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Best Social Media Software 2021 • Social Media Software Reviews

Social media refers to communication platforms that offer users the opportunity to form networks and publish personal messages and contributions in text, image or video format and thus share them with others. The category 'Other social media software' includes programs that link directly to social networks. In general, a distinction can be made between two types of software.

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What is a Social Media Software?

On the one hand, there are programs that use social media channels for their own websites and projects and thus, for example, integrate accounts for easier access or enable the permanent storage of ephemeral posts for analysis and documentation. On the other hand, there are softwares in this category that optimize one’s own activity in social networks depending on the objective. Particularly with regard to marketing strategies and campaigns, programs can be used to facilitate the planning, creation and multiple publication of posts and improve them in a target group-oriented manner.

Most programs in the ‘Other social media software’ category offer a subscription that enables the development and optimization of one’s own presence and campaigns in social networks over a longer period of time. Trial versions and free variants are often available, but these are limited in terms of features. As a rule, the programs are web-based. Despite the significant mobile use of Socia Media, only a few softwares are designed for mobile use by iOS or Android devices. Depending on the features, the softwares are suitable for small businesses and individuals or larger businesses and agencies. Often, there are premium versions that offer extensions or personal campaign planning, which is especially attractive for large companies.

Important functions of ‘Other social media softwares’ concern the monitoring of social networks and the evaluation of posts. These include monitoring and documenting user activity and sales, engagement, conversion and keyword tracking, and filtering by hashtags, mentions and specific text. The data collected in this process is provided by the majority of programs through reports, analytics, notifications, recommendations, data visualizations, storage and export to examine their own performance and the efficiency or reach of campaigns. The determination of target groups for optimizing one’s own marketing strategy is often the focus here and can be made possible by importing data from CRM contact lists, for example.

Other essential functions are those that enable simplified and faster creation and publication of posts in social networks. With image and video libraries, customizable templates, and the integration of games and links, some programs have comprehensive sources of material that can be used for your own posts. Such functions are particularly suitable for smaller companies, private individuals and freelancers, as their own social media account is often the central point of sale for their own products. The majority of ‘other social media software’ also offers automated publishing of posts, so that posts can be made available in parallel on several social networks according to a set schedule. Some programs even offer fully automated campaigns and collaborations with influencers customized to budget, target audience, target region and market niche.

Typically, all programs can manage multiple accounts or channels, so time is minimized through centered and often simplified dashboard-based
management is minimized. This is especially relevant for large operations with numerous social media accounts. Most programs are focused and/or limited to popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.

Leading Social Media Softwares

In the following product descriptions you will gain more insights into the introduced social media softwares.


With Blog2Social, anyone, from private bloggers to large companies, can plan and optimize the publication of posts on social networks. The software makes it possible to share a post on several social networks at the same time and thus save time in the marketing campaign. In doing so, the best possible time per network is automatically selected when publishing to achieve optimal reach. Posts can also be customized using the provided image library, templates and with hashtags, comments and handles. Sharing content from other arbitrary sources on your own channel is also possible through Blog2Social. Calendar, dashboard and analytics with data visualizations provide an overview of social media planning.


With OneAll, over 35 social networks can be integrated into a website or app, allowing users to easily log in with one social media account and connect other accounts as well. The software, which is used on over 300,000 websites, enables users to easily switch between websites and creates a more pleasant user experience. Users can share their activities, experiences, and ratings. With the help of dashboards and analytics, the software enables data from different sites, users and profiles to be collected, stored and analyzed securely and legally. The information thus gathered on user demographics or interests allows for a targeted and optimized marketing campaign.


Ripl software allows smaller companies to easily create posts and publish them to multiple social networks simultaneously and even mobile. Numerous templates and recommendations, as well as the provided image and video library, offer a rich source of possible content. At the same time, the style of the posts can be uniformly adapted to the respective brand. A customized schedule is used to schedule and manage posts and their publication on different social networks. Engagement and performance tracking can be used to determine user activity and reach of posts per channel. With analytics, Ripl thereby offers the possibility to monitor and optimize the success of marketing campaigns in social networks.


