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Best Audience Response Software 2021 • Audience Response Softwares Reviews

Audience Response Software is the name used to describe applications designed to increase interaction between the speaker and the audience during speeches, presentations, events and functions. They can be used anywhere an audience meets a speaker or artist. Many audience response software providers offer the speaker data about the talk, which helps them analyze strengths and weaknesses of their own presentation.

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What is an Audience Response Software?

Audience response systems continue to grow in popularity, as experience has shown that they are very good at helping to foster communication and interaction between the audience and the speaker. Most software vendors offer their products for purely digital and hybrid events.

Most vendors in the field of audience response software offer free trial versions to give potential users an initial experience with the software. This version usually does not yet include all features or is limited in time. Users who are enthusiastic about the software solutions can obtain the complete product from most providers via a subscription or the one-time purchase of a license. For certain occasions, the features of the free trial version are perfectly sufficient.

The functions of audience response software can usually be used via a normal browser. Many providers also convince with their own app, which can be accessed on Android and iOS devices and makes it easier for the audience to use the functions. In this way, the functions of all providers are straightforward to use for anyone with a mobile device.

Most audience response softwares are suitable for small, medium and large businesses. Start-ups and agencies can also use the applications to make conferences with business partners more interactive.

The most important features are the communication and questioning functions, which encourage interaction between the presenter and the audience. Some providers additionally use small games or question rounds in which the audience competes against each other to focus the audience’s attention on the presentation. In addition, data from other apps can often be integrated into the software so that a completely new presentation does not have to be created. One feature that is not always available, but can be very helpful for a presentation, is the provision of data in real time. This way, the speaker can get information about the size and participation of the audience and plan and adjust his own presentation accordingly. After the presentation, almost all providers offer a detailed analysis of the presentation, from which the speaker can derive the strengths and weaknesses of his own presentation.

Most audience response softwares are suitable for any type of conference and presentation. Some providers focus on specific topics or users. Special software solutions for teachers and lecturers are popular, stimulating interaction in the classroom or lecture hall and thus helping to better convey the subject matter. At the same time, there are also providers that focus on mass events, such as large sporting events and concerts, or providers that focus on small events in specific industries.

Most providers ensure good customer support by offering 24/7 support and help via email. Knowledge bases, forums and FAQs are also popular customer support options. This way, problems with the software can be solved quickly and efficiently.

Some applications are kept very simple, which makes using the software intuitive and straightforward. More complex audience response softwares can be explained to customers through in-person training and videos, making it easy to use. Many vendors also offer webinars to explain each feature.

Leading Audience Response Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced Audience Response Softwares.


Array is a software for planning and managing events. The software focuses specifically on so-called life science events. The application can be used for both hybrid and purely digital events and includes various useful functions, such as feedback and customer management or the integration of external data. Array differs from the competition primarily in that they focus strongly on the life science sector, which is why learning how to use it is not completely intuitive. For this, Array offers personal support for its customers. In this way, the manufacturer guarantees that the next life science event will be a complete success with the help of the software.


Glisser is a software product from the eponymous manufacturer Glisser, which promotes interaction between a speaker or presenter and his audience. Similar to competitor products, PowerPoint slides can be transmitted in real time and shared with the audience. Especially handy is the poll function, which positively influences the audience’s interaction with the speaker. In addition, the software offers practical analysis tools that help evaluate the presentation and provide information about the audience’s reactions. Another plus point is the ease of use for the event organizers and the audience, who can use the software without a separately downloaded app. However, if any problems arise while using the software, the customer support is available at any time to resolve the difficulties that arise.


SpotMe is the leading software provider in the field of enterprise engagement platforms. The application focuses primarily on live events and offers purely virtual and hybrid solutions for this purpose. The provider focuses on B2B partnerships and is suitable for any size of company. The proprietary app facilitates the design and implementation of digital meetings and events with business partners of all kinds. Real-time data is collected and shared, which helps assess the performance of the event and can be useful in planning and implementing strategic decisions.

In addition, data and information from other applications can be integrated and visualized during live events. The existing survey function also helps to promote interaction with the business partner. In case of problems with the application, customer support is available 24/7. Provided videos also help to solve problems with the software.


