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Best Sleep Headphones of 2023 | VentureBeat
Tested Products
Tested Products 8
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 43
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 298
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 432

Best Sleep Headphones of 2023 | VentureBeat

If you like to fall asleep to music or white noise, then these headphones are for you! These headphones are designed to be comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side. Simply connect to them via Bluetooth or aux, and you're ready to go!

Sleep Headphone Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 8
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 43
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 298
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 432

What are Sleep Headphones?

Sleep headphones are a pair of earbuds that you wear while sleeping. They have soft silicone tips and come with an adjustable headband to ensure they stay in place all night long. The sleep headphones also feature noise-cancelling technology, which blocks out any unwanted sounds so you can get the best possible rest at night.

How do Sleep Headphones work?

How do Sleep Headphones work in a review and comparison?Sleep headphones are designed to be worn while you sleep. They have a soft, comfortable headband that fits around your ears and blocks out all outside noise so you can get the best night’s rest possible. The earbuds themselves sit comfortably in your ears without falling out or causing discomfort during use. You simply put them on before bedtime and let their soothing sounds lull you into a deep slumber as they block any unwanted noises from waking up throughout the night.

Advantages and Applications

What are the 5 benefits of Sleep Headphones?

  • You can listen to music or audio books while you sleep without disturbing your partner;
  • It is a great way to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer;
  • They are comfortable, lightweight and easy to use;
  • The sound quality is excellent for the price range of these headphones (you will not find better ones);
  • These earbuds have an in-line microphone so that you can take calls on them as well.

Who should use Sleep Headphones?

Anyone who wants to listen to music or audio books while they sleep. If you have a partner that doesn’t like the sound of your headphones, then these are for you. They also work great if you live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb anyone else with loud music.

What types of Sleep Headphones are there?


The first type is the earbud style, which fits inside your ears and rests on top of them. These can be uncomfortable for some people to wear while sleeping because they tend to fall out easily or cause discomfort if you move around a lot in your sleep. They also don’t block outside noise as well as other styles do, so it may not be ideal for someone who needs complete silence at night when trying to get a good night’s rest.


The second type is called an over-the-ear design that wraps around the back of your head and sits comfortably behind both ears without falling off during use like earbuds often do (especially if you toss and turn). This makes these models more comfortable than their smaller counterparts since there isn’t anything pressing against sensitive areas such as the eardrums or inner parts of the outer ear canal where wax tends to build up after long periods of time wearing traditional headphones with buds that fit into those areas instead. Over-the-ear designs usually have better sound quality too due to larger drivers being used compared with what most standard sized ones offer, but this will vary depending on how much money was spent

What to look for when buying Sleep Headphones?

Sound Quality

The first thing is the sound quality, which should be clear and crisp without any distortion or background noise.

Adjustable Volume Control

You also want to make sure that they have an adjustable volume control so you can adjust it according to your preference as well as comfort level.

Includes earplugs

Another important factor is whether or not they come with earplugs because this will determine how comfortable they feel on your ears while sleeping at night.


Lastly, if possible try them before buying them just in case there’s something wrong with the product itself such as poor build quality or uncomfortable fit etc…

Advantages and disadvantages based on Customer Reviews


  • The main advantage of a sleep headphones is that it allows you to listen to music or audio books without disturbing your partner.
  • It also helps if you have trouble falling asleep and need some background noise, like white noise or nature sounds.
  • You can even use the headphone as earplugs for sleeping in noisy environments such as airplanes, trains etc…


  • The main disadvantage of sleep headphones is that they are not as comfortable to wear.
  • They can be a little bit bulky and heavy, which makes them less ideal for sleeping in than earbuds or other types of headphones.
  • Also, if you have sensitive ears then the pressure from the headband may cause discomfort during your sleep.

What are the Alternatives to Sleep Headphones?

There are a few alternatives to sleep headphones. The first is ear plugs, which can beAlternatives from Sleep Headphones in a review and comparison used for blocking out noise and also help you fall asleep faster by reducing the amount of external stimuli that your brain has to process before it gets tired enough to go into deep sleep. Ear plugs come in different sizes so make sure you get ones that fit well inside your ears without falling out or hurting too much when they’re inserted. You should also try them on at home before buying them because some brands may not work as well as others depending on how big/small your ears are. Another alternative is white noise machines, which produce sounds like raindrops or ocean waves (or even just static) that mask other noises around you while helping lull yourself into a deeper state of relaxation and restfulness. These devices usually have multiple settings including volume control buttons so if one setting isn’t working for you then simply switch over to another until something works better than what was previously being played through the speakers. Finally there are apps available online such as Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock & Smartphone App ($1), which use sensors built-in with most smartphones these days along with an app downloaded onto said smartphone device itself in order track things like

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When do you need sleep headphones?

If you are a light sleeper, or if your partner snores loudly. You can use sleep headphones to block out the noise and get some rest.

Do you need additional equipment to use sleep headphones?

No, you don’t need any additional equipment to use a sleep headphones. You can just plug it into your phone or mp3 player and start listening to music right away.

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