Boosterberg automates the publication and promotion of Facebook and Instagram ads, creating an uncomplicated and time-saving alternative to individual post management. Depending on the defined budget, target group and desired placement of the posts, the ads are published with specially produced content in the social networks according to a target-oriented schedule. The calendar provides an overview of the campaign in the process.

In addition, the software offers monitoring and analysis of the respective Facebook and Instagram accounts, for example, through conversion tracking and A/B tests. With the help of the dashboard, data visualizations and data export, an overview of the performance and success of the ads is created, which enables the optimization of marketing campaigns.


QuikPlace gives companies the opportunity to get in touch with numerous influencers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and cooperate with them for paid advertising. Influencers can be searched and selected by niche or number of followers. In addition, the software offers the possibility of automatic campaigns based on a set budget, respective market niche and desired target region.

Quikplace also monitors influencer activity, with the dashboard providing an overview. With the help of engagement tracking, for example, successes are thus determined. Detailed reporting and statistics enable a comprehensive analysis of the collaboration and consequently an optimization of marketing campaigns.


The BuddyBid software offers automatic marketing campaigns via Facebook when selling and auctioning products in the field of real estate, retail and associations and foundations. This way, targeted posts are created and published on the respective page. By monitoring user activity, the software identifies potential buyers who are then repeatedly targeted through ads. At the same time, user recommendations are promoted on the social network. This can increase company exposure and lead to faster sales, all without spending a lot of time thanks to automation. BuddyBid’s tracking of conversions, engagement, and sales, as well as easy data export, additionally provide an overview and detailed analysis of the campaign so that marketing strategies can be optimized based on target groups.


With Fastory, companies, brands and businesses can create impactful and innovative content and integrate it into their website or social media accounts. Mobile stories, contests, and online games are used to create an immersive user experience. An extensive image library and customizable templates are available. In addition, the style of posts can be customized to match your brand. Through conversion tracking, engagement tracking and user monitoring, Fastory also provides the ability to collect and export comprehensive data on one’s marketing campaign. Through this analysis and reporting, the effectiveness of posts can be analyzed and optimized for the best possible results. Optionally, Fastory can also plan entire marketing campaigns according to personal specifications and objectives.


InstaSpy gives businesses and agencies straightforward access to Instagram Stories, bypassing the time limitations of these posts. This allows searching for hashtags, clickable mentions or specific text in Instagram Stories – whether image or video. This ensures monitoring of user activities that can be overviewed through the dashboard and tracking of own marketing campaigns.

Additionally, InstaSpy offers the possibility to download Instagram Stories from public accounts and even automate this process for relevant accounts. Permanent storage in high quality allows a temporally independent and anonymized viewing of the respective Instagram Stories. Real-time updates ensure that the sources are always up-to-date. The material can thus be used to optimize your own marketing strategy and campaign.


Sync2CRM software allows smaller businesses to sync Facebook Lead Ads & Custom Audiences with Infusion, ActiveCampaign and MailChimp. This eliminates the need to cumbersomely upload and manage CRM lists. Instead, linking multiple accounts allows each marketing campaign on Facebook to be targeted to its own audience generated by the personal contact lists. This allows for optimal use of resources, as contacts with less potential can be offloaded and a higher conversion rate can be achieved. Automatic synchronization in real time ensures that the target group is always up-to-date. The dashboard provides an overview of contacts and target groups. Finally, with the option of a personal analysis of the use and impact areas of the ads on Facebook, even more effective campaigns are possible.


With UniLink software, social accounts on Instagram and TikTok can become e-commerce platforms by generating multiple clickable links to mini websites with sales options. For example, UniLink automatically creates an up-to-date, clickable link in the Instagram bio with each post. Adding more links to mini websites with videos or additional information, as well as contact forms or buttons, ideally increases user engagement in the process. In terms of design, these web pages can be individually adapted to one’s own brand.

In addition, UniLink offers the possibility to monitor user activity on social media channels with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Conversion tracking and data export can be used to analyze your own marketing campaign. With the help of the optional storage of customer email addresses, the respective target group can also be determined and the posts optimized accordingly.

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