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Best Online Reputation Management Software 2021 • Online Reputation Management Softwares Reviews

Online reputation management software serves businesses by allowing them to manage and track customer reviews and ratings on any platform via dashboards in most cases.

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What is an Online Reputation Management Software?

If companies are present on different platforms, be it social media, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at the same time, online reputation management software provides an overview via the built-in dashboard, so that it is not necessary to look for reviews on each platform individually. This saves a lot of work and, in turn, time that can be used for other things. This allows a company to always improve its reputation by highlighting positive customer reactions and filtering out negative ones.

Negative reviews and ratings can then be responded to in a timely manner, so that misunderstandings or unpleasant experiences on the part of the customer can be clarified before they could put a company’s reputation in a bad light. Furthermore, this type of software often offers the chronological arrangements of the reviews or ratings submitted, so that the individual responses can take place in order, thereby gaining authenticity. Here, the multi-site and multi-user function can be extremely helpful in providing the fastest possible responses.

The positive experiences here can significantly improve the reputation of a company, whereby new customers can gain a positive first impression. Especially if there is the possibility to add photos or videos to reviews, it can convince new or interested customers to make a purchase from the company and then possibly become a regular customer. Positive feedback can thus also generate more clicks on the website and lead to more traffic and conversions. The data collected on the various customer reactions to services or products can be used to perform analyses and thereby determine customer satisfaction. Depending on where gaps or unused potential are discovered through the analyses, marketing strategies can be adapted to the needs and wishes of the customers in order to get dissatisfaction out of the way and attract potential new customers.

To analyze customer satisfaction, some tools also offer survey functions to gain direct insight into how satisfied a company is with the services or products it offers. To help customers with questions or problems, the softwares offer customer support in the form of live chat, emails or SMS. In the case of frequently asked questions, the Q&A or help desk function comes into play so that these do not have to be answered anew each time. This can relieve employees and give customers the opportunity to find an answer to their question or problem right away, so they don’t have to wait for an answer from the company.

Furthermore, the software also offers functions for marketing purposes. These can be automated e-mails or SMS that are sent to customers and encourage them to interact with the company. The sending can be scheduled via a calendar, for example, so that the sending no longer has to take place manually, thus saving time again. In the same way, it can be planned where and when certain advertisements or commercials are placed.

Leading Online Reputation Management Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced online reputation management softwares.


With Birdeye software it is possible through the dashboard to have an overview of all websites where customers can leave reviews about a company. Surveys can be initiated, both for customers and employees, it can be viewed in social media and how a company performs there. The collected data can be analyzed here and used to improve and optimize the marketing strategy. The software makes it possible to post coordinated content in advance. In addition, it is possible to see where a company ranks in the market and to perform competitive analyses. Furthermore, the contact exchange of companies and customers via webchat, blogs, forums, etc. can take place on only one platform.


ReviewTrackers is a software that can generate more reviews for a business. These reviews can then be tracked and managed, providing an overview of how a company is received by its customers and what may need improvement so that popularity can be increased. The integrated dashboard can help keep track of this. Via the platform, it is possible for the company to get in touch with its customers and respond to comments in order to maintain its reputation. In order to perform as well as possible in the market, there is still the insight of customer behavior, which can be analyzed. Data can be easily stored and managed.


Yext is a software that can help a company improve a customer’s experience on the website. It ensures authentic responses to ratings and reviews from customers, creating greater trust and credibility. As a result, a company’s reputation is enhanced. Moreover, you can integrate external social networks like Facebook or Instagram to generate more traffic to your website and drive conversions.

Yext can filter out spam, duplicates and irrelevant information, so you can get an overview of what needs to be edited or removed. The integrated dashboard also makes it possible to see at a glance how the company is performing on different websites. This can make analysis easier, so that strategies can be optimized.


With NiceJob software it is possible for a company to filter and generate higher ratings and positive reviews to improve its reputation and standing. Some of the tools included in NiceJobs are the automated email and SMS responses to ratings and reviews. By sending emails and SMS to customers, they are encouraged to submit reviews. Negative ratings and reviews are filtered out to maintain a company’s reputation. Customers have the opportunity to add pictures and comments to the reviews and share them on social networks. This way, even more attention can be drawn to the company.


With Yotpo software it is possible to manage and control content. The content can be designed based on customer ratings and reviews adapted to the wishes and needs of customers. Thus, the loyalty of customers can be strengthened and normal customers develop into regular customers. In addition, analyses of customer behavior can be carried out to optimize marketing strategies through SMS marketing or ads and advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

With reviews, it is possible for customers to add photos, videos and ratings, giving new customers a comprehensive insight into a company. The Q&A function answers frequently asked questions immediately, so customers no longer have to wait for an answer to certain questions. In addition, a live chat is offered as support.


OutboundEngine is a software that can help a company to automate processes such as marketing, communication etc. Automatically generated emails can be sent for marketing purposes to encourage customers to engage and interact with the company more often. Through the possible scheduling of publishing ads or commercials on, for example, Instagram or Facebook, a company’s presence in the public eye is consolidated. For communicative purposes with customers, apart from the email exchange, a live chat is also offered so that questions can be clarified immediately. Here, the dashboard can provide an overview of reviews and ratings that have been submitted, so that it is possible to respond to any feedback individually.


With ReviewPush software, a company can keep track of reviews and ratings on any platform, such as Facebook or Instagram, on a dashboard. Here, reviews are collected and sorted chronologically, so that it is possible to respond in time to each reaction from customers. This can increase customer satisfaction and maintain a company’s reputation. Notifications and notices of new reviews are assigned via email. Spam or negative reviews are filtered out so that the reputation of a business is maintained. The software can be used across multiple locations so that as many employees as possible can have access. In addition, ReviewPush offers a chat as well as a help desk or even a forum for customer questions.


In order to manage reviews and ratings clearly, the Bazaarvoice software is suitable for this. The integrated dashboard creates an overview of each submitted response from customers, so that the chronological processing of all reviews or ratings is possible. This way, no customer has to wait for a long time for a response or reaction from the company, which proves the consistency and thus also puts the reputation of a company in a positive light.

The reviews and ratings provided also give a company the opportunity to optimize its marketing strategy in order to respond even more effectively to the needs and wishes of customers and thus gain even more regular customers. Customer support is offered on the platform in the form of a forum, Q&As, e-mail/help desks or telephone services.


ReviewInc is a software that allows tracking ratings and reviews. The platform also offers numerous accesses, allowing multiple employees to work on tasks simultaneously. The optimized email system automatically filters out spam and other unwanted emails so that communication can run smoothly. Negative reviews and ratings are quickly filtered out, providing the opportunity for a quick response or clarification before a company’s reputation could be damaged. The dashboard provides an overview of all the data that can be collected. Using this data, it is possible to analyze and determine how a company is performing in the market. The software can also be used on mobile devices.


The RepuGen software is designed to collect and manage reviews and ratings from customers just like the other software, but this software is specifically designed for medical centers. Here, practices and facilities are able to track and manage reviews and ratings on any platform through a dashboard as soon as they are written and posted by patients.

Negative responses are filtered immediately, giving medical facilities the ability to address the patient right away to clear up any misunderstandings and improve their service based on the information. The integrated rating analysis tool automatically analyzes the overall patient experience and displays it on the respective platforms.

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