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Best Location Intelligence Software 2021 • Location Intelligence Software Reviews

Location intelligence (or LI for short) is the ability to put information, data and knowledge in general into spatial contexts, to visualize, analyze and present them clearly. Simply put, location intelligence creates spatial information and includes the question of "where" in the preparation of data. In most cases, well-known locations on earth are used in order to make the respective results as comprehensible and descriptive as possible. However, other locations can also be used, so they do not necessarily have to be of a geographical nature.

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What is an Location Intelligence Software?

Location Intelligence belongs to the area of Business Intelligence (BI) and Geoinformation Systems. Through precisely this visualization of existing data and information, companies can better understand their stakeholders (the so-called interest groups) and the markets they are interested in, and thus achieve an important competitive advantage.

The term Location Intelligence was first introduced as an independent term by the company MapInfo in 2001. However, the principle was already used in the OECD Information Technology Outlook in 2000. In other words, the capabilities of various Location Intelligence softwares are used to visualize and organize complex and confusing data, to put it into a (geographic) context and to analyze geodata in order to achieve the solution of a business problem. Thus, individual decision-making processes are facilitated and optimized.

Most location intelligence software and apps can be used web-based and/or on Android and iOS devices, respectively. However, not all software is supported by all three variants without exception.

The majority of location intelligence software can be used by small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises. However, there are some exceptions. The most important functions of the LI Softwares refer to the visualization of data. As already mentioned, this is mostly implemented in the form of geographical maps. Furthermore, such softwares also have numerous analysis procedures, such as trend analyses, real-time analyses, profitability analyses or predictive analyses. Functions such as benchmarking, dashboard creation or API are also supported by many softwares.

Most location intelligence softwares have free versions and/or can be tested for free. Beyond that, a certain monthly fee is usually required. In some cases, a correspondingly higher, one-time amount must be paid.

An extensive and flexible customer support is offered by almost every location intelligence software. So you can almost always ask for information, help and support by phone, chat, email or even simply in the forum of the website. In addition, generated knowledge databases are usually also offered, to which every user has access in order to get answers to particularly important questions about the topic of location intelligence software as quickly as possible.

Almost every provider in the field of LIS also offers the possibility for users to complete a training course on the use of the software. Thus, one receives help and guided instructions to recognize step by step how to use his individual Location Intelligence software ideally. The training can be done in the form of documentations, webinars, videos, live online sessions or in rare cases as a personal training.

Leading Location Intelligence Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced location intelligence softwares.


The Alteryx desktop tool effectively supports a wide variety of organizations using data science and analytics in many areas. All data is brought, mixed and analyzed through repeatable workflows in a simple, code-free or code-friendly environment. As a result, complex and predictive statistics, geospatial data analysis and models can be created and visualized in a very short time.

Alteryx can be used in a wide variety of ways, which is why it is intended for professionals in a wide range of fields as well as, for example, university staff. Thus, it is intended not only for small and medium-sized businesses but also for large ones. Moreover, the web-based product is described as extremely user-friendly and has a high customer satisfaction rate. Alteryx can be tested free of charge before purchase.

Scribble Maps

Scribble Maps is used by, among others, to individually label and mark up Google Map maps. This product is suitable for small, medium and large businesses. Scribble Maps can be used in the form of an online GIS to visualize data as maps. In addition, Scribble Maps can be used to import and export data. Before making a purchase decision, one can try out a free trial version. In addition, there is also a free version to get even more detailed insights into the simply designed web mapping tool. If one finally decides to purchase the full version in order to take advantage of advanced features, one has to pay $168.00 per month.


Carto facilitates users to convert location data into business results. Thus, it is of great interest especially to data scientists and business analysts. Used in many different fields, such as banking, journalism, business intelligence and analytics, logistics, education and so on.

Carto is web-based as well as suitable for Android and iOS products and open cloud software. Although it has a free version, there is no free trial version. Users can use Carto to better understand why things happen, exactly where they happen, and even how they will happen in the future. This preemptive analytics allows innovations to be implemented faster and plans to be realized in a more cost-saving manner.

Sales Rabbit

Benefits of using Sales Rabbit include saving money and time. Sales offices of companies that have teams of field sales reps benefit the most from the smart app. Since Sales Rabbit is web-based as well as suitable for Android and iOS products, it can be used on just about any device. The app acts as a self-service, efficient and feature-rich CRM for teams and individuals. Thus, there is no need to bring in and pay for additional sales professionals as help to successfully make profitable changes in one’s business. Before deciding to purchase, a free version can be used to gain insights. The paid full version of Sales Rabbit can be obtained for $19.00 per month.

Qlik View

Qlik View data management software can be used to develop, administer and convert all data derivation processes into cloud analytics. In order to get a better insight into the use of the software, on the one hand a free trial and on the other hand a free version can be tested. If one wants to have use of the full version, one has to pay a one-time amount of $1,350.00.

Qlik View uses key performance indicators (KPIs), among other things, for analysis and reporting. It can analyze real-time data as well as provide predictive analytics and forecasts. Dashboards are made by drag-and-drop. Qlik View thus facilitates, above all, the quick and easy visualization of data.


The all-in-one Board platform enables global companies to deploy BI and CPM applications as uniformly and quickly as possible without requiring a single line of code. Current customers include KPMG, Mitsubishi, Puma, Siemens and Toyota. Board provides a comprehensive toolkit to convert existing raw data into actionable information that can then be accessed within just one interactive environment.

Board supports users with structured visual analyses that are created within seconds without requiring IT. The drag-and-drop functionality in combination with the practical self-service data preparation is also particularly effective and easy to use. This can make decision-making much easier. The only drawback is that Board does not offer a free version.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense business intelligence software helps companies better understand the behavior of their customers. The software focuses particularly on performance and scalability in the cloud, for enterprise SaaS as well as on-premise. It can also find new revenue streams, analyze and minimize risks, and maximize returns. Results can also be shared using the Data Storytelling feature.

Qlik Sense can also combine, visualize, and explore very large amounts of data in a very short time, making it easy to control all operations. Qlik Sense can be tested free of charge. A free trial version is also available to potential customers for more detailed insights. To get the full version, an amount of $15.00 per month needs to be paid.


Geopointe was created primarily for vivid visualization of data in the form of geographical maps. It can also manage contacts and various accounts, as well as CRM data. Processes are streamlined, simplified and generally made more efficient. Various functions are used, such as geographic analysis, route optimization, territory optimization and many more. Geopointe can be tested free of charge by potential customers.

However, a general free version is not available. If a company wants to use Geopointe permanently, it has to pay $45.00 per month. Other useful features include live driver location, drag-and-drop system, and territory management. In addition, the data visualized by Geopointe can also be implemented immediately with the help of integrated functions. User-defined processes are thus created quickly and efficiently.


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