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Best Laptop Cooling Pad 2023 • 9 Laptop Cooling Pads Reviews
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Best Laptop Cooling Pad 2023 • 9 Laptop Cooling Pads Reviews

Laptop cooling pads are as ordinary as they are essential. Has your computer ever stopped working unexpectedly? Has your screen turned black when you needed it the most? If any of these have happened to you, you will be glad to hear that we bring you an efficient and affordable solution. Factors like frequent use, age, the number of applications and software, and the accumulation of dust often cause our computers to heat – or even overheat.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 9
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 76
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 152
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 517

What is a Laptop Cooling Pad and how does it work?

A laptop cooling pad is an elevated platform with built-in fans. It promises to improve your laptop performance through superior cooling. Some have one fan, some multiple. The fan speed might be adjustable, whisper-quiet or have glowing LEDs. Some cooling pads even have storage compartments or multiple USB hubs.

In addition to laptop cooling pads, there are other cooling systems such as smaller fans that are clipped on to the side of a laptop.

What are the types of Laptop Cooling Pads?

Simple Laptop Cooling Pads

A simple laptop cooling pad is a platform on which you can place your laptop while using it. Some will have one or two fans, others will not. Simply by elevating the laptop from your lap, the sofa or the bed, it will stay cooler. These simple pads do not normally have lighting, adjustable height settings or built-in USB hubs.

Laptop Cooling Pads for Gamers

Laptop cooling pads for gamers normally have two or even more fans, adjustable angles and LED lighting. Built-in USB hubs and multiple adjustable fan speeds make them useful accessories for gaming laptops. As gaming laptops are often bigger, so are these pads. They can often be used with laptops up to 17” and more.

Laptop Cooling Pads with an included laptop stand

Some laptop cooling pads do not only have adjustable angles but also adjustable heights. With these, they can be used as laptop stands as well as coolers and elevate the laptop even more. This can reduce stress in the neck and wrists.

Laptop Coolers

Some laptop coolers are not a pad, but a small fan that is clipped on to the side vent of a laptop. They are useful for travelling, as they are not much bigger than a computer mouse. They normally have adjustable fan speeds and work with a vacuum fan, who sucks the hot air out of the laptop.

Advantages and disadvantages of laptop cooler pads

Advantages : 

  • Prevents overheating
  • Can improve comfort for neck and wrists
  • Prevents dirty laptop interiors

Disadvantages :

  • Cost
  • Adds to carry weight of laptop

Shopping Criteria for Laptop Cooling Pads

Non-Slip Surface

Some laptop cooling pads have multiple fans and LED lighting.

This is particularly useful if the cooling pad you choose isn’t quite the same size as your laptop. The fact that its surface integrates a non-slip design will reduce the chances of your computer falling to the floor, breaking down, or simply slipping and sliding as you are working on it.

In fact, this feature becomes fundamental if you often use your laptop on a surface that isn’t quite flat. The cooling pad and your computer will fit perfectly if you work at a desk. But if you tend to move it regularly from one room to another, the non-slip surface comes in handy to avoid unwanted accidents.

Height Adjustment

This is an aspect that we haven’t talked about just yet, but your cooling pad can also serve as a support to adjust the height at which you want to use your laptop. Considering that these computers are relatively small devices, you may want to raise its height if you are sitting in front of it and want to maintain a correct posture.

There are other situations in which the height adjustment feature can be helpful. If you use your laptop on the counter of your store or business, you may want to have it placed higher so that you don’t have to bend down every time you need it. This is especially true if you use a lower table. This feature can make your work – and your life – much more comfortable.

Did you know? Portable computers have been around since the mid-1970s! But it depends, what your definition of ‘portable’ is.

USB Power Source

Not all cooling systems are pads. Some are smaller and clasped onto the side vents of a laptop. They are smaller but do not have the same advantages as cooling pads.

Nowadays, the vast majority of cooling pads come with a USB connection. In fact, this is seen as the best way to power these accessories for optimal performance, considering that your laptop is a free power source for them. This is a virtuous cycle of performance.

Other cooling pads, on the other hand, do not come with a power source. These tend to be the most basic models, and you cannot expect them to offer the most advanced functionalities described throughout our article. But this doesn’t mean they are not useful devices, and they might be enough depending on your needs.

Cooling Capacity

You can measure the cooling capacity of this product based on the power of its fan(s). The higher the power, the more likely your cooler will perform to high standards. Do keep in mind that more power also means a more expensive device. Always choose a model according to your personal needs.

Measures in CFM (cubic feet per minute), the airflow is one of the factors that will influence the cooling capacity of these accessories. If you don’t want to get too technical, you should also pay attention to the fan speed. It also plays a role in the overall performance of the cooling pad.

Number of Fans

The number of fans that your laptop has will, in part, determine how well ventilated your device is. The more you are doing on your computer at the same time, the more fans you should have. For example, gamers are very demanding with their computers, so a higher number of fans is fundamental.

However, you have to keep in mind that most laptops are smaller in size, which means that their hardware components are often more limited. If you want to keep your computer in optimal condition for longer, you should never push it beyond its capabilities. Otherwise, even the most efficient cooling pad may not be able to prevent overheating.

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Why do I need a laptop cooling pad?

Laptops can quickly overheat for a number of different reasons, and knowing what these are can help you prevent these problems as much as possible. While cooling pads remain the best solution to avoid overheating, you can enhance the overall performance of your device when you address some of the frequent reasons for overheating. The most common one is that dust accumulated in your laptop. This happens more easily and faster, when you use your computer in the bed or place it on a sofa cushion. Other reasons for your laptop overheating is the addition of a new component, such as a hard drive, or simply the general wear of your device. Over time, the fans of your laptop will lose speed. One obvious but still often forgotten reason is the ambient temperature. If you live in an area with high temperatures, like to work in direct sunlight or use your computer in a sauna, it is more likely to overheat.

What are the mistakes to avoid when buying a cooling pad?

There is nothing worse than purchasing a product and realizing that it simply doesn’t fit our needs. To make sure that you choose the best possible model, prefer laptop cooling pads that are manufactured with quality materials – such as metal or aluminum – that will last longer and offer better results. You should naturally find a product that fits the size of your laptop. In addition, you are advised to purchase a cooling pad whose design resembles that of your computer. That way, the two will work more efficiently without having to adapt them further.

How do I know when to use a cooling pad?

You can’t always notice that your computer is overheating simply because it feels hotter than usual. If you learn to recognize them, there are signals that will help you prevent situations that may impact the performance of your laptop negatively. If that happens, you can start using your cooling pad to fight the cause: overheating. One of these signals is that games or applications stop responding while you are using them. Another, that your laptop generally stops responding during use. Also, the computer fans will be louder than usual or your screen might even turn black when you turn on your computer, before you can even start using it. Your laptop might reset unexpectedly or the mouse and keyboard suddenly stop responding.

Do aesthetics matter?

Depending on how you use your cooling pad, as well as your personal preferences, this accessory can be purely functional or also boast an attractive design. If you only want to purchase a model that will do its job and nothing else, then you can opt for the most basic models without taking into account its color or design. But sometimes a cooling pad with the right features isn’t enough. If you use your laptop in your store, office, or business where customers and co-workers can see it, things are different. You should choose a model with a spectacular design if you care about your personal or professional image. As you may have noticed in our product selection, they come in a wide array of styles.

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