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Best Security System 2023 • 7 Security Systems Reviews
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Tested Products 7
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Best Security System 2023 • 7 Security Systems Reviews

For plenty of renters and homeowners, security cameras represent a worthwhile investment and are an effective tool in preventing crime. They act as an immediate visual deterrent against trespassing, break-ins, and other intrusions. Many of the latest systems work through a Wi-FI connection and are controlled via a mobile app, bringing ease and efficiency. However, finding the best security system is not easy, and for that, we are here to help! We've tried and tested plenty of security cameras from various brands and have kept an eye on the advancements the industry has made. After focusing on the latest releases, we have cherry-picked 7 of the best security systems on the market. Read on to find out high-performance cameras as well as the most minimalistic security system you can get your hands on.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 66
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 176
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 654

What Is A Security System And How Does It Work?

A security system is composed of components that work together to provide surveillance for your home. It is made up of security cameras that can connect to either the Wi-Fi or have a hard drive for downloading the feed 24/7. You get access to the footage of your system and receive immediate notification when cameras detect people, movements, or packages.

In most best security systems, all the components connect to a base station. From the base station, they connect to an application. The systems use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular connection, whereas some have battery backup and landline connection in case of power outages. Whenever you leave your home, you can arm the security system using a password. Even the slightest motion detection near the door will immediately alert you. As soon as you reach home, you can disarm the system and set it to normal security. The normal security will record live footage but without the extreme alerts feature.

What Are The Types of Security Systems?

When it comes to security systems, there are four different types. These types are distinguished based on the features they offer. Read on to find out about the different systems and determine which one is most suited for you.HeimVIsion HM241 Security Camera with wireless installation

Monitored Security System

A monitored system is one of the most popular systems used today. The system works by alerting either a call center, emergency responders, or a security team whenever it detects a burglary or other emergency. This system is present in two subtypes: company-monitored system,and self-monitored system.

A self-monitored system is one you can control and monitor yourself. It comes with door sensors, security cameras, and even motion sensors that send alerts to your phone. However, such systems require constant Wi-Fi connection and do not work during a power outage. On the other hand, company-monitored systems are operated via professionals. They carry features such as loud sirens to startle, silent alarms for quick alerting during a robbery, and glass-break sensors. One con for a company-monitored system is that if you accidentally trigger it, you will need to answer your phone immediately; otherwise, the concerned authorities would send help to your home.

Unmonitored Security System

An unmonitored system is among the best security systems available. This security system creates a loud siren in and out of your home when the alarm is triggered. Either you or a professional can install it, but you will need to monitor it using your smartphone. It provides a good level of security but is heavily dependent on the owner and is not very effective if the owner is away.

Wireless Security System

A wireless security system has components similar to a wired system but without wiring. Such systems work on a three-step process, i.e., detection, annunciation, and monitoring. Detection involves keeping an eye on any changes in the security status of your home. It includes irregularities like a broken window, someone opening your safe, or entering your door. Annunciation is the stage where the system alerts the owner through sirens, flashing lights, or an alarm system. The last step is monitoring and is the most critical of them all. This process consists of notifying the monitoring company for help if the alarm is connected to the monitoring service 24/7. Wireless systems are easy to install and upgrade but are vulnerable to interference.

Wired Security System

Wired security systems have a control panel where all the wiring connects and works from. This control panel is the brain of the system and is more trustworthy than the wireless system. That is because the panel keeps real-time track of and status of each device in the system. Such systems are incredibly reliable since they don’t depend on sensors and do not require a constant battery change. However, if the control panel is not hidden properly, buglers can easily snap it to deactivate it.

Who Are Security Systems Suitable For And What Benefits Do They Bring?

Owning the best security system is suitable for anyone who has a high-profile job, owns valuable items, or has a well-kept exotic garden. A security system is for everyone. Burglars tend to target people who have good money that becomes evident through well-kept lawns or through the cars they possess. Robbers also target people who have a fixed routine, such as a 9-5 job or those who go on vacation frequently.

Most of the time, burglars choose their victims randomly, and no matter how little you own, you can be a target for robbery. For this reason, a security system is essential for everyone. It comes in a range of prices affordable to all classes. These systems help protect your home, keep your parcels safe, and allow you to leave home without constantly worrying about break-ins.

Shopping Criteria for Best Security Systems

When shopping for a security system, you need to keep a few things in mind so that you make a well-informed decision, and good worth for the money. Read on to know how to ensure that you buy the best security system.


Before you buy any security systems, you must set a budget. This budget must include the cost of the equipment and delivery and other additional costs like monitoring fee, installation fee, activation fee, storage fee, etc. Make sure you stick to the budget and learn about any hidden costs before buying the system you like.

Homeowner vs. Renter

Over 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the US.

Another feature to look out for is a renter’s security system or a system for homeowners. As a renter, you may not prefer drilling a security system, so a wireless system will be a better option. Meanwhile, as a homeowner, a drilled-up wired security system could be more useful. Renters can also opt for peel-and-stick systems and monthly contraction with easy portability in case they move.

Surveillance Rules

For outdoor surveillance, you need to keep in mind that different areas have different recording footage laws. For outdoor recording, check the localDefender PhoenixM2 Digital Wireless with two-way talk system regulations, especially if the camera range covers someone else’s property as well. You need to find the right system fit for rural areas, suburbs, and cities as each place has its requirements. Look for features like ignoring motion from cars in the city, and focus on activity zones in the suburbs.


Size is another important feature as it determines the type of equipment needed. The larger the size of your home, the more sensors, video doorbells, and cameras you will need. Similarly, smaller families suffice with just a handful of sensors and motion detectors.

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How much do security systems cost?

Security systems can cost anywhere from $50 to $600, including any additional costs and in-app purchases.

What are security systems compatible with Alexa?

Plenty of smart security systems are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. However, make sure you confirm this with the manufacturer before buying the system you like.

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