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Best Social Media Analytics Software 2022 • Social Media Analytics Software Reviews

Best Social Media Analytics Software 2022 • Social Media Analytics Software Reviews

Social media has become an important part of digital marketing over the last few years and is playing an increasingly large role. It has become an essential part of the marketing budget and continues to grow. With the growth of social media as a marketing category comes the need for analytics is becoming more and more prevalent. This need is not a unique concept. Companies need a way to track these mediums, and so, among other things, emerged the email analytics and web analytics software and now just the social media analytics software.

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What is a Social Media Analytics Software?

The basic definition of social media analytics is a system that enables the collection, aggregation and standardization of social media data to discover and communicate meaningful patterns. Social analytics helps us simplify data from dozens of networks, millions of people, and a wide range of activities. Social analytics can provide a far deeper understanding of user behavior and demographics than Google Analytics ever could. And that’s exactly why social media analytics are so important.

Social media isn’t just a place to generate backlinks and build some goodwill with customers, it’s one of the most accurate and intuitive sources of information you can gather about
your target audience can gather. For example, some softwares apply a real-time analytics dashboard. The dashboard allows brands to instantly see what people are saying about others on the Internet. It analyzes the entire Twitter stream, public Facebook posts, public Google+ posts, YouTube comments, Delicious, Reddit and over 5 million RSS feeds.

Social media analytics is a practice of collecting and analyzing data from blogs and social media websites to inform business decisions. The most common form of social media analytics is researching customer opinions to help marketing and customer service do their jobs.

The first step in social media analytics is to define the business objectives that the collection and analysis of data will serve. Typical objectives are increasing sales, lowering customer service expenses, obtaining assessments of one’s own products and services, and improving public opinion about certain products and/or company activities.

Once business objectives are defined, key performance indicators (KPIs) should be established for objective evaluation of the data. For example, “customer engagement” could be measured by the number of followers of a Twitter account, as well as the amount of re-tweets and mentions of the company name.

A whole range of tools is available for analyzing polystructured data, such as in Facebook messages or Twitter messages. In addition to analyzing the texts, many social media tools also allow the data to be taken over and saved.

Basically, existing data from the social medias are analyzed. The mere implementation of tools such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager is only the beginning when it comes to digital analytics. In order to derive the right added value from Analytics, the set-up must then be individually aligned with the company’s goals. Once the goals are known, individual analytics strategies are developed. Subsequently, it is analyzed which data should be measured in order to monitor and increase the on-page and off-page performance. Google already provides a lot of information in the area of Big Data. However, Google Analytics is not the limit – there is far more analytics software that provides all the necessary links to the data sets, for example from social media, the online store and other web analytics providers.

Once this basis has been created, implementation follows: this ensures that all important user interactions are measured cleanly. The software creates dashboards tailored to individual needs – whether for management or for an entire company. This allows the customer journey to be tracked in real time and the relevant KPIs to be retrieved.

Leading Social Media Analytics Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced Social Media analytics softwares.

Sprout Social

Sprout has been recognized for ease of use, customer support, ROI, and user adoption. Sprout customers are leaders in their respective industries. Sprout develops social media solutions that bring real connections within reach. Sprout provides a solution for all touch points as well as award-winning service, as well as personalized, fast and reliable customer support.

Its listening and analytics, social media management, customer service and advocacy solutions enable companies and brands of all sizes to be more open, authentic and empathetic on social media, building real connections with consumers and driving business growth as a result. Sprout is trusted by over 25,000 businesses and brands of all sizes. provides a SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing, advertising, measuring and managing customer data. With, the full potential of digital marketing can be realized by managing multiple customer touchpoints through one platform. It has an easy-to-use interface, backed by excellent support. Everything needed to discover, engage and retain customers is packed into the intuitive platform, with app versions for Engage and Publish.


With just a few clicks, social media teams can schedule posts, manage their inbox, create reports, and perform social media monitoring. Over 31,000 social media managers use Agorapuls every day. The intuitive, all-in-one solution with the features you really need. Agorapuls has a first-class customer service. Agorapuls has the following features to offer: a central inbox, intuitive scheduling of posts, social media monitoring as well as meaningful reports.

