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Best Robot Vacuum 2023 • 7 Robot Vacuums Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 36
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 71
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 142
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Best Robot Vacuum 2023 • 7 Robot Vacuums Reviews

Keeping your living space nice and tidy is something everyone wishes to accomplish. But keeping the dust off your shelf and floors requires some effort. Rather than sweeping off the impurities yourself, you can consider purchasing a robot vacuum. Robot vacuums are effortless cleaners that can make your floor shine in no time. They can get rid of dust, pet hair, or morsels before you even notice them. Most importantly, they operate automatically without any manual tweaking. If you are struggling with a dusty floor, it’s probably time you get your hands on a robot vacuum. Finding the perfect robot vacuum is not an easy task. To help you with this, we have tested several models and chosen the seven best robot vacuums available today. We aim to provide authentic information about these products, keeping in view the features and customer responses of the product. Here is all that you need to know about robot vacuums. To ensure that you’re buying the best robot vacuum, we’ve spent a good amount of time testing each of the items in the product tab le below making a comparison.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 36
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 71
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 142

What is a robot vacuum and how does it work?

A robot vacuum is a type of vacuum cleaner that operates autonomously. These intelligent machines are capable of removing dust, debris, and pet hair from your floor effortlessly. Most robot vacuums come pre-programmed from the factory with multiple cleaning modes. With just a mere press of the button, they can clean your floors or carpets in no time. These machines are an ideal investment as they save your time, money, and effort, all at the same time. But how does a robot vacuum work?

Robot vacuums typically consist of one or two spinning brushes that operate simultaneously with a rolling brush. When the robot cleaner reaches the spot, the brushes push the debris inwards. The debris is then sucked into the waste bin through a powerful vacuum mechanism. Robot vacuums are great cleaners as they navigate automatically, learn your cleaning schedules, map your living space, and offer customized cleaning. Above all, they make cleaning effortless!

What are the types of robot vacuums?

There are different types of vacuums available that promise effective cleaning; however, each model serves a different purpose. To find the right model for yourself, it’s important to know about the different types of robot vacuums. Here are some of the most common ones:

Self-emptying Robot Vacuums

Self-emptying robot vacuums typically feature a large charging dock. The dock is designed to suck debris and other impurities out of the robot via a trapdoor and gather it in a bin or disposable bag. A major advantage of having a self-emptying robot vacuum is the convenience it offers. You can simply empty its disposable bag in the trash to get rid of the dirt. However, self-emptying robots are a bit noisy and come at a steep price.

AI Obstacle Recognition Robot Vacuums

iHome AutoVac Nova iHRV6-BLK robot vacuum

With the advent of modern technology, the latest robot vacuums come with unique AI obstacle recognition features in their navigation system. This allows them to identify possible hazards that might get in their way during cleaning. Unfortunately, this feature might work occasionally, as it is still in the process of refinement.

Wi-Fi- Enabled Robot Vacuums

As the name suggests, WiFi-enabled robot vacuums come with the luxury of Wi-Fi connectivity. Rather than controlling your robot vacuum using a remote, you can do so conveniently with a smartphone app. WiFi-enabled robot vacuums are ideal for large living spaces, as they allow you to track cleaning history and modify floor maps for enhanced navigation. The only downside is that you have to pay a little extra to enjoy this feature.

Who is a robot vacuum suitable for and what benefits does it bring?

Robot vacuum cleaners are a great investment for many reasons. These intelligent devices are known to perform thorough cleaning operations in households with great effectiveness. They are a necessity for anyone looking to keep dust and debris off their carpets or floors. Thus, they are perfect for aged people who cannot put in a lot of cleaning efforts.

There are several benefits of using robot vacuum cleaners. One major benefit is their ability to map your house and offer customized cleaning schedules. These little devices are engineered to operate autonomously without the need for any manual tweaking. They can swiftly navigate through your living space using mapping capability to effectively remove dust, debris, or pet hair.

Another advantage of using robot vacuum cleaners is that they make cleaning effortless. During hot summers, cleaning your living space yourself can be a bit of a hassle. But with robot vacuums, you can relax on the sofa while the machine takes care of the debris. Robot vacuums are also great time-savers. They can save your precious time with autonomous cleaning without you even noticing it.

If you have pets at home, having a robot vacuum cleaner is a blessing. The latest models are specifically designed to remove pet hair from floors and carpets more effectively, ensuring your floor stays clean at all times. Most importantly, robot vacuums minimize the risk of allergens, which ultimately negates allergies.

Last but not least, they require little maintenance. The latest units have various built-in features, such as auto-charging and self-emptying, that ensure the device performs flawlessly.

Shopping Criteria for Robot Vacuum

APOSEN A200 Robot Vacuum

With so many different types of models available, it is important to discuss the shopping criteria for purchasing the best robot vacuum. Here are a few features you should consider.


It is essential to determine the purpose behind your purchase. Numerous models serve different purposes, so you want to find the one that works for you. Surveying your home is a good option for starters. Is there a hard floor or carpet? Do you have furry pets? These few factors will help you decide the right pick for your needs.


The next thing you might want to consider is the price of the unit. Some robot vacuums are far more expensive than others, but they do come with a handful of features. It is best to decide the model of your purchase in accordance with your needs.


For any robot vacuum, navigation is key. Being able to detect and avoid obstacles while keeping the debris off your floor signifies a good-quality model. Therefore, it is ideal to invest in a robot vacuum with infrared navigation.

Robot vacuum cleaners have a perfect memory.


The latest robot vacuums include app control and other voice commands that offer you remote connectivity. This feature is usually suitable for large living spaces, where tweaking your unit manually can be a hassle.

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What robot vacuum should I buy?

You can find a myriad of robot vacuum models that promise effective cleaning. Ideally, you should consider several factors before purchasing a robot vacuum, including floor type, size of living space, pets and more.

Are robot vacuums good?

Robot vacuums can clean your floor or carpet in a minimum amount of time. They make cleaning effortless and save you precious time and effort. Most robot vacuums come with multiple features that allow you remote connectivity and voice command, making them easy to control.

Can robot vacuums climb stairs?

No, robot vacuums are not designed for climbing stairs. They are designed to move along flat surfaces such as hardwood and carpeting, making them a perfect purchase for one-story homes.

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