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Best Shower Speakers of 2023 | VentureBeat
Tested Products
Tested Products 8
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Hours Spent 55
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 376
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 478

Best Shower Speakers of 2023 | VentureBeat

Enjoy music while showering, swimming, or simply being outdoors - just connect your device to the speaker via bluetooth and enjoy endless streaming!

Shower Speaker Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 8
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 55
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 376
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 478

What is a Shower Speaker?

A shower speaker is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can use in the shower. It’s designed to be used with your smartphone or tablet, and it has an IPX rating of 6 which means it will withstand splashes from all directions. The sound quality isn’t going to blow anyone away but for listening to music while getting ready in the morning, they are perfect.

How does a Shower Speaker work?

How does a Shower Speaker work in a review and comparison?A shower speaker is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can use in the shower. It has an IPX rating of 6 or higher, which means it’s completely water-resistant and safe to be used while taking a bath or even swimming. The speakers are usually made from silicone rubber so they won’t rust when exposed to moisture. They also have suction cups on their backsides for easy installation onto any smooth surface like tiles, glass doors, mirrors etc. Some models come with hooks instead of suction cups if your bathroom doesn’t have many flat surfaces available for mounting them on (like mine). You simply need to stick these hook-mounted speakers onto the wall above your headboard and then connect them via Bluetooth using your smartphone/tablet device – voila. Your very own portable music system right inside the comfort of your home bathroom.

Advantages and Applications

What are 5 benefits of a Shower Speaker?

  • It’s a great way to listen to music while you shower
  • You can use it as an intercom system in your home or office
  • Use it for hands-free phone calls
  • Listen to the radio without disturbing others around you
  • Enjoy crystal clear sound quality with no distortion.

Who should use a Shower Speaker?

Anyone who wants to listen to music or podcasts in the shower. It’s a great way for kids and adults alike to enjoy their favorite tunes while getting clean.

What types of Shower Speakers are there?


The first is a waterproof speaker that you can place in the shower and listen to music through it. This type of speaker has an IPX rating, which means it’s completely water resistant up to a certain depth (usually 3 feet).


You can also get wireless Bluetooth speakers for your bathroom or kitchen that have their own built-in battery so they don’t need any wires at all. These usually come with suction cups on them so you can stick them onto tiles or glass surfaces without damaging anything. They work just like regular portable Bluetooth speakers but are designed specifically for use in bathrooms and kitchens where there isn’t much space available.

What to look for when buying a Shower Speaker?

Sound Quality

First, the sound quality is very important as it will determine how good your music sounds in the shower.

Easy Connection

Second, make sure that there’s an easy way of connecting your device to the speaker.

Extra Features

Thirdly, check if it has any extra features like Bluetooth connectivity or waterproofing capabilities.

Advantages and disadvantages based on Customer Reviews


  • Shower speakers are great for listening to music while you shower.
  • They’re also useful if you want to listen to the radio or a podcast in your bathroom, but don’t have an FM transmitter handy.
  • Some people even use them as intercoms between rooms.


  • The main disadvantage of a shower speaker is that it’s not waterproof. If you drop your phone in the water, or if there’s an accident with the power cord and some water gets into the device, then you will have to replace it.
  • Another thing is that they don’t sound very good when compared to other types of Bluetooth speakers on this list (especially those which we recommend).
  • They also tend to break easily due to their small size and lack of durability – especially since they aren’t made for outdoor use at all.

What are the Alternatives to Shower Speakers?

There are many alternatives to shower speaker. The most common alternative is aAlternatives from a Shower Speaker in a review and comparison waterproof Bluetooth speaker that can be used in the shower, but these speakers tend to have poor sound quality and short battery life. Another option is an FM radio with headphones or earbuds, which will allow you to listen to your favorite stations while taking a bath or shower. However, this solution requires batteries and may not work well if there’s too much background noise from running water. A third option would be using wired headphones connected directly into your phone via its headphone jack; however, this method does not provide any portability as it must remain plugged into the wall outlet at all times for power supply purposes (unless you use rechargeable batteries).

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