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Best Lock 2023 • 7 Locks Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 53
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 78
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 98

Best Lock 2023 • 7 Locks Reviews

Looking for some locks for your items? Locks will not only help with securing your items, but some locks can also help with protecting your home. They’re also a great option if you want to keep your lockers, cabinets or drawers secure. To ensure that you’re purchasing the best locks, we’ve spent a large amount of time comparing and testing each of the items that are listed in the product table below. By testing these items, we aim to provide research-based content that’s of the highest quality to consumers and always include our own testing opinions. Read on to find more about the best locks.

Lock Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 53
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 78
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 98

What is a lock and how does it work?

A lock is essentially an item that can help with keeping your belongings or a place safe. It’s typically operated by a key or with a combination system that utilizes numbers or alphabets.

It depends on the type of lock that you’ve got. The mechanism behind it, however, is mostly the same. Whether it’s a combination lock or one that uses a key, the pins on the lock will need to line up before it opens.


What are the types of locks?

There are a few different locks that you can choose from and we’ve described them in greater detail below:


These locks come in a range of sizes and can be combination or keyed. These locks are sturdy and hard to pry open in comparison to regular locks. They’re also great locks to consider if you’re looking for something that’s hard for bolt cutters to cut through.

Combination locks

These require a certain sequence of numbers, letters or symbols before you can open them. Combination locks are typically used for safes, lockers and other secure containers. They’re not as strong as padlocks but do offer a good amount of security.

Sliding glass door locks

These are used on internal double doors and are quite popular as they’re easy to operate but also provide a high level of safety. They come in various designs and are fixed in place with a screw that runs through the center of the lock.

Smart locks

Smart locks are gaining popularity as it allows the user to use their smartphone as a key to the lock. With a smart lock, you’ll have ultimate control over your property and will allow you to remotely provide access. In our opinion, they’re one of the most technologically advanced locks out there.

Who are locks suitable for and what benefits does it bring?

Locks have plenty of benefits as they allow you to securely lock your items and keep them safe. In particular, they:

  1. Great for individuals that have valuables: If you’ve got valuables in your home, the last thing you’d want is for them to be stolen. With the right locks, you won’t have to worry about that. Depending on the lock that you purchase, many of them can provide your valuables with the security that they need.
  2. Ideal for tracking who comes in and out: If you decide to go with a smart lock, you’ll be able to track who comes in and out of your home. That’s right, with a smart lock, you can track the location of the key and even keep track of all keys that you’ve issued thus far – how neat is that?
  3. Keeping any intruders at bay: When you’ve got a lock in your home or office, it keeps any potential intruders at bay – especially if you’ve got a high-quality lock. Most of the time, once intruders see that you’ve got a lock on your door that’s not easy for them to pick or pry open, they’ll leave your premises and look for their next target.

Shopping Criteria for Locks

Below are some of the shopping criteria that we’ve taken into consideration and comparison when calculating the score of each lock.


In our opinion, the material of your lock plays a huge part in the lock that you choose to purchase. Ideally, you should select a lock that’s made with sturdy stainless steel material as these are not easy to pry open. If you plan on placing your lock outdoors, it should also be rust and weather-resistant. Pressed steel or solid steel alloy locks are typically the best options.


The last thing anyone wants is to deal with a lock that’s overly large or overly small. The products that we looked at come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. You’ll want a larger lock if you’re looking to secure something like the gates of your property. On the other hand, a smaller lock is ideal for luggage or lockers. If you’re not sure, give it a test!

Did you know: The oldest known locks are roughly 4,000 years old.

Combination lock VS. keys

A Travel Padlock is an ideal travelling companion.This is based on personal preference, but you’d need to think about whether or not you’d like your locks to be opened with keys or with a combination. It’s completely up to you which one you’d like to go for. In our opinion, keyed locks tend to offer a superior level of security but combination locks are ideal for convenience purposes.

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Where did locks originate from?

It is said that locks originated in the Near East with the oldest known example found near Nineveh – in the ruins of the palace of Khorsabad. It is said that this particular lock is almost 4,000 years old!

Which locks are most secure?

Deadbolts are considered to be the most secure and best type of lock. With deadbolts, there is some type of rotation that’s required in order to disengage the lock. They also cannot be moved easily from their locked to their unlocked position.

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