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The employee experience: Create a culture that drives company growth

10:00am PDT Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Your employees are your most valuable resource and companies are now realizing it's as important to invest as much thought and strategy into their employee experience as their customer experience. In this three-part webinar series –The Employee Experience from Recruitment to Retention – we’ll explore different aspects of the important employee experience. In this first webinar, HR experts will first share insights into why company culture is the key to business growth. The series continues with webinars on how to improve access to employee benefits without breaking the bank; and how companies can attract and retain the best talent in a post-pandemic market. In periods of disruption and rapid change, company culture can differentiate the best from the rest. Creating an employee-first environment, rooted in a solid foundation of shared core values and beliefs, inspires employee engagement and long-term loyalty – which can drive customer satisfaction and fuel company growth. How do you create a company culture that empowers your employees to keep growing and gives you a competitive edge? In this webinar, you'll learn about the elements of a successful company culture, how to build a positive employee environment, and what steps to take that can shape and strengthen your culture to align with your organization’s values and goals. Takeaways: - The importance of culture as a driving force for competitive advantage. - Actionable tips for creating a more inclusive and connected culture that can help you attract and retain employees. - Strategies that you can use for reinforcing and sustaining culture that helps create ownership and shared accountability. Speakers: - Deepa Gandhi, Co-Founder and COO, Dagne Dover - Kristine Gunn, Executive Director, Talent and Organizational Management, TriNet - Stewart Rogers, Moderator, VentureBeat

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Monetizing the esports boom: How to launch an esports platform

10:00am PDT Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Right now, esports has a 495 million-strong and growing global audience. And it's surprisingly easy for developers and publishers to add tournaments, event streaming, and VIP content to their own platform to engage those millions of fans and players around the world. The opportunity is real: Tournaments, ranked play, and matchups encourage continuous and repeat game play as players compete to earn status, rewards, and prizes, both virtual and real. Plus, creating a global community with competitive game play through an esports platform enables your gamers to connect and play together, creating the kind of community that keeps players loyal. In this VB Live event, you'll learn some best practices into creating your own online esports and skill-based gaming platform and to safely and securely accelerate game commerce globally. Plus you'll hear about the tools you need to streamline and securely manage your fan and player engagement process, how to monetize your fanbase, and more. Attendees will learn about: - Creating a fanbase for your game and brand - Rewarding gamers who are loyal players - Monetizing the fan experience - Managing payment processing simply and safely Speakers: - John Fazio, CEO, Nerd Street Gamers - Niccolo Maisto, Co-Founder & CEO, FACEIT - Berkley Egenes, Vice President of Marketing focused on Game Commerce, Xsolla - Steve Peterson, CEO, StoryPHORCE Entertainment (moderator)

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Open banking is big. Here’s why open finance is bigger.

10:00am PDT Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Open banking initiatives across the globe are enabling consumers to share their account and transaction data with third parties, increasing opportunities to deliver innovative new fintech products and facilitating collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs. But this is only the beginning. The open banking movement promises to be part of a much larger open finance trend, and in this webinar you’ll learn why and what open finance means for you and your business. Join us to see how open finance and access to alternative data can revolutionize customer experiences related to insurance, utilities, and telecommunications, and other industries and sectors. Learn what type of data could potentially be included in open finance and how this data can be safely used to spur innovation, improve efficiencies, increase demand, support consumer decision-making, and improve customer relationships. Attendees will learn: • How open finance is evolving around the world and in the U.S. • How access to alternative data can transform the customer experience • Why industries like insurance, utilities, and lending benefit from open finance • How open finance could encompass mortgage info, pensions, investments, and insurance policies • How to position yourself on the leading edge of open finance Speakers: - Dawn Sirras, SVP FinTech Partnerships, Constellation Digital Partners - David Nohe, CEO, FinGoal - Brian Costello, VP, Data Strategy and Strategic Initiatives, Envestnet | Yodlee - Jenn Underwood, Moderator

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The promise of open clouds: Faster innovation, faster delivery

10:00am PDT Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

As cloud computing continues to accelerate worldwide, organizations are now deciding which model best serves their needs. Yes, the major public clouds can offer almost unlimited scalability, but users are limited to the hardware and software choices the cloud provider has made. This is where open clouds come in. Consisting of "open" components, these are tailored to an enterprise's specific needs in compute, storage, networking, and the software stack. A wide range of "instances" can be installed in an open data center, whether made available to internal or external customers, tailored to the needs of the enterprise. As a result, open clouds can reduce latencies to client device – improving customer and device (IoT) interactions. The latest innovations from the edge to the data center can be quickly brought on-line, and tuned to the exact requirements needed to maintain SLAs. But in making the best decision, you need to ensure three main components for success: the right hardware (the primary instruction set and binary compatibility); the best software stack; and the appropriate network choice. Join this VB Live event to learn more about the benefits of open clouds – and what’s needed to produce the best outcome. Attendees will learn: • Why an eco-system based on open standards can reduce costs and increase innovation • How to evaluate workloads • How a cloud based on open standards can easily be constructed • How open standards apply to hardware and software choices Speakers: - Michael McNerney, Vice President Marketing and Network Security, Supermicro - Joe Maglitta, Moderator, VentureBeat - More to come!

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