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Best Influencer Marketing Platform 2021 • Influencer Marketing Platforms Reviews

Influencer marketing platforms help companies to conduct and manage their own influencer marketing for their own brand in a time-saving and target group-oriented manner. Companies should engage in influencer marketing because they can benefit from the strong influence and high credibility of opinion leaders in social networks.

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What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

In a cooperation with influencers, the company offers the brand or the product, the influencer promotes it with his reach and in the relevant target group. Influencer marketing platforms are therefore the link between companies and influencers. The goal is to jointly maximize sales through this type of advertising and at the same time increase the popularity and awareness of the company.

Influencer marketing platforms are important to better scale the success of a campaign. This is because it is significantly related to the selection of the right cooperation partner, in this case the influencer. With the platforms, an optimal selection of brand ambassadors from databases can be made in a professional and targeted manner. However, it is also important to know one’s own target group. Therefore, target group analyses can be generated on the platforms. In addition, the influencer marketing platforms offer tools with which the implementation and the concrete conception of the joint campaign can be planned and carried out. They can be used for the recruitment of the influencers, further for the communication management and but also for the final evaluation of the performance metrics. For this purpose, there are tools that generate analyses and statistics. With this reporting, for example, content engagement can be tracked and then evaluated and processed. Many platforms offer clear activity dashboards to keep track of one’s own ongoing campaign at all times.

Additionally, with most platforms, a company can manage and run multiple active campaigns simultaneously. Data can be imported and exported. Many programs also offer application programming interfaces (APIs).

The use of influencer marketing platforms is primarily relevant for companies and also agencies and marketers. The primary goal is to achieve optimal campaign management, which is directed to the appropriate target group by means of the relevant influencers.

Leading Influencer Marketing Platforms

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced influencer marketing platforms.


Mention is a social media management and monitoring tool. It allows brands and agencies to monitor the web and listen to their audience. Thus, the audience’s perception and what is being said about their own product or brand can be monitored.

Through the monitoring feature, mentions can be easily monitored on over 1 billion sources on the web such as press articles, reviews, forums and blogs. In addition, Mention can measure the impact of marketing and PR activities and provide corresponding comprehensive analyses. In this way, problems can be reacted to before they even arise. Mention also offers an editorial calendar, which can be used to plan one’s own social media activities. Mention was founded in 2012 and now has over 750,000 users in over 125 countries with over 4,000 corporate customers.


With SaaSquatch, loyalty, referral and reward programs can be created for B2C and B2B companies. Thus, all advocates for one’s own brand such as customers, partners, affiliated companies, influencers or employees can be served collectively in one tool to strengthen brand loyalty and accelerate sales growth. The advocates are rewarded automatically through a rewards management system. Thus, the company’s own customer base is increased through the recommendations. It also improves the costumer journey by allowing customers to be targeted, retained and rewarded. Thus, the revenue per customer is increased. The increase in sales can be monitored in real time through analytics. The program is available in countless languages.


GRIN is an influencer marketing software and was developed specifically for the e-commerce sector. The platform connects brand and influencer without a middleman and thus without commission. In the software, campaigns, the reach of the influencers and the contact to the influencers can be managed. GRIN offers e-commerce integration, making it easier to work with product seedings, discount codes and affiliate links. It also offers a reporting suite where sales can be tracked. Also, the software outputs deep analytics and has a comprehensive reporting dashboard. Thus, it provides best overview of running campaigns. GRIN is the ideal influencer marketing platform for fast growth and optimal scalability and is subscription-based.


Socialbakers is a customer experience platform. It offers cross-channel support for many social media marketing platforms and helps to increase growth. Socialbakers helps to understand one’s audience and create content that the audience loves. It creates persona mappings that determine the marketing audience. Moreover, engagement can be analyzed afterwards. Thus, Socialbakers provides a rumdum solution to their entire social media marketing. Using AI, the program analyzes where it is best and most sensible to invest money. Also for influencer marketing, Socialbakers offers solutions around the discovery of influencers up to the tracking of the coverage by the influencers. In addition, the own content strategy can also be planned and tracked.


Hivency is an influencer and product review platform. The tool helps in the search for suitable nano- and micro-influencers and thus builds a large and strong ambassador network for the own brand. Likewise, the process of all ongoing campaigns can be managed on the platform. Hivency offers a complete solution for campaigns, from the search and selection of relevant profiles to planning and launch, including KPI tracking.

In addition, experts are on hand to provide personal support and help build an optimal long-term strategy throughout the year. Through an AI-supported technology solution, the own strategy is optimized based on data in order to sustainably increase the awareness of the own brand. In addition, a dedicated brand community is built up.


HYPR is a platform for managing and scaling influencer campaigns and was developed specifically for marketers. HYPR considers influencers as a commodity and thus wants to ensure to always find the optimal solution and to easily evaluate and measure influencer performance. Therefore, holistic and relevant real-time data about influencers is provided. This saves costs by focusing directly on the right influencers and their reach. HYPR offers an intelligent analytics dashboard for the overview of one’s own campaigns and to evaluate them. The software can be used to contact influencers directly without intermediaries, thus avoiding commission and hidden costs.


Influencity is an influencer marketing platform that combines access to data and processes in one place. Multiple campaigns can be managed simultaneously. The platform automates manual campaign processes, saving costs and time. The tool offers total control and can thus lead even the most ambitious campaigns to success.

Of course, Influencity also creates statistics and analyzes influencers internationally, which are relevant to one’s own brand. In this way, suitable influencers can be researched for one’s own campaign using the database and contact can begin. In addition, the platform offers up-to-the-minute access to real-time data on campaign results. Influencity’s technical solutions promise to minimize costs and maximize returns at the same time.


Bazaarvoice is a shopper engagement platform and helps users connect with customers and consumers in the best possible way. Through the platform, authentic user-generated content (UGC) is collected and shared on a global scale. Ultimately, consumers look for precisely this user-generated content, as it usually comes across as authentic and consumers make an informed purchase decision based on it. Thus, the voice of the customer is used selfishly to generate traffic for one’s own brand. The platform offers ratings, reviews, Q&As, as well as visual and social media content. The platform promises to increase sales as new, previously passive customers become aware and are attracted by the product pages. Thus, a higher conversion is achieved through Bazaarvoice.


Trend is an all-in-one platform and helps to search, find and manage influencers for one’s own brand. For example, Youtubers can be recruited from currently trending networks. The platform offers a handpicked selection of creators and represents values such as high-quality content and verified engagement. In other words, original content is created exclusively for the user’s own brand by top creators.

As a user, the wishes and campaign goals are first defined, then a suitable influencer is selected as the trend network. Then the contacting begins and the creator produces relevant content. If these posts are approved, they can be published. Trend also offers a dashboard and analysis tools to monitor and evaluate the campaign.


Klear is one of the world’s leading influencer marketing platforms. It supports marketers with a powerful yet simple influencer search engine and offers influencer profiles, campaign analytics and social monitoring tools. Klear does smart marketing and measures the social web in a way that is optimal and user-friendly for its clients. Klear’s guiding principle is that people trust influencers, not advertising. Influencers can be selected from the database by category, niche, social network, subscriber demographics and location. It also offers numerous analytics tools to measure campaign success. With Klear, a brand doesn’t miss any current hypes and is always on trend with the appropriate and relevant influencers.

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