Almost three out of every four employees don’t think they’re achieving their full potential at work just because they don’t have the right development opportunities. Unfortunately, building up an employee’s skill set, either hard skills or soft, isn’t often a top priority for most businesses. They’re content to keep most workers doing what they already do. 

However, that doesn’t work for most employees. They want to do more, be more, and make more. And just like anything in life, if you want it, you’re probably going to have to go out and do it yourself.

With some much to learn and so many possibilities for expanding your career horizons, it’s tough to decide where to focus. Options like Udemy and their massive self-directed learning platform make it easy to get training in virtually any area to fit any niche a learner is looking to fill in their resume.

Since getting started in 2009, Udemy has continued to build their online education offerings, which now hosts one of the web’s largest course catalogs with more than 183,000 courses. Over the past 12 years, Udemy’s vast array of skills training has enriched the lives of more than 44 million students, who came back again and again, notching almost 600 million course enrollments.

That’s because no matter the subject a student wants to learn, there’s a good chance it’s already fully explored in a Udemy course.

That starts with a giant collection of hard skills training to help master any discipline from programming to accounting to data science. If you want to finally understand Microsoft Excel, a handful of courses can guide users from novice beginner to advanced expert. Want to learn ethical hacking and start a career as a cybersecurity expert? A handful of courses can teach everything the first-timer needs to know. Or if you want to boost your business acumen, there’s even an MBA in 1 Course course to help explain it all.

If you’re leaning toward improving your soft skills, Udemy has those learners covered as well. From communication and leadership to time management and creative problem solving, there are literally dozens of courses that can improve those faculties to help grow your career in virtually any industry.

Courses can all be purchased a la carte, so students can learn what they want when they want at the pace they want. Meanwhile, Udemy students can feel confident in the quality of their learning with Udemy’s stable of more than 65,000 expert instructors, ensuring learners are getting first-hand training from industry veterans who know their fields inside and out.

In addition to over 40 million students, Udemy is also trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to help facilitate their own employee development efforts, including clients like Apple, Netflix, Aflac, Volkswagen, Kaiser Permanente, and more.

Since we could all stand to learn something to help improve our professional lives, head to the Udemy website now, checkout the thousands of available courses, then learn the new skill that’ll advance your career. Learn a new skill and advance your career with Udemy today!

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