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Best Smart Lock 2023 • 7 Smart Locks Reviews
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Best Smart Lock 2023 • 7 Smart Locks Reviews

Gone are the days when traditional locks were a thing. With the advent of modern technology, smart locks have replaced old means of security. Traditional locks, with their bunch of keys needing to be carried around, are quite a hassle. But with a smart lock installed, you can rid yourself of both the keys and the fear of losing them. Smart locks are getting popular these days, and for good reason. They are not only tough but also promise convenience and ease of use. However, finding the right model can be tricky. To help you pick the perfect smart lock, we have tested a plethora of items and reviewed only the best ones for you. We aim to provide you with factual content to ensure that your purchase proves worthy. Here is everything you need to know about smart locks.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 72
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 98
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 120

What is a smart lock and how does it work?

Smart locks are a replacement for traditional locks. The difference is that they are controlled through a wireless network or Bluetooth. At the same time, they are stronger, more convenient and easier to use. Unlike traditional locks, smart locks don’t require physical keys to operate. Instead, you can easily control your smart lock through your smartphone. So, how does it work?

Typically, once a smart lock is installed, it automatically connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. As a result, it is able to receive commands or codes through your smartphone. Smart locks can be remotely controlled using a dedicated smart app. However, you can also operate them manually using the numeric keypad found on their body. Once you enter the unique access code, the smart lock can be locked or unlocked.

What are the types of smart locks?

Smart locks are quite common nowadays. They provide increased control, convenience, and security, that too at an affordable price.

Smart locks come with an array of functions, so knowing the different types will help you choose the right one. Here are the most popular ones for you to choose from.

Kwikset 913 Cnt-S Smart Lock

Keypad and Combination Smart Lock

Keypad and combination smart locks require a unique access code to unlock. These smart locks are quite handy, especially when you want to monitor who’s entering or leaving the house in real-time. Most keypad and combination smart locks feature a numeric keypad for manual operation. However, you can also connect and control them with other smart options.

Garage door Lock

Garage door locks are a type of smart locks that can be controlled using a smartphone app or Z-wave hub. These smart locks are installed on garage doors. Their key feature is that you are notified when your garage door is opened. Unfortunately, not all garage door locks are compatible with your garage door lifter.

Wi-Fi Smart Lock

As the name suggests, Wi-Fi smart locks feature wireless connectivity and allow the lock to connect with smart home hubs such as Amazon Echo. The great thing about these smart locks is that they are wirelessly-controlled. You can also monitor the locking and unlocking history of the smart lock or share e-keys with trusted individuals. Smart locks offer great convenience but come at a steep price.

Bluetooth Smart Lock

With a Bluetooth smart lock installed, you can control it directly from your smartphone. Instead of connecting to a smart home hub, the smart lock is connected directly to your mobile device. Bluetooth smart locks are much safer because they lock automatically once your smartphone is out of range. However, they are quite expensive.

Who is a smart lock suitable for and what benefits does it bring?

Smart locks are designed to guard your property against theft. You can also use them for real-time monitoring of visitors at your property. If you are looking to safeguard your property, installing a smart lock system is the way forward.

The advantages of smart locks don’t end here. Another critical aspect is the convenience they offer. Instead of using physical keys, you can control a smart lock using your smartphone! Regardless of where you are, you can control your smart lock as long as you’re connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Another benefit of using smart locks is the peace of mind they promise. Smart locks are much safer compared to traditional locks. They cannot be easily hacked into or picked with ease. Since smart locks use digital codes rather than physical mechanisms, accessing them without the right combination is unlikely. This high standard of security is why many people prefer smart locks over traditional ones.

Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of smart locks is their key-free control. With traditional locks, you are stuck with a bunch of keys in your pocket. If you lose the keys, getting a new copy made or having the lock replaced is yet another hassle. In contrast, a smart lock is operated through unique access codes. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys anymore.

Smart locks are versatile. They offer a wide range of functions and can be tweaked at your convenience. You can change the digital codes, schedule time-restricted access, track locking and unlocking, and much more!

Shopping Criteria for Smart Lock

With so many different types of smart locks available, understanding their key features is important. Give this section a read to make sure you buy the right smart lock for your needs.

Ultraloq UL3-BT Smart Lock


For a smart lock to work, it must be compatible with your door. Certain smart locks are designed for specific purposes and only work with limited configurations. For instance, a garage door lock won’t work with a regular door.


It is essential that you determine the connectivity of the smart lock you are purchasing. Most smart locks use wireless connectivity to operate. They connect with your home’s Wi-Fi and are controlled through a smart home hub or smartphone app. Several smart locks also utilize Bluetooth connection as the primary source of communication.

Smart locks can be traced back to the hospitality industry!

Ease of Use

Smart locks offer great convenience due to their remote connectivity. However, some smart locks can be too complicated if you are not tech-savvy enough. Therefore, it is better to purchase a unit that you find easy to use.


Smart locks typically have user-friendly, modern designs. The latest models are designed such that they blend with your home furniture and interior.

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What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is a key-free lock that uses a wireless connection for operation. Unlike conventional locks, smart locks can be locked or unlocked using unique access codes. These access codes can be dialed directly on the numeric keypad of the smart lock or through a smartphone app.

Why should I buy a smart lock?

A smart lock offers reliable protection of your property against theft. It provides multiple features like real-time monitoring, time-restricted access, and history tracking and makes sure to put your mind at ease about the safety of your house.

Are smart locks effective?

Smart locks are one of the best ways to protect your property. They offer more security as compared to conventional locks. This is because smart locks operate using digital codes instead of physical keys. They can also be controlled remotely, which is a huge plus.

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