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Evolve: Ensuring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in AI (VB Live)

8:00am PST Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

Evolve is a 90-minute event focused on best practices on how to ensure racial fairness and equity while building products, teams, and companies with AI, ML, and large data. Evolve bridges two of the most significant trends in the corporate world in 2020. First, the events of the past few months have reawakened the world to continued racial injustice. The corporate sector, in particular the technology industry, has historically been perceived as slow in efforts to promote equality and affirmative action in the workforce. But recent events have spurred them into action, and there are signs that real change could come about. At the same time, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are arguably the most powerful enterprise technologies today, and hundreds of large companies are pushing AI/ML product development to get an edge on their competitors. But they are doing so at a time when many, if not most, of the decision-makers, do not reflect the diversity of the general population. And many companies have been careless in making sure their data used in AI decision-making is not reflecting prejudice and bias that can perpetuate inequality for years to come. PANEL DISCUSSION 1: THE WHY, HOW & WHAT OF DE&I IN AI - Moderated by Seth Colaner, Editorial Director, VentureBeat PANEL DISCUSSION 2: FROM 'SAY' TO 'DO': UNPACKING REAL-WORLD CASE STUDIES & HOW TO OVERCOME REAL-WORLD ISSUES OF ACHIEVING DE&I IN AI - Moderated by Hari Sivaraman, Head of AI Content Strategy, VentureBeat Speakers: - Tiffany Deng, Program Management Lead - ML Fairness and Responsible AI, Google - Rashida Hodge, VP, North America Go-to-Market | Global Markets, IBM - Huma Abidi, Senior Director of AI Software Products, Intel

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Customer engagement for a new digital-first world (VB Live)

10:00am PST Thursday, December 10th, 2020

In a pandemic-struck world, organizations need to do more with less to support the legions of new customers who are going digital for the first time, and the customers who are expecting more than ever. Digital maturity is essential, and getting started with artificial intelligence is critical to accelerating your customer service offerings. It helps optimize costs, boosts customer satisfaction significantly, and improves self service, which needs to be a top priority for organizations, and more. To learn about emerging data and customer service trends, don't miss this VB Live event! Register for free! You'll learn: - Why foundational self-service improvement is a top priority - How to make digital more effective for employees and customers - Why AI is a catalyst for digital maturity Speakers: - Srini Janarthanam, Conversational AI - Technology Designer, NatWest (National Westminster Bank) - Chad Oda, Head of Consulting | Partner, Chat Mode - Stewart Rogers, Moderator, VentureBeat

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The cutting-edge computer architecture that's changing the AI game

10:00am PST Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

To stay on top of cutting-edge AI innovation, it's time to upgrade your technology stack. Major advances in computer architecture are ushering in next-generation AI capabilities. Three notable trends are emerging: technology has advanced beyond the limitations of multi-core processing; inference and training are converging in deep learning applications; and new hardware and software capabilities can powerfully accelerate machine learning applications. In this VB Live event you'll learn how cutting-edge computer architecture can unlock new capabilities for natural language processing, visual AI, recommendation models, and scientific computing, from common use cases to real-world case studies and more. Registration is free. You'll learn: - Why multicore architecture is on its last legs -- and how new, advanced computer architectures are changing the game - How to implement state-of-the-art converged training and inference solutions - New ways to accelerate data analytics and scientific computing applications in the same accelerator Speakers: - Alan Lee, Corporate Vice President and Head of Advanced Research, AMD - Kunle Olukotun, Co-founder and Chief Technologist, SambaNova Systems - Naveen Rao, Investor, Adviser & AI Expert (moderator)

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