Whether you’re a top-level executive, a mom on the go, or a student with a full course load, you need to keep your life organized. While you may pride yourself on your excellent memory, without keeping physical track of what needs to be done, where you have to go, and when you must be wherever you need to be, things will slip through the cracks, and the inevitable will happen. You will miss that stakeholders’ meeting, show up late for that soccer game, or forget to study for that exam. It’s time to take control of your schedule.

In the workplace, employees are rated on their punctuality and attendance. It shows you are organized and dependable. It is a reflection of your professionalism and attention to detail. In general, it shows respect and speaks to your integrity. This, of course, can be extended to all areas of your life.

Not only will keeping a calendar keep you on track, but it will also help ease anxiety. It will give you time to plan, relieving the stress of having to remember everything. Scheduling helps to avoid conflicts, helps us to prioritize, keeps us realistic, and can set boundaries by limiting our time spent on a task or event based on the allocated allotment.

Probooking is an appointment scheduling software that is going to help ensure that you stay in control of your time. While specifically designed with the workplace in mind, the program automatically syncs with both your personal and professional Google calendars. You can customize your booking page with your branding, your colors, and personalized text. Booking zoom appointments is super easy. Simply share your page link or embed it into your website. Both you and your invitees receive an email confirmation, so no excuses about missing a meeting. And best yet, you need not use any third-party app to connect. ProBooking handles everything.

Rated 4.9 stars on AppSumo, and with glowing reviews such as “Clean UI/UX, quick support. Easy to use. Amazing booking tool.” and “Entire calendar set up with 6 appointment types … in less than 45 minutes,” ProBooking is the scheduler that should be on your computer. It is available now for only $14.99, almost half of the regular retail price.

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