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Best Data Visualization Software 2021 • Data Visualization Software Reviews

Data Virtualization Softwares, or data virtualization makes it possible to merge data from different systems. In this process, the different information of the data sources is manipulated in such a way that it retains the structure, but does not have to be known by the system.

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What is a Data Visualization Software?

Most data virtualization softwares offer a wide range of management functions. Content management, compliance management, document management, template management, compliance management are offered by most vendors, but metadata management, process management, or hierarchy management can also be present.

The softwares are particularly advantageous, among other things, due to their increased access speed to all data due to the real-time transfer, the reduction of erroneous data as well as the system load and storage requirements. Data virtualization softwares are suitable for small companies, such as start-ups or freelancers, as well as large companies and agencies. Depending on the size of the company, attention should be paid to which special functions are required and which software is particularly well suited.

The majority of software is web-based. In rare cases, however, there is also compatibility with iOS and Android. The softwares can be used in the areas of legal, HR, procurement, sales, IT and finance, as well as for other companies of any size, such as agencies, law firms or institutes.

Most of the Data Virtualization softwares also place a special emphasis on customer support. Thus, 24/7 live support, or support via phone, chat or email is often offered. Frequently, however, support questions can also be asked in specially set up forums, or read in a knowledge database in the form of a FAQ.

But software training courses can also be completed. In most cases, personal trainings or online live trainings are offered. But training in the form of webinars, documentation or video training is also frequently available.

Leading Data Visualization Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced data visualization softwares.


With the help of Precisely, contracts can be managed automatically. The program is suitable for legal, HR, procurement, sales, IT and finance departments, as well as for other companies of any size, such as agencies, law firms or institutes. The cloud-based platform can be used for automated contract creation, electronic signature, archiving of contracts and monitoring.


SAP HANA Cloud is a powerful cloud database and is the ideal solution for all corporate data. It enables easy connection of data from different data sources and is suitable for all industries. SAP HANA Cloud enables data protection, security as well as anonymous handling of the data. With the help of the in-memory cloud database, fast internal company decisions can be made on the basis of live data.


Datameer enables the preparation of enterprise data through an end-to-end spreadsheet-like platform. Whether for the telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, or retail industries, Datameer enables the preparation of complex data as well as the transformation of data for internal company purposes. The program can be used with all major operating software and includes important tools such as data mapping, visual analytics, and strategic planning.


Informatica has been able to delight 9,500 from 82 countries and enable over 18 trillion cloud transactions per month. Whether it’s data warehousing, data consolidation, data migration, data control, or data synchronization, Informatica provides the ideal digital data quality solution for companies of all sizes and industries. Using microservices architecture, APIs, and AI, data can be leveraged across the enterprise in a scalable way, as well as integrated with third-party data.

SAP Lumira

With SAP Lumira, meaningful data visualizations can be created, increasing the efficiency of the company by visualizing opportunities and risks. With this software, detailed insights can be created for the entire company and data of different types can be evaluated and combined on platforms. SAP Lumira not only offers data visualization, but also serves as an interactive dashboard and analysis software. In this way, spreadsheets and data presentations can be created quickly and easily.


TIBCO Data Virtualization provides access to various data sets as well as data summaries and data services, making it the ideal solution for analytics as well as data visualization. Spreadsheets as well as data presentations can thus be created easily without complicated queries or reports. This software solution is particularly flexible, as it can be traded in real time and solution times are five to ten times shorter than with conventional data warehousing solutions.


With the help of AtScale, companies of any size can perform intelligent data visualization for Big Data analytics workclouds. In the process, data silos can be eliminated and centralized data pools can be created. In addition to engineering, virtualization as well as data governance, AtScale also offers the possibility of comprehensive data access and the merging of multiple data sources.

IBM db2

IBM Db2 made it possible to provide any data anywhere. By combining an AI-based data management system and an integrated data platform, the company can save costs and increase agility. IBM Db2 does this in a security-oriented manner as well as on top of the scalable Red Hat OpenShift. These special features can increase storage requirements by 47% and reduce compression rates by 39%. In addition, up to 10 modern programming languages can be integrated.

CData Query Federation Driver

With the CData Federation Driver, companies can access as well as transform multiple data sources using the Logical Data Warehousing features. Users are provided with easy SQL-based access to various databases as well as data warehousing and different cloud applications. The included data visualization is particularly advantageous. Here, several data processing systems can be called up via a single interface. In contrast to other data warehousing systems, this enables up to 85% faster and simpler data connectivity.


Querona enables companies of any size to integrate data, create data extracts and query data. Up to 128 different types of sources can be used. Microsoft SQL Server emulation allows data to be accessed from anywhere. Querona’s benefits include instant reporting, real-time data, a 360-degree view, a simple, spreadsheet-like structure, and reduced dependency on IT.

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