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Best Sony headphone 2023 • 7 Sony headphones Reviews
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Best Sony headphone 2023 • 7 Sony headphones Reviews

Music, television, and video games have become the three pillars of technology-based leisure in which more and more people practice from a very young age. They share several common denominators, but today we want to highlight one in particular: sound.

Sony headphone Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 58
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 197
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 688

What are Sony headphones and how do they work?

These sound-transmitting products allow you to listen to the audio played by a device that can either be integrated into the headphones or separate. Therefore, you can listen to music on your own without bothering others around you while isolating the sound from external noises. They are ideal for traveling.

Four decades of experience creating the best models out there have allowed Sony to build a solid reputation as a top brand in the headphone industry. The first model, the MDR-3, was launched in 1979 with the world-famous Walkman. As early as the 1990s, Sony evolved to produce more compact and lighter models, such as the MDR-NC10, designed for traveling and outdoor environments.

The MDR-NC10 was the first to integrate a noise-canceling system, a significant evolution in the industry that made the brand stand out among the competition. The second major milestone came in 2011, with the MDR-DS7500 3D surround technology, providing an authentic home theater sound experience. The latest models can reproduce audio at up to 100 kHz.

What types of headphones are there?

We can classify Sony headphones into various categories depending on specific factors, the first one being the type of connection with your audio device. The simplest and cheapest models still use the traditional connection by cable. These are mainly found in headphones for small mobile devices, such as radios, mobile phones, or tablets.

On the other hand, we can sort Sony headphones based on their structure or external appearance. In that sense, there are three main types adapted to different uses.

  • In-ear: In-ear headphones go directly into your ear.
  • On-ear: On-ear headphones are just about the size of your ear.
  • Over-ear: The earpieces of these bulky products fully cover your ears.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sony Headphones

Let’s now look at the main advantages and disadvantages of these products. As you might have realized, Sony headphones have few drawbacks compared to other brands in the industry—although there is always room for improvement.


  • Sony’s quality guarantee
  • Wide range of models
  • Good value for money
  • Integrated advanced technologies
  • Versatility and multifunctionality


  • Can be very expensive

Some Sony headphones can be used as both: wireless or wired, you decide!

Shopping Criteria for Sony Headphones

In the last section of our article, we will delve into the essential purchasing criteria to keep in mind when the time comes for you to choose your own Sony headphones. If you follow the guidelines below, we guarantee that you will be much closer to making the best purchase possible, satisfying your every audio need.

  • Dimensions
  • Design
  • Functionalities
  • Personal use
  • Connectivity and technologies


The first factor that you have to consider concerns the dimensions of your headphones, which encompasses two primary characteristics: size and weight. The former will ultimately depend on whether you choose an in-ear model (all have a similar, compact size) or a larger on-ear model.

The same goes for weight. The smallest headphones weigh nothing but a few grams and are practically unnoticeable. Larger models with headband formats, on the other hand, can be considerably heavier. You should base your decision on how, when, and where you plan on using them, each option being suited to specific circumstances.


Here is another physical characteristic that you should evaluate. We know aesthetics matter, regardless of whether you choose the smallest or the largest headphones on the market. If you truly want your new device to make an impression on others, or love to walk in style, make sure you consider this criterion.

The colors, the material, and the format all have a role to play. Some in-ear models, for instance, are almost invisible. If you go for large over-ear headphones to work as a DJ or take part in gaming tournaments, avoid plastic models in favor of quality and customizable materials.

Did you know that current global player Sony was founded in 1946 and initially produced rice cookers?


Newest Sony models offer the new Noise Cancellation technology which makes it possible for you to switch the music on, and the world off.

This will be a fundamental factor in your decision, as each model of Sony headphones offers something different for users. The most basic products only allow you to listen to audio played by electronic devices. However, there are also many models that integrate radio players, MP3 players, and even offer connectivity to mobile phones to receive and make calls.

Personal Use

What type of user are you? That is the question you should ask yourself to find out which features are most important to you. Each user has different needs. An athlete, for example, will prefer having wireless Sony headphones, while a movie buff will be more inclined to spend on the latest technologies rather than opting for the more affordable models.

Connectivity and Technologies

In the same line of thought, remember that Sony headphones stand out for integrating the most advanced technologies on the market. Since the arrival of the first models with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, they have evolved significantly. You can now develop mobile applications on your smartphone or tablet to facilitate connectivity and expand their functionalities.

Sony is a guarantee of technological quality at the forefront of the evolution and development of new applications and technologies. Each model that the Japanese brand offers features one or more of these technologies. Simply evaluate your use and needs and choose the Sony headphones that best suit you.

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Why are Sony headphones useful?

Sony offers a wide array of benefits to the user. In addition to allowing individual sound reproduction isolated from the surrounding environment, they often improve the overall quality of the original audio.

This is because Sony has some of the latest and most advanced technologies in the sector. With these headphones, you can enjoy music, radio, and other audiovisual content on the move or in public spaces with complete privacy. Since your audio is directly played in your headphones, you aren’t disturbing others around you and are protected against external sound interference.

Which Sony headphones are right for me?

As we have just mentioned, each model of Sony headphones is adapted to a specific type of user, depending on their habits and needs. Athletes who use them during their workouts, for instance, will favor ergonomic, wireless, and lightweight models. Movie lovers and gamers, on the other hand, tend to opt for the most technologically sophisticated headphones.

How should I compare various Sony models?

There are various differences between each of the models we've selected. We have summed them up above. That way, you can quickly and easily visualize the main technical specifications of each pair of headphones and decide which ones are most suitable for you. Keep the following categories in mind: connection, power, autonomy, type, weight, range, and additional features.

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