Turning is an audience response software that focuses primarily on interacting with students and learners to enhance their learning experience. The app can be purely digital and hybrid. The app’s various features encourage communication between students and faculty, helping to reinforce the learning experience. In addition, PowerPoint presentations can be delivered through the app as usual, ensuring a good flow of lessons or lectures. In the process, student data is collected in real time and forwarded to the presenter, who can use this data to adjust his or her presentation accordingly.

With real-time polls, the lecturer can collect feedback about his presentation and communicate directly with the audience. The app is very consumer-friendly, which makes it very useful for presentations to a wide audience.

Pigeonhole Live

The Pigeonhole Live application is used for planning and organizing conferences and workshops. A big advantage is its accessibility. Up to 1,000 people can participate in conferences even with the free version. The one-time purchase of a license ensures the unlocking of numerous useful features. one of them is the collection of real-time data, which helps in the design and adaptation of the presentation and thus ser supports the presenter.

In addition, numerous interaction functions help to promote communication between the speaker and the audience. Finally, the presenter receives a comprehensive final report, which provides information about the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation. Various training offers and a customer support team that can be reached at any time help to solve problems when using the software and thus ensure that the presentation runs smoothly.

Meeting Pulse

Meeting Pulse is a comprehensive software solution for designing and conducting meetings. The application is great for surveying target audiences while being easy to use for anyone. The features are easy to use through a regular browser and are not only accessible through an app. Like many other audience response software solutions, Meeting Pulse also allows for real-time tracking of data, thus assisting the speaker with their presentation.

The main focus of the app is on polling and communicating with the audience. If, despite the ease of use of the app, further questions arise, there is always the possibility to contact customer support and seek help in this way. In addition, videos and webinars help with familiarization with the program.


EventsAir is a comprehensive software for event management and is chosen by numerous event organizers from every conceivable industry. EventsAir is characterized above all by a large number of different functions, which offer the user a feature for almost every occasion. The application can be used purely digitally or hybrid and is therefore suitable for almost any event. In doing so, the software supports the organizer at the event and in the analysis and follow-up of the event. The software collects real-time data and forwards it to the organizer, who can use it to better plan the further course of the event.

One feature in particular, which supports the organizer as early as the ticket sales stage, sets EventsAir apart from many other providers. Due to the complexity of the software, the application is not necessarily intuitive, especially at the beginning. EventsAir offers special training and video guides that support the event organizer in implementing the software.

Zoho Backstage

Zoho Backstage is an event management software that allows users to better plan and execute special events and conferences. Among other things, Zoho Backstage convinces with a multilingual feature that allows writing a special website for the event and many different languages. This makes the application very attractive for international conferences.

In addition, the app helps to keep track of the participants and the agenda of the event. Accurate analysis and subsequent follow-up of the event are easily possible due to the application’s data collection. In addition, participants can already link up during the event via Backstage OnAir and thus expand their network. If there are any questions about the application, support can be reached at any time. In addition, the use of the application is explained and illustrated by means of videos and webinars.


Slido is an award-winning Q&A platform for events. The application focuses specifically on conducting and evaluating Q&A sessions. Using real-time data analysis, the collected information can be quickly processed and shared with the audience to illustrate the results in the most efficient way. The program supports normal PowerPoint presentations, allowing the presentation to run smoothly without affecting the efficiency of the survey tools. A disadvantage of the application is that it contains hardly any other tools and functions and is therefore relatively simple. Thus, at the same time, it is very user-friendly and intuitive to use. Slido also offers training for users in the form of webinars and pre-produced videos, as well as all-day support for questions about the application.


Crowdpurr is an audience engagement software that creates an interactive experience during an event. To do this, attendees only need a mobile device. Crowdpurr uses gamification to make a presentation more fun and interesting for the attendee and increases the attendee’s attention by participating in polls and quizzes. Participants compete against each other to encourage interaction during the presentation and raise the fun level. Additionally, the presenter is supported by providing real-time data during the event. Telephone support is available for technical questions. Furthermore, Crowdpurr provides videos and webinars on how to use the application to enable the user to use it smoothly.

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