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Best PC Controller 2023 • 6 PC Controllers Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 6
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Best PC Controller 2023 • 6 PC Controllers Reviews

The video game industry took a huge leap forward in the 1970s when it arrived in homes all over the world, forever changing the entertainment world. During this era of great technological advances, few new accessories were as successful as controllers. If you’re not familiar with them, you’ll find out everything you need to know in the following guide. Video games are designed for you to experience different virtual realities on your PC. However, there came a point when the keyboard-and-mouse combination didn’t provide enough interaction anymore. This is why PC controllers were invented; they improved the gaming experience and allowed for incredible innovations in the industry. To ensure that you’re buying the best PC Controller, we’ve spent a good amount of time testing each of the items in the product table below making a comparison.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 6
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 59
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 480
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 702

What is a PC controller?

Also called joysticks, these input peripherals are designed to control the device to which they are connected. Originally designed for flight cabins to assist civil and military aircraft, they quickly became popular in the gaming industry — for both game consoles and personal computers.

These devices have greatly evolved in design, functions, and features since their first appearance for game consoles and computers. PC controllers integrate different elements depending on which game genre and operating system they’re tailored to. In general, however, you may find the following:

  • Stick
  • Base
  • Trigger button
  • Additional buttons
  • Start and Options buttons

Advantages and disadvantages of PC controllers

While keyboards remain the peripherals par excellence when using computers, things are quite different when it comes to playing video games. If many users still prefer the keyboard for their gaming sessions, the use of PC controllers has been steadily growing.

Description: 2.4G Wireless Gaming Controller Gamepad Joystick for Android Tablets PhonePC TV.


  • They’re compact and more portable.
  • Their ergonomic design makes them very comfortable to use.
  • Buttons and sticks are easy to use.
  • They’re specifically designed for video games.


  • You need to configure them once they’re installed on your PC.
  • You need to make sure that they’re compatible with your operating system.
  • They’re additional devices you need for your PC.
  • You will have more cables lying around unless you pick a wireless model.

Shopping Criteria for the best PC controller

Gaming is a lifestyle. Video games are part of our daily lives, and we’re dedicating more and more hours to them. PC controllers help us improve that experience, but not all models offer the same quality. While the one you need depends on your use and gamer profile, you cannot overlook certain specific criteria. We’ve discussed those key aspects in the following section.

  • Design
  • Autonomy
  • Buttons
  • Multimedia Functions
  • Wireless Connection
  • Compatibility


As you know, you use a PC controller with your hands. This is why you want to opt for a model with an easy-to-hold, ergonomic design that won’t tire you after long hours of use. It should be slip-resistant and offer an optimal distribution of the buttons and sticks to offer maximum standards of comfort and performance.


If you prefer wireless PC controllers — like most new models are, you need to ensure that it gives you a considerable autonomy of use. Nobody likes to be interrupted mid-game because their battery ran out. This is why you are advised to purchase a PC controller whose autonomy exceeds, at least, 5 hours.

Did you know: Ralph Baer, a German immigrant and inventor, created the very first home video game console in the late ’60s?


We briefly explained earlier that the buttons of your PC controller are fundamental for your gaming experience. In that regard, don’t simply pay attention to the number of buttons available — although this remains an important aspect. You also want to check their distribution on the controller, as well as the features they offer during use.

Description: Slick design with vibrant seven color LED edge lighting

Multimedia Functions

Believe it or not, but life exists outside of the gaming world. PC controllers also need to respond to this reality. Nowadays, we use our computers for many more things than simply playing video games. This is why you might be interested in buying a PC controller that allows you to play music or movies, which will be a nice addition for your computer.

Wireless Connection

Our hyperconnected world can sometimes feel invaded by cables, which is why having a wireless device is so attractive. While cabled PC controllers don’t compromise on quality and can be just as efficient, it is undeniable that wireless models are more convenient. As you know, you should also pay attention to the type of wireless technology used by the controller.


We’ve discussed this before, but we cannot emphasize enough on the fact that you need to check if the device is compatible with your computer before making your purchase. You can generally find which operating systems the device can work with in the product description. Don’t neglect this: you may not be able to use your PC controller otherwise.

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What is the Plug&Play technology in PC controllers?

As you may have guessed from the name, technology means that you can connect your controller to any computer without having to make any configuration. In that regard, the vast majority of PC joysticks will automatically detect the device to which they are connected at the press of a button.

What wireless connection system do PC controllers use?

Certain controllers integrate a wireless USB receiver, while others use the Bluetooth technology. If the latter are good enough to connect to smartphones, tablets, and computers, some may not be compatible with the Bluetooth version your computer has. In that regard, you should check this aspect before buying any controller. Both of these wireless connections are effective. Simply check the settings of your computer to find out which Bluetooth version it has. If you’re unsure about the compatibility of your device, we recommend that you pick a PC controller cabled via USB — it should be included with the device.

Can PC controllers be used in areas other than gaming?

Definitely! Although the gaming world is the most popular environment for controllers, manufacturers now want to reach other types of users. This is why multimedia buttons have been added to many models, allowing you to play music or movies, change the volume or even have a spare remote control for your smart TV.

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