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Best Personalization Software 2021 • Personalization Softwares Reviews

Personalization software is a marketing tool for companies to collect and analyze customer data. With the help of the collected data it is possible to design special and individual customer experiences that have the highest chance of conversion. This means that visitors to the website are converted into buying customers. The higher this conversion rate, the more customers the company gains. And more customers, in turn, generate more revenue.

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What is a Personalization Software?

This type of software is used in relation to e-commerce, or online shopping. The goal is to analyze the customer as best as possible to know what they would buy. After that, targeted advertisements and product recommendations are aired. In addition to the purchase made afterwards, new leads are also contributed to the company. Leads are new contacts to customers, which allow to communicate continuously with the customer; be it through newsletters or direct contact.

Personalization software is mostly based on digital customer experience platforms (DCED platforms) and customer data platforms (CDP platforms). The tools usually also offer testing software such as A/B testing. Here, two or more versions of a website can be compared and the better one can be shown to the customer. This helps to create a completely personalized experience for the customer, from the creation of the product to the sale.

These softwares only work because of Data Science. This is the process of finding out where data comes from, how valuable it is, what it represents and how it can be turned into useful resources for the business. Usually, this process is supported by artificial intelligence (AI), data mining, machine learning and data visualization.
Currently, there are three different types of personalization software.

Collaborative filtering software: this type collects data from all customer interactions with the company (i.e.: past purchases, whether purchased online or offline (in-store), or when purchased). This information can be used to divide customers into groups based on similarities (segmentation) and thus make predictions about future purchases by the group.

Content-based filtering software: This specializes in the keywords that describe a product. Customers are segmented into groups based on which product they would prefer to buy. This is determined by the keywords entered in the search bar. As a result, individual recommendations for similar products are written out.

The third type combines the two software systems above. This usually leads to holistic and very successful marketing. However, a large amount of data is needed here, as all is segmented in great detail.

Important tools of a personalization software are on the one hand the data collection and its analysis. This is the cornerstone for any optimization attempt. After that comes targeting and triggering. In targeting, a specific group of customers is targeted to encourage them to buy. Triggering triggers various notifications, alerts, and popups during the website visit to help the customer make a purchase decision. Testing and optimizations can’t be missing either. It is always made several versions of the website and tested at the end, which one generates the most sales with which customers. Analyses and final reports provide information about how the marketing strategy is developing. Here it is important to always have real-time data in front of you to be able to react quickly. In addition, the software should provide support in the marketing channel, digital sales and customer experience.

The more channels the software covers, the better. Customers want to access the website from their computer, mobile, social media, messenger, etc. Finally, personalization software should increase the conversion rate. Email marketing and content marketing should be improved and expanded and offer better conditions in the long run. Customers will trust the company or brand through an excellent shopping experience and return.

Leading Personalization Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced Personalization softwares.


Iterable is a California-based company that specializes in helping its subscribers cultivate deeper customer relationships. Using data analytics and customer segmentation, potential buyers can be optimally targeted. Through Iterable, it is said to be possible to court hundreds of visitors, but create a customized experience for each. One can collect real-time data of customer behavior, location and event data to instantly send personalized trigger messages or launch entire campaigns. Additionally, with Iterable it is possible to generate direct mails or mobile interactions such as notifications and send prospects up-to-date links to last-minute deals or the like.

Because the program was released as an omni-channel product, you can access your data from anywhere: Mobile, Laptop, Gmail, Facebook etc. Moreover, it is easy to create queries in Catalog and list to each customer individually, for example, the best restaurants in their area. With the additional plug-in Iterable-AI, you can segment and cluster customer data faster and more accurately using artificial intelligence and machine learning. To have a better overview of ongoing marketing successes, Iterate provides a holistic view of sales and customer needs. Increasing conversion has never been easier.


Optimizely offers its customers the fastest platform for website experimentation. It is possible to test, learn and try new approaches without sacrificing great performance. The program specializes in front-end A/B testing and multiple-page experiments, which lets customers test multiple experiments on a page at the same time, but without overloading the hardware. It was built for modern sites that work a lot with dynamic content, which often takes longer to load. An additional feature of Optimizely is its Visual Editor. With it, several colleagues can work simultaneously in one place with robust APIs, appropriate extensions and customizable code. However, it is not only possible to optimize websites with the program, apps or news services can also be improved with the subscription.


Aquia offers the only marketing cloud to understand, orchestrate and personalize customer experiences. With a monthly fee, you get support in campaigns with cross-channel engagement and organization. Aquia also touts Digiatl Asset Management (DAM) and helps complete customer profiles using its Customer Data Platform. This makes it a simple matter to drive up conversions and guide customers with personalized advertising.

The core aspect of the program is to bypass silos: customer data is unified and shared across all systems. With more data distribution, companies can collaborate optimally internally and increase revenue. To do this, Aquia offers an omni-channel experience. Additionally, the system is supported by machine learning to further increase effectiveness. It uncovers crucial customer segments through which more revenue can be gained. Aquia helps understand the business, generate conversions, distribute overview of important data across the business, and additionally provides a data sharing tool for BI teams.


