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Best Thermostat 2023 • 7 Thermostats Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 81
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 93
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 169

Best Thermostat 2023 • 7 Thermostats Reviews

When you choose a thermostat, you directly affect the amount of money you will be spending on energy. For this reason, choosing the right thermostat to control your cooling and heating system is very important. Nowadays, there are plenty of thermostats that can save up to 80% of energy, so getting one is always a good idea. To help you find the right product, our team has tried plenty of excellent thermostats available on the market. Our article is based on this research, and after individually testing out each one, we have chosen the seven best thermostats we came across. Read on below to learn more about them and find out how you can also choose the best product.

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Tested Products
Tested Products 7
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 81
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 93
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 169

What Is A Thermostat And How Does It Work?

The temperature control system on the wall in your home is called a thermostat. Thermostat is made up of two Greek words meaning thermo – heat and statos – standing. This is a device that keeps the level of heat constant when it gets too cold. It switches the heating on so that things warm up quickly, and once your house reaches the temperature you’ve set, the thermostat switches off. Along with this basic function, there are some other features present as well; for example, some are wireless and battery-operated, whereas others are wired. You also have programmable and smart thermostats to choose from.

Keep in mind that a thermometer simply measures the temperature, whereas a thermostat tries to maintain the temperature. So how does a thermostat work? Things heat up and enlarge when they get hot and get smaller when they cool down. Mechanical thermostats make use of this thermal expansion to switch the electric circuit on and off.

What Are The Types of Thermostats?

There are four main kinds of thermostats available today. We have mentioned them below and as you go down the list, the thermostats become more expensive but more energy-efficient as well. Have a look!

Non-Programmable Thermostat

Several thermostats possess a beautiful and simplistic design.A non-programmable thermostat is perfect for homebodies – people who rarely leave their homes. This is a very basic thermostat and allows manual adjustment of the temperature according to your preference. It allows you to change the temperature anytime by simply adjusting the setting, but it doesn’t allow pre-programming while you are away.

Programmable Thermostat

As the name suggests, a programmable thermostat allows you to pre-program your schedule for the day and night. Many of them come with weekly and daily settings, enabling you to change the temperature according to your work schedule. For example, if you are not home from Monday to Thursday, you can get a 5-2 programmable thermostat that allows you to alter the temperature for Saturday and Sunday and save energy for the weekdays.

You can also get a 5-1-1 programmable thermostat if you want different settings for Sunday and Saturday each.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

A Wi-Fi thermostat connects easily to wireless networks and provides you access using a tablet, computer, or smartphone. With this kind of thermostat, you can pre-program the temperature or adjust it remotely. Wi-Fi thermostats provide the utmost convenience and are ideal for people who like full control of the temperature setting at home, even when they are away on vacation.

Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are the latest home automation tool, and over time, they have taken over the thermostat world. These kinds of devices adjust the temperature by learning your living habits and then set the temperature accordingly. As a smart thermostat starts to detect a pattern, it stores the information and then provides you with maximum cooling and heating efficiency. Furthermore, many smart thermostats have voice control integration, making them compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Who Is A Thermostat Suitable For And What Benefits Does It Bring?

A thermostat is a device suitable for everyone. It is present in almost every house and controls the heating and cooling of your household. However, different types of thermostats are suited for different people. For example, a non-programmable thermostat is for people at home, whereas a programmable thermostat is perfect for workaholics and families with different schedules.

These thermostats increase your home’s energy efficiency, save you money, keep a consistent temperature, and optimize the HVAC system in your house. Some also let you control the temperature no matter where you are.

Shopping Criteria for Best Thermostat

When shopping for the best thermostat, you need to keep plenty of features in mind. Some of the most important features to consider include:

Auto-pilot Mode

Many smart and Wi-Fi thermostats have an auto-pilot mode. This setting understands your requirements, stores the setting you prefer and alters it accordingly. This is a very handy feature, especially if you travel a lot and would like to come home to a comfortable and cool bedroom.

Easy to Use

In 2019, 47 million homes have become smart homes.

A thermostat with difficult controls can end up being a useless purchase. Before you buy a thermostat, you need to keep in mind that it requires constant usage. It is a good idea to invest in a thermostat with a clear display and simple touch control and buttons. You must also choose a product that has easy monitoring and requires less maintenance and adjustments.

App Control

A thermostat helps you control the temperature in your apartment, so that you can have it as cool or as warm as you like.App control is a feature ideal for smartphone users. It allows you to manage the temperature while comfortably sitting on the sofa. You can even control the temperature in the middle of the night, and the app also allows you to set it from anywhere in the world. Some smart thermostats have apps integrated with voice control and even provide push notifications when it is time to change the AC filter or replace the furnace.


This is another excellent feature and is desirable for many users. Geofencing locates your phone and learns your habits accordingly. For example, if it is unable to locate your phone in the house, the thermostat will turn itself off to save energy. But as soon as it senses you coming home, it will turn itself on. Some even light up when they detect your presence nearby, allowing you to view the settings immediately, whereas some act as a night light in the dark.

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Why won’t my thermostat turn on?

If your device is having problems turning on, you must check four things. First, look for the power source - maybe it is not connected correctly. If that is not the problem, focus on getting new batteries or look for a tripped circuit breaker or a broken fuse. All four of these things can turn off a thermostat, and fixing it will start your device right away.

Why do thermostats need replacement?

Even a good-quality thermostat lasts for 10 to 15 years, after which it will need a replacement. No product can last forever, so make sure to check the warranty of the device. If your thermostat stops working within the first three years, contact your manufacturer and sort the problem out.

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