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Best Tablet Keyboard 2023 • 7 Tablet Keyboards Reviews
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Best Tablet Keyboard 2023 • 7 Tablet Keyboards Reviews

Tablet keyboards combine many of the advantages of a computer without the inconvenience of the tiny screen size of mobile phones. They are ideal for professionals who often work away from the office, although they are also popular with people who simply use their tablet for fun.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 70
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 154
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 705

What is a tablet keyboard and how does it work?

A tablet keyboard is a peripheral device, which means that it is not integrated into the physical structure of the tablet. Just like a conventional keyboard, it uses alphanumeric keys as well as others with specific associated functions. It allows remote typing and lets you compose or edit texts on a tablet.

Tablet keyboards most often use a wireless connection. This means that they do not need to be connected using a USB cable, as was the case with early models. Most commonly, the wireless connection is established using Bluetooth technology, which is a great option that will connect the keyboard to the tablet quickly. These days the latest models incorporate Bluetooth 3.0.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet Keyboards

When deciding whether you should purchase a tablet keyboard, one of the first steps is to objectively assess all of the advantages and disadvantages that these devices offer. What extra functions will it offer? Will it improve the performance of your tablet? Will you be able to take advantage of it? Is it worth the necessary investment?MABOTO 7-inch Wireless BT 3.0 Keyboard Mini Ultra-slim BT Keyboard for Tablet Smartphone


  • Easy to use
  • Allows more functions
  • Very useful for professionals
  • Affordable price


  • Most models are very basic
  • Some models have an additional cost due to the batteries needed to power the device

Shopping Criteria for the Best Tablet Keyboards

There are a few criteria that you should consider before deciding which tablet keyboard is best for you. Although most tablet keyboards may seem very similar, you should check the following features of a device to help ensure you make the right choice.

  • Size and weight
  • Connectivity and compatibility
  • Functionality
  • Ergonomics and convenience
  • Combining your tablet with a keyboard
  • Design and style

Size and Weight

Keep in mind that the keyboard will occupy an additional amount of space in your backpack, travel bag, or briefcase if you travel frequently, or on your desk, if you will be using the tablet in your office. The measurements and weight of the keyboard are important factors to consider when making your purchase.

Most products are of a fairly standard size and weight. If you are looking for something as compact and lightweight as possible, you should have a look at the foldable and ultra-thin models, because you will hardly notice any additional weight in your bag.

Connectivity and Compatibility

An ultra-thin, ultra-fast, and ultra-modern keyboard with all the latest features will be useless if it doesn’t work with your tablet. This means that you need to know your tablet’s operating system. This may seem obvious, but you also need to consider that the version of your operating system (as well as any updates) may also be a factor.

Most people have an Android, Windows, or iOS (Apple) tablet. You should either buy a keyboard that is specifically compatible with your operating system or opt for a universal model. The advantage of a universal keyboard is that you will not need to replace it if you upgrade to a new tablet.

Did you know that most computer keyboards have either 101 keys or 104 keys?


Wireless Keyboard Ultra-slim Built-in Battery Rechargeable Keyboards Ergonomic Design Stable Connection for Tablet

Not all products have the same technical specifications or offer the same features. Depending on how you plan to use your new tablet keyboard, you will prioritize certain features over others and look for either more simplicity or more functionality. Some keyboards only offer the most basic alphanumeric keys, but others have lots of hotkeys and shortcuts.

If we are only going to use the tablet keyboard to create and edit documents and emails, an alphanumeric keyboard is enough. However, if you are planning on navigating around the screen and using some of the more advanced features of your tablet, you may be interested in a keyboard that can execute more complicated or repetitive tasks with a hotkey or a combination of keys.

Ergonomics and Convenience

When using electronic gadgets, user comfort is always an important aspect. Just as we take care of our posture in front of a computer to avoid back and neck pain, you should choose a keyboard that is comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

The main characteristics to consider are the physical design, the space between the keys, the sensitivity of the keys, and if the device has some support for resting your wrists while you type. All these factors will affect muscles and joints after frequent and prolonged use.

Combining Your Tablet with a Keyboard

Although a tablet keyboard is a peripheral device, it must be integrated with a tablet to be used. Just as we try to match a tie with a suit, or our socks with our shoes, we should try to do the same when combing these two elements together.

The color, the size, and the ease with which you can transport the keyboard in the same bag or briefcase as your tablet are some of the factors to consider. If we are going to use our keyboard together with the tablet away from home on public transport or in libraries or shared offices, for example, this may be important to you.

Design and Style

When considering the design of the keyboard itself, there are lots of very different options in terms of the style you can go for. You may prefer a classic keyboard, with traditional black-and-white keys. Or you could make a bolder choice and find a model that has bright colors or patterns.

Backlit tablet keyboards are a very interesting option. Not only because they look very cool, especially if you choose a model that has unique colors, but also because they will help you work in dark environments where there is poor lighting.

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Why is a tablet keyboard useful?

Tablets have lots of advantages over desktop and laptop computers, but they also have a few disadvantages. They are an option that is positioned somewhere between a computer and a mobile phone. Without the additional use of a physical keyboard, many of the extra features tablets offer are somewhat limited.

Using a touchscreen to type can be a nightmare. Connecting an external keyboard to your tablet makes it a much more useful work tool. It will allow you to create and edit Word documents or even make writing a long email a simple process. You can save lots of time and type more accurately if we have a physical keyboard.

What do experts think about tablet keyboards?

It is always a good idea to listen to the experts when considering purchasing a new tech gadget. Joanna Stern is a technology journalist who writes for the Wall Street Journal. She has extensively studied the benefits of tablet keyboards, and recommends them to anyone who often needs to type out long emails or compose or edit documents. A tablet keyboard is the perfect solution for anyone who has an issue when trying to type using a glass touchscreen.

Can I use any tablet keyboard with any device?

The simplest answer to this question is no. However, these days, there are many universal keyboards for tablets, that are compatible with any operating system, available on the market. When comparing different models, you need to be careful about comparability. For example, many tablet keyboards are not compatible with iOS, while others will only work with Apple devices.

Most tablet keyboards will work with Android operating systems, especially the cheapest products on the market. The general rule is that most keyboards will be compatible with Android/Windows, but may or may not be able to work with iOS.

How are keyboard tablets powered?

Tablet keyboards are powered using several different methods. Older models may need a cable connection to a power source (such as the tablet, for example) or use an internal rechargeable lithium battery or disposable AA or AAA batteries.

The latest and most advanced tablet keyboards on the market today work using an integrated lithium battery. These offer a much longer operating time (up to 100 hours of use in some cases) and an ultra-fast charge.

How much do tablet keyboards cost?

The best thing about these products is that they are relatively cheap, so as long as you don’t opt for one of the more high-end devices available on the market. There are many affordable options these days, so the financial outlay need not be as big as you might have thought.

From a starting price of around $15 up to about $30, you can purchase any of the more standard models which all have very similar technical specifications and physical design.

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