Kameleeon is a marketing platform to generate better customer experiences. Its specialties are in automotive, e-commerce & retail, and banking & finance. Kameleeon is a client- as well as server-based platform for AI personalization and A/B testing. It is simple, powerful and secure. With relevant personalization in real time, every visitor gets their individual experience. More interaction with the customer increases the conversion rate and accompanying revenue. There are custom personalization options for each team, as well as segments and triggers.

AI-based segmentation allows easy creation of smart segments. Since Kameleeon is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA, teams can work on projects securely and with confidence. The platform works with omni-channel and end-device personalization, in addition to handling individual customer journeys and products. The dashboard shows important changes and news in real time at a glance. The flexible user consent management makes Kameleeon a trusted platform for product owners and conversion-oriented marketing experts.


Personalyze specializes in website personalization and marketing automation. It uses machine learning and customer behavior targeting to create a dynamic, cross-channel experience that attracts visitors and converts them to customers. The software provides content and product recommendations and automated, personalized email communications through AI support. Behavioral targeting on the website provides call-to-action through banners, dynamic landing page or personalized push notifications. Smart Promotions deliver popups that are custom-made and highly relevant to the customer.

A/B testing and third-party personalization are also part of the platform. Additionally, the page experience can be customized based on status in the company and role in the industry. Social proofing helps take away the customer’s decision-making anxiety by seeing that others have already purchased. For website personalization, the program offers API and integrations, QA and testing, content widgets, CRM and user data, performance analysis and white glove service.

Salesforce Interaction Studio

Salesforce’s Interaction Studio specializes in 1-to-1 personalization. The tool can be used to design truly individual interactions across all interfaces. You get a detailed profile for each customer, from which you can initiate the next steps. The AI supports the choice of personalization across all channels. Customer behavior is tracked and can thus be predicted to know when to switch which impulse. All content and products can be cataloged to support Machine Learning. AI additionally helps improve and optimize ongoing campaigns. Customers can be targeted anywhere, be it on social channels, paid or even owned. They can also be targeted offline, either through call centers, in-store employees, or at kiosks or ATMs. In addition, Salesforce still offers accurate testing and analytics, such as A/B testing or segmentation.

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield helps its customers to quickly build and test digital customer experiences; specifically, to personalize, optimize and synchronize them. This should increase sales and create a long-term lead over the competition. When change is needed quickly, Dynamic Yield is perfect for it. The software quickly guides through the concept to execution and optimizes the complete customer journey, from web, mobile, email and advertising. Customer data is managed, personalized recommendations are written out, and messages and call-to-actions are sent after behavioral analysis.

With APIs, SDKs and flexible server as well as user executions, Dynamic Yield builds the perfect infrastructure for the business. Testing and experimentation improves the chances of conversion and the ranking engine gives instant feedback. Customers are engaged through personalized targeting on all channels and are encouraged to buy with triggered, customized emails or notifications.

Webtrends Optimize

Optimize from Webtrends offers the possibility to test and optimize without limits. With only a fixed amount per month, you get access to all the tools to optimally improve your website and the customer’s digital experience. A/B testing allows you to compare two or more versions of a website, and multivarate testing makes it easy to run multiple tests simultaneously on the same screen. Personalization and targeting of customers enables individualized experiences and is supported by Optimizes product recommendations based on past and current purchase behavior. All tests are run locally on the server. Optimize provides the full stack (web, server, mobile SDKs, REST API). Additionally, it includes a real-time social proofing engine to help customers make purchase decisions. Third parties like Google Analytics or HotJar can be added without hesitation.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty provides the ability to create end-to-end experiences that span all channels. The software increases growth and revenue through more conversions, CTR, AOV. It is easy to create apps and features with improved engagement and product loyalty. Additionally, risk is reduced with safe and fast forecasting. Feature management enables progressive rollouts across apps, devices and software with feature flagging. Engagement is put to the test with A/B, split and multivariate testing. Built-in AI points visitors directly to winning variants. Customer profiles are created using AI and optimally targeted with low-code or no-code widgets. This enables unique KPIs such as ROI or time-to-value.


Bloomreach is the leading Experience Cloud based on the “headless” concept, providing a modern API-first solution that combines personalization and optimization. It enables e-commerce results for business-to-business and business-to-customer at the same time. Each individual customer experience can be created individually and is implemented with intuitive marketing and merchandising tools. The “headless” concept allows for fast test-deployment-release cycles and allows developers to work directly in the front-end.

Important tools of the program are: In-line editing, AI-based search, previews, personalization, optimization, testing and design of individual customer experiences. The entire experience can be managed across all channels and edited and accessed from anywhere through APIs. Customers are segmented based on their behavior, situation, context, and purchase history. Integration with customer data sources (CDP or CRM) is also possible. Conversion rates are increased through AI-assisted website search. Along the way, data is collected, analyzed and processed.

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