Agorapuls is the test winner among social media management tools. Thousands of users have ranked Agorapuls ahead of all other competitors because of its features, ease of use and excellent price/performance ratio. Agorapuls has a fair pricing system and does not drastically increase prices when adding users, profiles or advanced features.


The award-winning platform allows customers to connect with communities using feedback to drive progress. Reputation can be used to increase rankings in local search, maps and directories. One can launch customer surveys to gather key sentiments and increase reviews on all top sites. It enables social engagement building across communities and accurate analytics.

Technology and ecosystem partners are integrated solution providers that support Reputation Platform solutions for listings, reviews, social experiences and more. The Reputation Platform, along with other key partner solutions, enables customers to give a complete picture of the Customer’s Journey and act … When the practice deals with reputation management and online customer experiences and insights, there is no better solution than Reputation.


Founded in 2014 as the first Instagram scheduler on the market, Later (formerly Latergramme) has grown from a simple Instagram tool to the #1 visual marketing platform for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Now with over 4 million users worldwide, Later is a member of the Instagram Partner Program and Pinterest Marketing Partner.

Later allows photo and video content to be visually planned and scheduled. Features focus on visual scheduling, media management, marketing and analytics. With Later, the goal is to simplify Instagram marketing and make it accessible to all businesses. Later doesn’t carry questionable subscriptions or confusing contracts. Later is also 100% free to use, even upgrading or customizing the plan at any time.


Eclincher guarantees to increase social media ROI and reach. Eclincher offers an agile team with cutting-edge technology and 24/7 support. Thanks to the continuous addition of value and features, strategies can be better implemented. The eclincher SaaS technology is built on the best cloud infrastructure available and meets the strictest security and regulatory requirements.

As an official partner of all leading social media channels, eclincher is always on the cutting edge of technology, making eclincher a trusted solution for tens of thousands of customers. Eclincher was developed with the goal of simplifying social media marketing while providing a complete and user-friendly solution to target, monitor and grow audiences on multiple social networks.


Oktopost is a simple and beautiful social media management platform designed for B2B companies. With Oktopost, B2B marketers can schedule large amounts of social content across multiple networks, track valuable business performance metrics, and integrate social data with their entire marketing ecosystem. Oktopost’s mission is to enable B2B marketers to quantify and prove the value to be delivered to the business. By tracking detailed analytics and integrating with other marketing technologies, Oktopost can help determine the true impact of social media on any business.


MavSocial is a complete social media management software. It is an award-winning, fully integrated social media, reputation management and advertising tool for franchises, SMB, agencies and businesses.

MavSocial provides easy scheduling and automation of posts manage, schedule and publish content across all social media networks via the easy to use campaign calendar. The audience can be directly involved. One can save valuable time switching between social accounts by displaying all replies and comments in a single inbox. Replies, likes or retweets come directly from the social inbox. With MavSocial, real-time data can be monitored and social media performance can be better understood.


Nuvi’s social analytics and customer experience platform can help the business and teams improve everything from customer growth and churn rates to reputation management and social media performance. Nuvi’s data warehouse enriches data lake and business intelligence tools with social media data analytics. This enrichment provides richer insights into customer and audience behavior, as well as unsolicited feedback on products or services. Nuvi Hub maximizes the value of your data analytics and business intelligence tools with more accurate insights that inform and improve strategic planning.


GetSocial is a social analytics & publishing platform that uses Dark Social to improve your reach & clicks on social media by 42%. If you’re not tracking the Dark Social sharing of your content, you’re missing out on 78% of all social shares.

Get full visibility with GetSocial using Dark Social Analytics and discover how audiences are sharing content across multiple devices in the Dark Social space. Make data-driven decisions to maximize ROI. Automatically distribute the best content across social media. GetSocial’s automation solution identifies the best time and social network to publish content to maximize engagement and traffic. No more random scheduling, just data-driven decisions.

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