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Best smart speaker 2023 • 6 smart speakers Reviews
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Best smart speaker 2023 • 6 smart speakers Reviews

Everyone loves buying new electronic gadgets that use the latest technology. Smart speakers have arrived and are ready to be integrated into our homes. As they are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, they can seamlessly fit in with any existing smart gadgets you already own.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 6
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 60
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 150
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 650

What is a smart speaker and how does it work?

Essentially, a smart speaker is a compact speaker that is capable of listening to and understanding various voice commands. Thanks to its integrated artificial intelligence (AI), you can ask it to play music, tell you the latest news headlines, give you the up-to-date weather forecast, or answer your questions.

However, these are far from smart speakers’ only functions since it will allow you to control other paired devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Additionally, these smart speakers learn about your personal tastes, preferences, and routine over time, so they can learn how to make your life easier.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Speakers

If you’re comparing smart speakers to classic speakers without smart assistant compatibility, it is useful to have a look at the advantages and disadvantages that come with buying a smart speaker.

Advantages of smart speakers

  • Smart speakers are usually very discreet and compact in design.
  • There are smart speakers that offer lots of functionality at a very affordable price.
  • They allow you to control different electronic devices.
  • Smart speakers not only listen and respond to commands but learn about you and your routine over time.
  • A wide range of devices on the market will ensure there is an option that is perfect for your individual requirements.
  • They are easy to set up and install.

Disadvantages of smart speakers

  • Although some models offer decent sound quality, smart speakers will remain inferior to an audio system designed solely for listening to music.
  • Smart speakers that offer better audio quality are more expensive.
  • Some people may not own many devices that are compatible with smart speakers.

Smart speakers come in various forms. They are designed to fit perfectly into your home and needs.

Shopping Criteria for Smart Speakers

The large range of different smart speakers currently available on the market means that there is definitely something for everyone. To ensure that you’re buying the best option for you, it is important to keep the following criteria in mind while browsing.

  • Brand
  • Design
  • Compatibility with applications
  • Sound quality
  • Connectivity


These days, many companies are manufacturing various models of smart speakers to meet individual users’ requirements. While Amazon is best known, other brands such as Sonos, Bose, Google, Sony, JBL, Netgear, Ultimate Ears, Xiaomi, Apple, and Harman Kardon have introduced some great products.

Have a look at what each of them can do and find one that performs all the functions you need or may become useful in the future. If you already prefer a particular brand of electronic devices, find out if they have released a smart speaker and check out its features. There are so many great options, your problem will likely be related to narrowing down your choices as opposed to finding a single option you like.


When considering the design of a smart speaker, think about its future location in your home and make sure you choose one that is situated within the overall aesthetic. There are devices that are flat and elongated, while others are shaped like a photo frame, such as the Amazon Echo Show. Some models even come in a variety of colors, so it should be easy to find something you love.

Did you know that growth in the smart speaker market is increasing much faster than that of other smart home devices? This shows that people trust these devices and find them easy to adopt.

Compatibility with Applications

While some smart speakers are controlled only by your voice others still offer some customizable buttons for individual non-voice controlling.

One of the great things about smart speakers is the availability of compatible applications. If you buy an Amazon model, for example, simply download the Alexa app, and then go to the Alexa Skills Store. From there, you can choose from a wide range of apps relating to everything from news headlines to weather reports to cooking recipes and games.

Sound Quality

If you are a serious audiophile, you’ll probably know that some smart speakers offer significantly higher audio quality than others. For example, Bose has a reputation for manufacturing top-quality speakers, so they have ensured that their smart speakers are adequately loud. If you want a smart speaker so you can listen to music in your home, this is a factor that you must really consider. However, if you are someone who prefers to listen to news reports or audiobooks, this will be less important.


Another important factor to consider is the type of connectivity you need from your new smart speaker. If you only need Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you could simply opt for a device that only offers that technology. However, it is usually better to have both. This means that if you purchase any new gadgets in the future that you want to connect to a smart speaker, you won’t need to go out and buy a new one. The more physical input and output ports the device has, the better, as it will allow for more possibilities in the future.

Most models include a power supply port and a 3.5-mm audio output, while others incorporate a camera and a screen specially designed to make video calls a breeze. As you can see, the different options available will be more or less important depending on your individual requirements.

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How is a smart speaker operated?

Smart speakers were invented to make people’s lives easier, and they are very easy to use. After just a few short steps and adjusting the settings to your liking, you are ready to go. If you have an Amazon Echo Plus, the first thing you need to do is connect it to a power source. Then simply connect it to your Wi-Fi network and download the Alexa app. Now you can start asking questions or giving commands, allowing you to control other smart devices in your home.

What is a smart speaker with Alexa?

Smart speakers operate primarily using Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant. Alexa is the virtual assistant created by Amazon, while Siri works with Apple, and Cortana with Windows. As soon as you call the keyword to get your digital assistant's attention, they listen, understand, and learn about your personal tastes and preferences. They are constantly collecting information. Initially, Alexa was only incorporated into Amazon speakers. However, Amazon has since reached agreements with many other manufactures, meaning that the list of compatible devices is constantly increasing.

Can a smart speaker be used with other smart home devices?

Many smart speakers contain integrated technology that allows you to automate your home environment. They can control other smart devices, appliances, as well as the lighting and heating if you have installed a smart thermostat. All of this is designed to make your life easier.

What types of connectivity options do smart speakers offer?

Smart speakers usually have a power port and a 3.5-mm audio jack output. Additionally, they often have Bluetooth technology and are Wi-Fi-compatible. The most advanced models integrate an HD screen, making them even easier to use. It’s important to point out that not all models offer the same connectivity options. Some will only allow you to connect other devices using Bluetooth, while others only incorporate Wi-Fi. However, some offer both. This means that it is important that you are absolutely clear about your requirements, and find an option that suits your needs.

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