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Best mouse pad 2023 • 8 mouse pad Reviews
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Best mouse pad 2023 • 8 mouse pad Reviews

New technology continues to revolutionize the computer industry year after year, and that includes major improvements to the accessories around computers like mice and mouse pads. The mouse, in particular, has changed tremendously in the last couple of decades. Just like computer mice, mouse pads have changed a lot to suit the different and changing needs of computer users. To ensure that you’re buying the best mouse pad, we’ve spent a good amount of time testing each of the items in the product table below making a comparison.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 8
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 40
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 20
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 200

What is a mouse pad and how does it work?

A mouse pad is a supportive or bounded surface on which the computer mouse rests. Its objective is to optimize mouse movements in the same way as the pointer on the device’s screen.

What are the types of mouse pads?


Mouse pads made out of fabric are the cheapest. They are compatible with all kinds of mice and the fabric evenly distributes the mouse’s pressure, making movement more efficient. However, the cloth is easily stained and often hard to clean. Fabric mouse pads are often not  accurate enough for gamers.


Plastic mouse pads are more durable and have a better glide as well as movement compared to fabric mouse pads. They can also be cleaned more easily. One of the biggest disadvantages is that mouse pads made out of plastic can end up deformed, especially under high friction.

Gel crystal

Mouse pads with gel crystals are very precise and allow rapid movements. When taken care of, they will last longer than plastic and fabric mouse pads. They are easy to clean but fragile and can break. They do not work well with laser mouses and it is possible to make unintended movements because of the high sensitivity.

AluminiumAluminium mouse pads are ideal for those looking for speed and precision. They are, however, more expensive and some are bothered by their sound. They can be uncomfortably cold in winter.

Advantages and disadvantages of mouse pads

A mouse pad with a wrist rest can avoid serious problems like carpal tunnel syndrome (caused by repetitive strain on the hands). Some gamers insist that their mouse pads give them an edge while playing online. Good mouse pads with the correct surface material make sliding faster and more accurate and are better suited for gaming mouse sensors. they also help keep the surface more free of dust, oils, and stand up to wear and tear better


  • Agility: The mouse slides easier and tracks the cursor on the screen more accurately.
  • Grip: The mouse is able to track across the entire surface of the pad so you get greater accuracy.
  • Eliminate dust: Typical polyester (plastic) mouse pads are generally ideal for optical mice and for eliminating dust particles.
  • Resting joints: Mouse pads that come with gel or memory foam pads take a lot of strain off your wrist.
  • Gamers mouse pads: Gaming mouse pads tend to be larger to help facilitate a greater range of motion and movement while playing.
  • Less wear: All pads prevent wear to the table or other surface a mouse is used on. Large pads prevent wear to the mouse.


  • Can be expensive
  • Poor quality mouse pads can lead to frustration
  • Some mouse pads are not durable and a new one has to be bought frequently

Shopping Criteria for mouse pads

Intended Use

As we touched on earlier, to get the best mouse pad possible you need to know what you’re going to be using it for. Is it for simple office work, or competitive gaming? If it’s the former, a mat and a gel pad to rest your hand and wrist on makes sense. However, if you are a passionate gamer you will want to maximize your surface area and get a bigger mouse pad.

If you are a competitive gamer you will need both a high-end mouse and mouse pad. This typically means more money, but if you love gaming no price is too high. Large surface area mouse pads that are highly sensitive are preferred by gamers. You need this if you want to stand a chance of winning.


This is of paramount importance if you’re a gamer. Experts say that if you game you shouldn’t have a mouse pad with bright designs on it or it might affect your mouse, resulting in irregular jumps. Also, avoid any mouse pads with highly reflective surfaces.

Did you know? The first prototype of a computer mouse was built in 1963, that was 28 years after the IBM601 was presented.


The kind of material you’ll need is based on whether you are gaming or working in the office. If you game, then control, speed and accuracy are your major concerns. An aluminium or glass mat works well for gamers, as do fabric ones – especially beginners.


The size of the mousepad is crucial for a gamer because it allows you to move the mouse across the entire desktop. Speed is of the utmost importance online, so having a large mouse pad is crucial. Bigger mouse pads are also nice if you work with drafting and design programs.


Your mouse pad needs to be thick enough that it compensates for any potential bumps or divets in your desk’s surface that could potentially throw your mouse off. A gamer should have a mouse pad that is at least 2mm thick. Professional players usually opt for 5 mm mats.

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Are mouse pads known by other names?

As we noted earlier, you could describe a mouse pad as a fabric pad on top of which your computer mouse rests. Gamers often use the shorthand “pad” or “gaming mouse pad”, but they are all basically the same thing.

Is it necessary to use a mouse pad?

It really depends on how you use your computer. Many people have become very used to just using a touchpad on their laptop. Gamers in the U.S., on the other hand, absolutely rely on their mouse pads for performance and competitive edge. Some gamers still use their tabletops, but a good quality gaming mouse pad is definitely ideal.

Do I need a large mouse pad for office work?

You don’t necessarily need a large pad for the office. However, some of the innovations from the gaming world are making their way over to other activities and occupations that necessitate long hours at the computer. Depending on what you are doing at your office computer, you might be able to get away with minimal mouse use if you know how to use keyboard shortcuts.

Why is a mouse pad important for gamers?

A gaming mouse pad brings control and speed to the game but will not help you win a competition if you do not have a good mouse. You will need a highly sensitive mouse, with sensitivity being measured in DPI (dots per inch). The higher your DPI, the less movement that needs to be recognized by the screen. Additionally, when you get a mouse, you should find out about its response time, as well as any additional functionality, and its weight.

Is it worth it to buy a gaming mouse pad?

Yes, it is definitely worth it and you will not regret it. Since laser and optical mice have become popular, the old tracker ball models are all but extinct. Many of these are made with gamers in mind and won’t function as designed unless you have a good mouse pad. These mouse pads are made with gamers’ needs in mind and help make the mouse more responsive. It is also important that the mouse pad is wide, robust and comfortable to provide for uniform and fast movement.

What kind of maintenance does a mouse pad require?

Apart from regular cleaning, some routine maintenance will make your mouse pad last longer including washing your hands before using the mouse and not eating or drinking close to the mouse pad.

How do you clean a mouse pad?

Cleaning will depend on the material it is made of as it will differ between plastic and cloth mouse pads. It is a different process entirely to clean a fabric mouse pad as opposed to a plastic one. To clean a fabric mouse pad, you mix water and shampoo or dish soap and rub it in. Rinse the soapy pad with water and let it air dry. Some mouse pads can be put into the washing machine. The same goes for plastic mouse pads and pads with a gel wrist support. An aluminium mouse pad should be rinsed with a soapy water solution. Do not use hot water! After you dried the mousepad, you polish the surface with a drop of oil and a clean soft cloth. Mouse pads with gel crystals are cleaned with a glass cleaner or cleaning alcohol and a clean soft cloth.

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