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Best Wireless Adapter for Gaming 2023 • 10 Wireless Adapters for Gaming Reviews
Tested Products
Tested Products 10
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Considered Reviews 186
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Best Wireless Adapter for Gaming 2023 • 10 Wireless Adapters for Gaming Reviews

A wireless adapter is a must for all hard-core online gamers. After reading online test reports, our team has identified the best adapters, taking into consideration their range, speed, and throughput.

Wireless Adapter for Gaming Leaderboard 2023

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Tested Products
Tested Products 10
Hours Spent
Hours Spent 29
Evaluated Studies
Evaluated Studies 5
Considered Reviews
Considered Reviews 186

Best Wireless Adapter for Gaming

A wireless adapter is a must for all hard-core online gamers. After reading online test reports, our team has identified the best adapters, taking into consideration their range, speed, and throughput.

What is a wireless adapter for gaming?

A wireless adapter offers the perfect safety net in case of a failure in the built-in Wi-Fi or LAN ports of your PC. Typically, the adapter is connected via a USB port or PCI slot to ensure that you remain online at all times for seamless gaming.

Not limited to PCs, wireless adapters can also be connected to other compatible gaming devices, giving you the freedom to game elsewhere in your home. Although a wired connection offers premium speeds, a wireless adapter offers more flexibility and fewer cables.

How does a wireless adapter for gaming work?

How does a Wireless Adapter for Gaming work review and comparisonA wireless adapter is installed within your PC or laptop, before connecting to your Wi-Fi network. This improves the range and throughput you experience, leading to an improved gaming experience without frustrating delays, otherwise known as lag.

Advantages and Applications

Wireless adapters are one of the most useful inventions for gamers. You can keep your apartment tidy and free from excessive cables while remaining confident that your internet connection will withstand your gaming requirements. You can connect multiple wireless-enabled devices to your gaming PC without using additional USB or ethernet cables. The adapter becomes a central Wi-Fi hub for all of your requirements.

If you have accidentally bought a gaming device without Wi-Fi, a wireless adapter will provide a simple way to forge an internet connection.

If gaming is your passion, wireless adapters for gaming are a worthy investment for when you want to ensure great speeds even when multiple devices are in use. You could also include the addition of gaming products, such as wireless controllers or headsets.

What types of wireless adapters for gaming are there?

The most popular types of wireless adapters for gaming include the following.

USB wireless adapters

What types of a Wireless Adapter for Gaming are there in a reviewThese work within your PC’s USB port to offer improved connectivity for faster gaming and streaming. The adapters are easy to install, making them suitable for even the newest of gamers. They can also be used in devices that do not have their own Wi-Fi connection, effectively getting a device online that would not otherwise have been able to connect.

PCIe Wi-Fi cards

These cards typically offer longer-range signals and greater throughput for greater speed when gaming. Less lagging makes the gaming experience more enjoyable, but a Wi-Fi card may come with a higher price tag. These cards may also require some technical ability to install on your desktop computer.

Ethernet port wireless adapters

This type of adapter is plugged into the Ethernet port to offer wireless connectivity. Ethernet port adapters may be better suited to gaming consoles including Xbox or PlayStation, rather than a gaming PC.

How Wireless Adapters for Gaming Are Tested

The best buyer's guide from a Wireless Adapter for Gaming review and comparisonProfessionals have spent hours testing wireless adapters for gaming to help you choose the right product for your own personal gaming requirements. Testers consider the most important features and criteria which could include the following.


The speed of an adapter will depend on the rate of data transfer. For gaming, you ideally want to select an adapter with a high rate of data transfer. Speeds could be 500 Mbps or more. The higher the speed, the better your gaming experience will be.


The geographical range of an adapter is important as it affects how far away from your router or wireless adapter you can be while still receiving a good signal. Tests will often look at the signal at close range and further away, including through walls or past obstructions including metal structures.

Dual-band connectivity

Some adapters will allow you to connect to two different bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Having two bands is ideal if you have a router that transmits two wireless signals as you can join the right wireless for gaming. Two bands allow households to enjoy simultaneous streaming and gaming, or to transfer large files simultaneously without interruptions.

Throughput testing

Throughput is different from bandwidth. Throughput is the measurement of the speed of data transfers within your area (e.g., in your apartment). Throughput is a more accurate test of speed than bandwidth, which can vary when using a wireless connection.

Device compatibility

Although you might primarily be looking for an adapter to fit your PC, experts also review wireless adapters on other gaming consoles. These comparisons can be useful if you use multiple gaming devices.

MU-MIMO technology

This stands for multi-user, multiple input, multiple output technology. MU-MIMO technology is ideal when multiple people are using multiple devices in one household. The devices do not have to take turns when sending and receiving information. Instead, they all receive equal speeds with reduced lag time.

What to Look For

If you’re going to invest in an adapter, you want to be sure it will do everything you want. Do you regularly game in a room far away from your router, or have multiple users on a plethora of devices within your household?

If so, consider range and MU-MIMO technology. Of course, your budget may also be a big factor.

Leading Manufacturers of Wireless Adapters

There are seven front-runners when it comes to wireless adapters. Each manufacturer has cornered a different part of the market.

