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Thought Leadership Platform

Unique lead generation opportunities within The Machine & GamesBeat executive communities, plus custom campaigns across a variety of channels:

Creating cross-platform experiences

#1 in AI and #2 in games

VentureBeat AI and Games writers are ranked as the internet’s top 1 and 2 according to Techmeme


Pageviews on VentureBeat’s AI channel in the past 20 months


Channels dedicated to transformative technology including AI, technology, gaming, autos and commerce

Virtual custom events. Webinars. Podcasts. Digital Video. Interactive Branded Content. Email. Social. Video.

Thought Leadership

VB Lab is a proven VentureBeat process used by marketing leaders to develop innovative solutions to optimize custom content for VB’s audience of over 6 million business decision-makers and influencers who are focused on transformative technology.

Using our knowledge in AI and technology, our partners innovate with us through the lens of a journalistic eye.

VB Lab introduces thoughtful marketing. We’re focused on strategic, custom solutions built to showcase your expertise to business decision-makers and influencers, who are in search of the most transformative technologies.

Partner with VB Lab to create custom content for every platform. VB Lab’s Thought Leadership Platform is designed to showcase your expertise and have your voice heard across all channels. Every message is created with the audience first in mind.

The leader in AI and Games coverage

AI + Games

VentureBeat is the leading source for transformative tech news and events that provide deep context to help business leaders make smart decisions and stay on top of breaking news.

VB is recognized as the #1 publication for coverage in artificial intelligence and machine learning. With 17 million+ annual pageviews across VB’s AI Channel, VentureBeat has built an influential platform for the AI community and business leaders.

VB also offers the most incisive coverage of the game industry, with leading coverage and reach shared by the influential GamesBeat writing team. With a solid community of games executives, GamesBeat is well known as a leader in games coverage, events, podcasts, and more.

VentureBeat has received over 20 million pageviews on its AI content in the past 12 months — reaching a unique audience of over 80% business decision makers who are looking to stay abreast of AI industry trends. 6 million UV, 12 million page views, 40% C-level executives, 1.6 million social reach.

The VB Lab Process

1. Strategic Consulting

VB Lab has a team of advisors who work with your team to identify innovative opportunities. We’re enhancing brand voices by sharing our expertise across major channels including AI, gaming, business and technology. As your partner, we apply our comprehensive understanding of these audiences and the best ways for you to interact with them across channels. It’s in our DNA to understand how best to align to achieve your GTM goals with your core audiences.

VB Lab is an innovation hub

2. Research & Insights

Utilize our research and insights team to develop comprehensive reports, surveys, infographics, case studies, use cases and compelling data to showcase your expertise to VentureBeat’s core audience of business decision-makers.

Able to reach 80% of addressable market

3. Storytelling

VB Lab introduces a Thought Leadership Platform built to help brands lead thought-provoking conversations and create an authentic experience that will resonate with their core audiences. Custom opportunities range from live podcasts, video series, speaking opportunities, private events and interactive branded stories that keep audiences engaged with your content. Utilize VentureBeat’s expertise in tech journalism by gaining an understanding of what type of content to use and when. We’ll help you work through the lens of VentureBeat to develop content that will resonate best with our audience, as we create, produce, and distribute custom forms of content across our platforms. 

Why in-game ads have become the go-to revenue strategy (Infographic)

According to the 2020 Mobile Games Advertising Report, roughly two-thirds of people globally are playing mobile games every day, and total worldwide smartphone gaming revenue was $82.6B by the end of 2019.

7 secrets to winning with IoT in the digital marketplace (Infographic)

30% of IoT projects fail in the proof-of-concept stage. That’s because it’s treated as an off-the shelf, install-and-go solution. 

Going global: What international expansion means for mobile gaming’s top publishers

We spoke with mobile gaming leaders from Activision, Wildlife Studios and Lion Studios to learn more about their global user acquisition strategies. 

Innovate with VB Lab

4. Innovative Product

Brands are constantly craving new innovative solutions to engage with their audience. VB Lab creates custom opportunities for partners to spotlight their expertise and fulfill KPIs in the most creative, disruptive ways.

Study shows how thought leadership delivers real ROI, if it’s done right

Thought leadership has a direct impact on the full sales funnel — more than most marketers realize. 

What’s your AI narrative? How to tell your story, and get noticed

Here are three ways you can start leading the narrative in AI with storytelling. Understand your audience. What’s most important to the audience you’re speaking to?

VentureBeat ranks as #1 publisher in AI news coverage as industry booms

VentureBeat has received over 20 million pageviews on its AI content in the past 12 months — reaching a unique audience of over 80% business decision makers who are looking to stay abreast of AI industry trends.

Reaching 40% C-level executives and 80% business decision makers

5. Digital Marketing

VB Lab produces videos, creates custom native ads, and works with your team to design interactive digital marketing experiences that align with your brand.

Matt Marshall and Ryan Lester | LogMeIn Bold360 | VB Transform 2019

Ryan Lester, senior director of customer experience technologies for LogMeIn, talks with Matt Marshall, VentureBeat founder and CEO, about the expanding use cases for AI in business at VB Transform 2019.

Ryan Lester and PD Singh | LogMeIn Bold360 | VB Transform 2019

PD Singh, VP of AI at UI Path talks with Ryan Lester, senior director of customer experience technologies at LogMeIn, about taking RPA to the next level with machine learning.

Seth Colaner and Brian Bagdasarian | LogMeIn Bold360 | VB Transform 2019

Brian Bagdasarian, senior manager of digital engagements and conversational marketing strategy, LogMeIn Bold360 talks with VentureBeat AI Editor Seth Colaner about making conversational AI work for your business at VB Transform 2019.

Bob O’Donnell and Amir Khosrowshahi | LogMeIn Bold360 | VB Transform 2019

Amir Khosrowshahi, VP and CTO of AI products at Intel, and Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst at TECHnalysis Research, talk about AI and privacy at VB Transform 2019.

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