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Best Analytics Software 2021 • Analytics Software Reviews

An analytics softwareusually represents technical software that is primarily used for data collection, data analysis and data management. During data collection, also known as data mining, a large amount of data is first collected or large amounts of data are already available and these are inserted into the software.

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What is an Analytics Software?

Most analytic tools have their own features to import and examine data from external programs. This data is then evaluated and sorted. The software approaches this in different ways. In some tools, the data is sorted and evaluated using artificial intelligence. This is especially the case with tools that have been developed for a specific niche and you know what data you want here. With other tools, on the other hand, the data is sorted and evaluated by certain parameters. These parameters must then be defined by the user. This is especially the case with softwares where the software has been developed for many different requirements.

As a rule, this data is stored and managed in clouds. In this case, some software tools offer, for example, to create a report from the data or to mark them specifically so that they can be found again more easily. These data management solutions vary greatly from software to software and are therefore difficult to summarize.

Some also offer the possibility to visualize the data in the form of charts and tables. Some of them do this automatically and display it in the user interface, while other tools require you to visually prepare the data yourself using an internal feature. Some also offer to export these diagrams and graphics to PowerPoint, in order to have them ready for a presentation.

The tools are web based with almost all providers, which means that they can be accessed and used through a normal Internet browser via a website. This means that you can use the software anywhere and on any device. Only a few have to be installed on the computer. Software that works with other devices, such as cameras, is a bit different. Here it is integrated by means of an API. A few tools also offer operation via Android or iOS apps.

There is a large amount of analytics software on the market. In terms of the distribution model, it is usually a subscription that has to be taken out to use it. Usually with a discounted annual billing or a normal monthly billing. Many providers also offer individual solutions, whereby the software is tailored to one’s own preferences. As a result, prices may differ for such individual solutions and are usually negotiated individually. In addition, most offer a free demo version or a free trial period, where you can test the software and see if the software can solve the problem or is suitable for the company at all.

Leading Analytics Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced analytics softwares.

Google Cloud Video Intelligence API

Google Cloud Video AI is an analysis software from Google, which is used to recognize certain objects, places or actions in videos. The software can be easily integrated and operated via an API integration. Google Cloud Video AI can also be used to detect scene changes in videos, for example, or to recognize and extract texts. It is also possible to recognize and track specific lenses. This makes it easier to moderate content in videos and filter out unwanted content. It also makes it easier to serve contextual advertising. All metadata created by Google Cloud Video AI can also be easily stored in the media archive.

Camlytics: Smart Camera Monitoring Software

Camlytics is an analysis tool for camera and videos. With this software it is easy to count people ,with which for example the entrance to restaurants and offices can be controlled. Also, the program detects queues of people and can separate people individually. The software can be easily installed in webcams and cameras through API integration. Vehicles can also be counted and the speed of each vehicle can be measured.

Perfect for monitoring at parking lots or parking garages. In addition, certain objects can be detected by preset parameters and displayed in the system. Finally, the data can be easily extracted and analyzed via real-time API.


Agenty is an automated process software that can collect and extract data from other websites. The software is cloud based. With the various functions of Agenty, in addition to extracting data, texts can also be extracted and saved in a desired document form. Because of the web automation, the software can act like a human normally on the page and interact with the website. Also, change can also detect web pages, making competitive analysis even easier. A schedule can also be created to extract the data. It can be easily set up and used in a few minutes. For this, Agenty also offers a free trial version for testing.

Panorama Necto

Panorama is one of the world leaders in providing analytical solutions for business processes. Panorama creates a customized tool for each business using unique methodologies and leveraging its patented analytics platform. In addition to integration with business processes in the areas of corporate management, finance, sales, marketing and product analysis,

Panorama is also suitable for B2B processes and network analysis. Panorama also has specialized in telecommunications. To this end, they offer a comprehensive data analysis solution with advanced data discovery tools. The solutions have proven themselves in practice and are successfully used worldwide. The analyses also attempt to make a prediction about certain things.


Dataplay is a data analysis tool with a simple data visualization. The integrated project management makes it easier to manage data. Data can be visualized by the software and extracted into PowerPoint or Excel. Data can also be reused and retrieved through the clever data management. The software is web-based and is operated through the Dataplay Web Portal. This makes it easy to create projects and assign them to specific users. Dataplay also offers many templates for visualization and thus presents data graphically clearly and well. Dataplay is therefore an excellent tool for integrated project management and data preparation.

Clear Analytics

ClearAnalytics is a fast and simple data analysis tool that interacts and works with all popular Microsoft programs to store data easily and simply in one place. The tool is tailored for business processes as well as IT processes. Data can be easily extracted from Excel, for example, by dragging and dropping. By centralizing the data, it can be easily accessed and managed. There is no need for extra training to use the software, it is easy to use and does not require any training. They also offer video tutorials to help you get started with the software. The billing is done in a subscription model and also has a free trial version.

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics is a data analysis and data virtualization software, which is mainly used to analyze business processes. The main functions are data collection and data preparation through its own AI. Chatbots can also be created individually using this data. Text analysis and location analysis are also possible. The software can be easily integrated into various clouds and thus enables easy data integration. For visualization, SAS Visual Analytics offers all kinds of graphics and diagrams. In addition, external data from the Internet can also be easily integrated into the finished reports. To test the software, SAS offers a free 14-day trial version.


Atium from TSC is an analysis software for determining the interests and goals of a company’s stakeholders. It is suitable for showing what really matters and where and what is needed. The software makes it easy to show a map of the most important connections. For this purpose, the software collects data from all over the world and evaluates it using its AI. Atium works with a real-time analysis to be always up to date. For this, in addition to the analysis, the software also helps to reduce costs. To test the software, you can request a demo. Atium is always eager to help where help is urgently needed.


Intelligize offers a good compliance solution with its web-based software. The provider manages all important documents, invoices and general important correspondence, which could be important for authorities, for example. They collect, analyze and link the data with each other to make it easy to manage and retrieve. The main focus is on reducing the risk of compliance errors. This makes it easier to develop disclosure strategies and create stronger agreements. The software helps to make informed decisions easier and faster and to protect against legal risks. They offer a demo version for testing.

Data Impact

Dataimpact is a data analysis tool to help online stores grow. The software helps to analyze the target group and find the right products for them. Also, the software can better compare these prices and helps to fill important gaps in the system. The data is collected every day for this purpose and also receives information about the benefit or the buyer as well as the geodata. Dataimpact already works with over 250 different online stores and has analyzed more than 25 million products. In doing so, they have a global presence and are thus broadly positioned for the worldwide market. They also offer a demo for testing.

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