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Best Loyalty Management Software 2022 • Loyalty Management Software Reviews

Best Loyalty Management Software 2022 • Loyalty Management Software Reviews

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What is a Loyalty Management Software?

Loyalty management software enables an organization to take different actions to increase both customer loyalty and retention. Traditional means include loyalty cards, loyalty clubs and direct communication with existing customers. The aim is to turn these into brand ambassadors and attract new customers – thus strengthening customer relationships in the long term and increasing customer loyalty.

The very term loyalty makes it clear what loyalty management software is aimed at. Loyalty means the willingness of a person to contribute to strengthening the relationship by investing or sacrificing. However, digitalization is also making new media more interesting and replacing traditional means. Many companies are opting for digital solutions, such as apps, to engage their customers. This way, customers can also be informed digitally about existing discounts. Gifts, special services or discounts at partner companies can be informed. This has the advantage that companies can also provide their customers with current news around the clock and direct communication is possible. In addition, trends and buying behavior can be better monitored. As a marketing tool, these programs are indispensable, as they increase growth, sustain customer loyalty and improve the brand’s reputation. For a company, it is not only important to acquire new customers, but also to retain existing customers. In fact, existing customers are often more valuable to a company, as they spend on average 67% more than new customers. This is precisely why customer loyalty is so important.

An effective customer loyalty program essentially needs three things. On the one hand, the software must give you the ability to understand who the customer is – across all touchpoints. In addition, the program must be personalizable and allow for a one-to-one approach across every channel. Every step of the buyer’s journey to purchase and beyond must be customizable to keep customers coming back. Lastly, proactivity plays a role, as an increase in customer loyalty can be achieved through predictive analytics and recommendations.

Loyalty management software comprises several functions. For example, a tiered membership program or points per purchase would be conceivable. Reward programs for collection and redemption can also be flexibly configured. In addition, personalized loyalty offers can lead to an increase in business value, as optimally tailored offers can be created. All functions can be measured with the software – program performance, member acquisition and retention, and partner performance. As a result, the path can be adjusted based on real-time data. This may be necessary if business and customer needs change and therefore programs, promotions, and offers need to be adjusted.

A loyalty management program is therefore suitable for companies, from different industries. The technology is quick to implement and can be easily customized. Thus, appealing loyalty programs can be created with just a few clicks. The software therefore enables digital leaders to deliver a connected loyalty experience across the entire customer journey.

Leading Loyalty Management Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced loyalty management softwares.


Guusto Software offers contemporary solutions for medium-sized and large companies that want to give their employees the recognition they deserve. Just as the forms of togetherness, cooperation and communication have changed, new ways are also needed for the type of gifts and attentions to special employees, or even to good customers.

The user-friendly, effective and time-saving program is intended to build mutual awareness, appreciation and respect in companies, promote commitment, increase productivity and retain employees. The software is simple, modern and free – all fees incurred are charged to the respective merchants, so every penny actually goes to the employees.


Zinrelo is a modern platform for loyalty rewards, with the goal of customer retention and increased sales. All forms of demonstrated loyalty are rewarded, whether technical, economic, contractual, service or experience-oriented/emotional reasons or simply satisfaction with fast and smooth processing – Zinrelo tries to reinforce all these determinants for purchase decisions and confirm the customer in his choice through additional incentives. These consist, for example, in discounts for a repeat order, the collection of loyalty points or, depending on sales, a graduated discount. In an increasingly digitalized world, it is essential to inspire and convince buyers with services and/or products in such a way that they voluntarily remain loyal to a brand or a company.

Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud is a cloud-based customer marketing platform that provides integrated customer loyalty, referral marketing, and user-generated content solutions for brands and retailers. Annex Cloud provides comprehensive reporting and analytics that give users insights into revenue, loyalty marketing success, customer engagement, and more. The dashboard brings all the information together in one accessible interface, and customized reports provide regular data to optimize the loyalty program.


SaaSquatch is a cloud-based referral marketing system that provides small and medium-sized businesses with a centralized platform to track, manage and reward referrals from their customers. Users can design and integrate digital referral touchpoints for any of their marketing channels. Using the built-in analytics tools, users can collect and review valuable data on the performance of their referral program

Preferred Patron Loyalty

Preferred Patron Loyalty is a loyalty program and gift certificate software for companies in various industries. There is a choice of 4 different editions: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Together with the companies, the appropriate programs for the existing customer base and potential new customers are created and explained. Requests and new ideas can be responded to flexibly at any time. Customer service is particularly important here.


Kangaroo is a loyalty marketing platform that serves businesses of all types and sizes in any industry. The solution offers a range of features that enable companies to engage, retain and reward customers through customer loyalty programs, automated marketing, digital gift cards, rewards and more. Companies can enroll customers in programs, send relevant offers to targeted customer groups and receive performance insights. Users can reward customers by “visits” or by “spend,” and the QuickScan feature lets customers earn and redeem their points by scanning a QR code through Kangaroo’s mobile app.


Capillary enables companies to run their loyalty programs (Loyalty+). With the help of a consumer data platform (Insights+), the provider receives a 360-degree view with the help of which an analysis of customer behavior is carried out and an appropriate loyalty program is developed. There are multi-level programs that are offered worldwide.


CandyBar is a customer rewards management application for small and medium-sized businesses. The goal is to increase sales and engagement by providing loyalty points to customers on their recurring visits. Designed for restaurants, salons, cafes, spas, florists, retail stores, pet stores and automotive companies, the cloud-based solution allows businesses to use the unified platform to track customer visits and corresponding rewards across multiple stores.


Fivestars is a user-defined customer engagement automation platform. Using text, email and mobile app marketing tools, customers are reached and provided with useful information and appropriate offers. When a promotion or offer is taken up, it is automatically routed to the connected POS system so that the customer can scan their card and redeem their reward the next time they visit the store.

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