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Best Smart Door Lock 2023 • 7 Smart Door Locks Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 76
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 98
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 114

Best Smart Door Lock 2023 • 7 Smart Door Locks Reviews

Traditional lock and key systems have advanced exponentially over time, but the basic mechanism has not changed. A key is still the same piece of metal that has a specific shape and goes inside the lock. This allows the lock to turn and open, allowing you to enter. The only difference now is that there are features such as eKeys and passcodes along with access through smartphones. Smart door locks are the new fad of the town and have made it easier to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. However, finding the best smart door lock is not a simple process which is why we are here to help. Our team has picked the top seven smart door locks present on the market through extensive research. We have tried out a wide range of smart door locks and have then narrowed it down to just the seven best ones. Read on below to find out more about them.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 76
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 98
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 114

What Is A Smart Door Lock And How Does It Work?

A smart door lock is simply a device that allows you to manage unlocking and locking your house door using a keypad or a simple mobile app. This kind of lock has replaced the traditional lock, and you no longer have to carry a physical key with you at all times. You can control the smart lock using a mobile app or a unique pin.

Some smart locks can simply be set to lock at a specific time, whereas others can be integrated with other smart home devices. This integration will allow you to lock your doors and turn off your smart lights simultaneously. These locks are programmable and have temporary pins for friends, families, housekeepers and even guests. The intelligent device will notify you when the pin is used.

A smart lock connects to your home’s WiFi network and allows it to receive a pin or a command to lock and unlock it. Some even have Bluetooth integration, which does not require a WiFi connection at all.

What Are The Types of Smart Door Lock?

When it comes to smart door locks, there are three different kinds of locks available. These locks differ in terms of connectivity, as some use WiFi, some use Bluetooth, and some make use of Z-waves. Read on to learn more about each of them and how they work.


August Smart Door Lock with excellent features and a gorgeous silver colorWi-Fi-operated smart locks are the most common and also the most powerful. They come with wide bandwidth and provide an unlimited range. This means that you can use your lock no matter where you are in the world. However, locks that use WiFi tend to require a lot of power, so you will have to replace the batteries monthly.


Bluetooth is not that powerful in terms of network load as compared to WiFi, but it is more than sufficient for smart locks. The main drawback of Bluetooth smart locks is the limited range, which is around 150 feet and sometimes even lesser. This means that you have to be near the lock in order to unlock it, and you cannot do it from another city like you can with a WiFi-compatible lock. Apart from this, Bluetooth smart locks are very efficient and quick. They also allow easy communication without the use of any interface.


Z-waves are incredibly similar to WiFi in range and bandwidth but provide an added benefit of low battery use. This means that a smart door lock using Z-waves doesn’t need as much maintenance as WiFi locks. However, they do come with a drawback as well: Z-wave locks cannot communicate with your network directly to transmit information. They will need a Z-wave hub as an intermediary, and you cannot use the lock without the hub. The good news is that almost all smart home hubs can interpret Z-waves, so you don’t have to worry.

Who Is Smart Door Lock Suitable For And What Benefits Does It Bring?

Smart door locks are suitable for anyone and everyone. Burglaries are on the rise everywhere, so added security goes a long way. However, if you own multiple cars, a lawn in good condition and other facilities, then your house is definitely a more likely target for a burglary. Smart door locks not only keep burglars away but also alert you immediately if someone tries to get in.

These locks are also suitable for people who travel a lot and have visitors at their home in their absence. You simply need to share a specific code with your visitors; they will use the code to unlock the smart door lock, and you will be notified when they do so. This feature can come in handy if you have pets that need to be fed while you are away or often entertain staying guests.

Shopping Criteria for Best Smart Door Lock

The best smart door locks come with plenty of excellent features that make them stand out. These features make the product worth your money.


With keypads, you will get a pin code that you need to remember in order to unlock your door. These keypad smart door locks are very easy to set up. They allow different pin codes for different people, and you can change or delete the pin code using your phone. This feature makes it incredibly handy for landlords: once the renter’s lease is finished, you can change the pin code for the next guest and make the apartment safer for them. Most keypads come with a touch screen, whereas some have physical buttons.


Deadbolts are the most secure type of lock and cannot be picked on easily.

When shopping for a basic smart door lock, you need to have a budget of around $100. There are cheaper varieties available, but it’s best to have this much, so you don’t have to compromise on product features. At the same time, more expensive smart door locks that come with features like push and email notifications, voice commands with Google Assistant, and tamper alarms will cost more. The maximum price of these locks can be around $200- $300.


Turbo TL-100 is a stylish and elegant looking black and grey door lockThis is another excellent method for using smart door locks and is usually very common in hotels. This method allows the use of a card or key fob in order to unlock doors. Many best smart door locks have this feature and allow the RFID reader to read the card and unlock the door when in a hurry. With this feature, you simply have to carry a card and not even focus on your passcode or keep your phone with you at all times.


A fingerprint entry is not only advanced but also very convenient for door locks. It allows you to simply enter your home with a touch of your index finger and not type passcodes around strangers. This feature is very convenient for small businesses since it allows authorized employees access to expensive products and areas of sensitive information. Biometrics are also very easy to program, and some allow multiple fingerprints to be saved as well.

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Why do I need a smart door lock?

If you or anyone in your neighborhood has been a victim of burglary, a smart door lock is the protection you need. It will keep burglars away and protect your home.

What smart door locks work with Ring?

There are plenty of smart door locks that work with the Ring doorbell and do not lag or delay the response. However, if you have a Ring doorbell, it’s best you opt for a Ring smart door lock for complete efficiency.

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