  • Edimax
  • TP-Link
  • Asus
  • Netgear
  • Cisco
  • Net-DYN
Edimax creates the Nano USB adapter. The 802.11b/g/n nano is smaller than a fingernail.
TP-Link is known for producing reliable technology and Wi-Fi-related products, including the N150 wireless adapter. TP-Link AX3000E PCIe is an excellent choice for those looking to install an adapter on the motherboard.
Asus has released the AC1900, which is great for those requiring dual-band connectivity.
Netgear N300 offers 300 Mbps, ideal for both gaming and video streaming.
A well-respected brand, the Valet AM10 by Cisco doesn’t disappoint; it even boasts self-installing drivers.
Net-DYN nano is so small it can remain in the USB port when packing away your laptop.

Internet Versus Retail Trade: From where should I buy my wireless adapter?

Several stores stock a small range of wireless adapters. However, for the best selection, and more competitive pricing, your best bet is to shop online.

Advantages and Disadvantages – Customer Reviews

Advantages from a Wireless Adapter for Gaming comparison reviewReviews from customers in the USA highlight the pros and cons of the most popular wireless adapters.

Customers love the Edimax Nano for its tiny size—866 Mbps speed on 5 GHz—and affordable price. The device can be installed via a software download if you would rather not use the CD included. Even better, the adapter automatically updates firmware when required. However, certain drawbacks were mentioned including the adapter wobbling within the USB port and becoming hot during use. Some customers mentioned Wi-Fi disconnections during use, and others were unhappy that it was hard to install on a Mac.

The Net-DYN AC1900 is another popular USB port choice. Its sleek design is a hit, alongside the quick set up time of five minutes. With its dual-band and one of the highest USB speeds on the market (up to 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz), it’s the ideal choice for families or households with multiple users and greater streaming requirements. However, these features will set you back a bit more money, and unfortunately, some of the most serious gaming customers reported occasional lagging while playing.

The TP-Link PCIe AX3000E boasts speeds of up to 2402 Mbps on 5 GHz. It was popular with customers who found the software easy to install. For a PCIe adapter, its price tag was considered reasonable. Customers noted that the adapter had an impressive range and offered a stable connection in even the largest of homes. However, some customers felt that the adapter antennae were bulky, making it significantly larger than a USB dongle. Installation is more complex than a regular USB adapter, as it involves installation into the motherboard. Some users noted problems with the additional Bluetooth function within the adapter.

Interesting Facts and Advice

The History of the Wireless Adapter

All facts from a Wireless Adapter for Gaming reviewMost laptops and PCs manufactured since 2010 have a built-in wireless adapter. However, increasing streaming requirements have made USB adapters and PCIe cards a popular addition. Whether for intense gaming sessions or to ensure seamless streaming for other household products including TV, wireless adapters boost throughput and available speeds.

Wireless Adapter Data

Market trends suggest that the global market for wireless adapters is set to rise in the next five to ten years. The market is already showing steady growth this year. Many in the USA have been working from home and have therefore required improved home Wi-Fi speeds via a wireless adapter. However, supply chain disruption as a result of the pandemic may have significant effects on production and availability.

Install Correctly in Three Steps

The installation will of course depend on the product you choose, so read the instruction manual carefully. Installation is likely to include the following steps.

Step 1

Step 1

Insert the installation CD or download the software required.

Step 2

Step 2

Insert the USB wireless adapter or fit the PCIe adapter.

Step 3

Step 3

Follow all setup instructions carefully.

5 Tips for Care

To prolong the lifespan and improve the function of your wireless adapter, follow these simple care tips.

Tip 1

Tip 1

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Tip 2

Tip 2

If inserting a PCIe, take professional advice if required.

Tip 3

Tip 3

Keep software up-to-date.

Tip 4

Tip 4

Be careful when packing away a laptop—the USB should be safely removed to avoid damage.

Tip 5

Tip 5

Regularly inspect the device for any signs of wear and tear.

Useful Accessories

With a wireless adapter, the world is your oyster. To cut down further on wires around your gaming station, add in wireless headphones, controllers, keyboards, and even VR headsets for a near wireless-free gaming experience.


Where can I purchase a wireless adapter?

Important FAQ about Wireless Adapter for Gaming from a review and comparisonWireless adapters can be purchased in stores, but a wider selection can be found online. Online discounts may also be available.

Can a wireless adapter be used for Bluetooth?

Adapters with a higher specification will be enabled for Bluetooth connectivity to products including headphones or keyboards.

How do I install a wireless adapter?

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimum installation.

Will a wireless adapter work with my Mac?

Check the operating function of the individual adapter as not all will be compatible.

Is there a portable wireless adapter?

Nano adapters are ideal for travel as you can pack your laptop away without removing the adapter from the USB port.

What do the antennae do?

The antennae on a wireless adapter help to direct Wi-Fi signals in the direction you point them for faster speeds. Try repositioning for improved throughput.

Do I need a disk drive for installation?

No, not if the software can be downloaded instead of installed via a disk.

How much should I expect to spend?

The cheapest adapters start at around $20. However, a state-of-the-art wireless adapter and VR kit could set you back several hundred dollars.

I live in a multi-user household. What should I look for?

Check that the adapter has MU-MIMO technology to support multiple devices and users simultaneously. Having this technology will prevent the “queuing” of devices and lag during gaming.

Do I need dual-band technology?

If you require simultaneous streaming, large file transfers, and gaming across multiple devices, then yes.

Alternatives to the Wireless Adapter for Gaming

If you’re not convinced by wireless adapters, the simplest way to guarantee good bandwidth speeds is to connect your PC via an Ethernet cable for wired connectivity. Alternatively, if you simply want to enhance your wireless connectivity further away from the router, purchase a wireless booster.

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