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We’ve created a new way for brands to utilize VentureBeat with strategic insights and thoughtful marketing.

We’re partnering with thought leaders to develop innovative solutions to optimize custom content to VB’s audience of over 6 million business decision-makers and influencers who are focused on transformative technology.

Top 5

VentureBeat AI writers are ranked as the internet’s top 5 according to Techmeme


Pageviews on VentureBeat’s AI channel in the past 20 months


Channels dedicated to transformative technology including AI, technology, gaming, autos and commerce

 VB Lab is an innovation hub

VB Lab innovates for brand partners. We develop strategic, custom solutions built to showcase your expertise in the most thoughtful way, which results in positive business impacts. Using our knowledge in AI and technology, our partners innovate with  us through the lens of a journalistic eye.

We’re focused on designing thoughtful content that’s disruptive and meaningful for business decision-makers and influencers, who are in search of the most transformative technologies.

VB Lab Thought Leadership Platform

Create the most impact, with the most relevant audience. VB Lab’s Thought Leadership Platform is designed to showcase your expertise and have your voice heard across all channels. Brands will have access to an all-touch multi-platform that includes mobile, desktop, and in-person touch points so no message is left behind. Every message is created with the audience first in mind.

Business thought leaders and marketers partner with VB Lab to create custom content for each platform. From live speaking engagements to content syndication, it’s about getting the right message in front of the right audience, at the right time.

Digital Engagement

Video — Interactive Branded Content — Email  — Webinars  —  Podcasts

In-Person Engagement

Conferences — Private Events — Live Video — Live Podcasts — Live Social Media

The leader in AI coverage

VentureBeat has been established as a critical news source for artificial intelligence. With 17 million pageviews on VB’s  AI Channel in the past 20 months,  and rapidly growing, VentureBeat has built an influential platform for the AI community and business leaders. As part of its commitment in telling cutting-edge stories around AI, VentureBeat produces and is unmatched in the number of live AI events produced each year, including AI webinars and notable AI conferences, where business leaders gather to discuss how AI is disrupting the technology landscape.

“VentureBeat is unique in that it covers AI from an uncommon vantage point, emphasizing technology solutions and applied advances in the field that speak directly to developers innovating in the space. Moreover, VentureBeat applies journalistic standards to all coverage — eschewing academic or hyped news that general news publications rely on.”  Matt Marshall – Founder & CEO at VentureBeat

What VB Lab can do for you

Strategic Consulting

VB Lab has a team of advisors who work with your team to identify innovative opportunities. We’re enhancing brand voices by sharing our expertise across major channels including AI, gaming, business and technology. As your partner, we apply our comprehensive understanding of these audiences and the best ways for you to interact with them across channels. It’s in our DNA to understand how best to align  to achieve your GTM goals with your core audiences.

Research & Insights

Utilize our research and insights team to develop comprehensive reports, surveys, infographics, case studies, use cases and compelling data to showcase your expertise to VentureBeat’s core audience of business decision-makers.


VB Lab introduces a Thought Leadership Platform built to help brands lead thought-provoking conversations and create an authentic experience that will resonate with their core audiences. Custom opportunities range from live podcasts, video series, speaking opportunities, private events and interactive branded stories that keep audiences engaged with your content. Utilize VentureBeat’s expertise in tech journalism by gaining an understanding of what type of content to use and when. We’ll help you work through the lens of VentureBeat to develop content that will resonate best with our audience, as we create, produce, and distribute custom forms of content across our platforms. 

Innovative Product Development

Brands are constantly craving new innovative solutions to engage with their audience. VB Lab creates custom opportunities for partners to spotlight their expertise and fulfill KPIs in the most creative, disruptive ways.

Digital Marketing

VB Lab produces videos, creates custom native ads and works with your team to design interactive digital marketing experiences that align with your brand.

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