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Why Cetaris Fleet Management Software is Ideal
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Why Cetaris Fleet Management Software is Ideal

Why Cetaris Fleet Management Software is Necessary

Managing a fleet of vehicles comes with a variety of challenges. In addition to staying on top of repairs, maintenance, and warranties, you also have to manage administrative tasks like scheduling, invoicing, and communicating with customers. This is no longer possible without software, and that’s where Cetaris offers some practical solutions.

Designed to help you manage your fleet maintenance needs while increasing ROI, Cetaris is considered one of the top fleet management software applications around. If you run an organization with a vehicle fleet, your maintenance team will benefit exponentially from using Cetaris.

Why Cetaris Fleet Management Software is Necessary

What is Cetaris fleet maintenance software?

Cetaris empowers fleet maintenance teams to manage their assets on a daily basis. It’s software that increases productivity, decreases wasted time and money, and increases your bottom line.

The benefits of using Cetaris

Using Cetaris will bring your business several key benefits.

Lower your operating costs

It’s not cheap to run a business that relies on a vehicle fleet. By using fleet management software, you can lower your operating costs by tracking and identifying warrantable opportunities, streamlining your inventory costs, optimizing labor, and managing your fuel costs.

If you haven’t been tracking or pursuing your warranties, you’re not alone. However, you can save a lot of money by submitting claims, even for small amounts. Every small reimbursement will add up over time and you’ll probably save more than you think.

Why bother saving money by pursuing warranty reimbursements? Every warranty reimbursement you pursue is money you can spend on important things for your business, like marketing and SEO.

Keep your fleet vehicles running longer

Cetaris helps to keep fleet vehicles running longer by automating important tasks like notifying the right person when maintenance tasks are due. For instance, Cetaris will tell you when your oil changes are due, along with any other maintenance task you program, like fluid flushes and brake inspections.

Keep your fleet drivers safe

Safety is always a top priority, and Cetaris makes this easy. The software will equip your technicians with the proper safety procedures when working on vehicles. The automation of preventive maintenance tasks also supports driver safety.

Increase productivity

Cetaris will help you increase productivity and accuracy at once. Many fleet managers struggle with productivity because there are just so many tasks to complete. Much of this can be automated with Cetaris.

The software is designed so that you can automatically assign your technicians to tasks throughout the day based on their particular level of knowledge and skill. This is the best way to reduce idle time that turns into lost productivity. It also prevents maintenance personnel from working on tasks that aren’t within their level of expertise.

When you increase productivity, you decrease your costs because you aren’t wasting labor dollars. This is a big reason why companies use fleet management software.

Optimize fuel consumption

Fuel is going to be one of the biggest expenses when running a fleet of vehicles. It’s important to track gas mileage and fuel consumption for your vehicles to ensure they’re using fuel efficiently. If anything looks off with your fuel consumption, it might be a sign that you need a repair.

Eliminate administrative tedium

Using Cetris to manage your fleet and your teams eliminates a lot of tedium. Administrative duties, for example, can be quite numerous and time-consuming. This type of tedium is necessary, but much of it can be automated with fleet management software like Cetaris.

How much time do you spend on administrative tasks? Most fleet managers spend entirely too much time on tasks that don’t count as core business activities. For example, quoting, invoicing, and scheduling are all necessary, but these administrative tasks can be performed by anyone. As the fleet manager, you have better things to do – tasks that require your specific expertise that will directly impact your business.

Cetaris will help you manage your fleet

Businesses from all over have great things to say about Cetaris on software review sites like Capterra and SourceForge. If you haven’t looked into it yet, try it out to see what this powerful software can do for you and your fleet maintenance team.

Although this software comes with powerful features, remember that you can only take advantage of those features once you program the information into your application. It can only run effectively once you input all your data. Once you set up your account and input all the required data, managing your vehicle fleet will be much easier.

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