mentioned above, backpacks are carried on the back using two adjustable straps. They usually have a padded laptop compartment and several inner and outer pockets to store various items, such as tablets, smartphones, or books. In addition, some models include a USB charging port.

Trolleys (bag with wheels)

Designed for long trips, trolleys have telescopic handles and wheels to provide you greater comfort as you travel with your computer. Certain models even allow you to pack clothes. They are generally made from synthetic fabric or rigid materials such as ABS or polycarbonate, giving them greater resistance to bumps and falls.

Shopping Criteria for Laptop Bags

Laptop bags are designed to protect your computer when you’re on the move. In that regard, the more you travel with it, the better the quality of the briefcase, backpack, or trolley you choose should be. In the following section, we will delve into you a series of criteria to help you pick the bag that will best suit your computer and your own needs.

  • Intended use
  • Storage capacity
  • Style

Intended Use

Before you choose a laptop bag, start by asking yourself a crucial question: How will I use this product? If you only carry your computer with you occasionally, you won’t want to invest too much money into a very fancy briefcase or a backpack. On the other hand, professional and intensive use may require you to raise your budget.

Whether you use it once a week or every day, make sure that it is well built with quality materials. We’re willing to bet that you wouldn’t be amused if your laptop dropped to the ground because of a poorly sewn handle. Remember that using public transport will also provide greater opportunities for bumps and scratches to occur; how you travel is, therefore, important to consider.

Storage Capacity

One great perk of these bags is that they can carry many more things than simply your laptop. If you tend to travel with many accessories, we encourage you to opt for a backpack or a shoulder bag that has various compartments. Ideally, the laptop pocket should be isolated from the rest so as to avoid damages to the device or any of the other items in your bag.

Shoulder bags feature an adjustable strap and a pair of handles for use as a briefcase

If you only carry your laptop with you, a briefcase or a sleeve will be your best option. The former will allow you to fit your computer, its cables, a mouse, and barely more. Sleeves have even less capacity and can only hold the laptop. If you want extra protection when you’re on the go, consider investing in a hardshell case.


You’ve found a bag in which your laptop perfectly fits and that offers plenty of space for you to carry all your belongings. It might even feature a USB charging port and a headphone output. But you forgot a fundamental aspect: the design of this bag simply doesn’t match your personality or tastes.

Internet access means access to thousands of laptop bag models on the American market—from the most basic and conservative to the most daring and original designs. Remember that you will be using this accessory on a daily basis, so you want it to fit your personality. Your laptop bag is an integral part of your outfit, and as such, you should wear it with pride.

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Which bag is right for my laptop’s size?

The wide variety of laptops on the market makes choosing a bag far from an easy task. The size, shape, and weight of your computer are key factors in picking the most appropriate model to carry your device. In the list below, you can check our quick guide to finding the right bag for your laptop.

1. Check your laptop’s screen size. If you’re unclear about your device’s dimensions, try measuring the diagonal of its screen without the frame. Most bags indicate the size according to this measurement.
2. Check its complete dimensions. The size of the screen is one thing; its ratio—the width/height proportion—is another. Widescreen laptops have a ratio of 16:9, while others feature a 4:3 ratio. Both can integrate a screen of the same size, but their size and shape will be different.
3. Check the measurements of the bag. Once you have measured the aforementioned values, compare them with the dimensions of the bag itself. These will need to be at least equal to that of your laptop, although you are strongly advised to opt for something a little larger to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What are the other deciding factors in my purchase?

As you probably know, the size of your laptop isn’t the only key aspect that you'll need to evaluate in order to be satisfied with the product you buy. Let’s have a look at other criteria to bear in mind, which include the material quality, impermeability, compartment layout, and comfort. Quality materials and manufacturing are essential, and the safety of your device depends on them.

You will want to check the quality of the zippers, seams, handles, and straps before making your final decision. Another main factor is the laptop compartment. The vast majority of laptop bags and backpacks feature padded compartments for enhanced protection. That said, some more advanced models are equipped with foam liners or air cushions that offer the highest level of protection possible. Another factor is impermeability.

A waterproof bag will guarantee that your computer isn’t damaged by rain. Make sure that the design and manufacturing material cinch the impermeability of the product both from rain and other accidental falls in a puddle. The last factor is comfort. Some people prefer backpacks, as they provide freedom of movement that is not offered by shoulder bags or briefcases. Others favor trolleys because they are more practical when traveling by train or plane. Whichever you choose, make sure that the fastening elements of the bag are comfortable and safe.

Are backpacks or briefcases better?

As we discussed earlier, your decision will ultimately depend on your personal tastes. However, certain specific aspects are less influenced by your preferences. Being familiar with these criteria can come in handy when you’re making your purchase, so we’ve compared them in backpacks and briefcases.

What is the difference between a sleeve and a bag?

While both of these products share the same function of protecting your laptop from bumps and scratches, laptop sleeves offer different characteristics than briefcases, backpacks, or trolleys. Firstly, very few laptop sleeves feature handles.

A sleeve will generally only consist of two compartments: the main one designed to hold your computer, and an outer pocket whose capacity will be inferior to that of backpacks and briefcases. On the other hand, the range of sleeves is very wide, and you can find any design from standard black or grey to bold-printed models.

Similar to those designed for smartphones, hardshell cases are manufactured specifically for a particular laptop model. They protect the back of the screen, the bottom of the computer, and sometimes even the keyboard. These easy-to-place products come in a variety of designs and colors.

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