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Building a world-class sales organization

10:00am PDT Tuesday, August 27th, 2019

The quality of your sales force has a direct, accumulating, impact on your business as you grow – and building it from the ground up is the way you turn your business into a world-class sales organization. But it's not just about how many clients you're speaking to or closing, but how many clients feel like your sales team partners with them as true advisors. Join this VB Live event to learn the essential strategies and key best practices for small and mid-sized companies to not just keep up with your competition but pull ahead. Register for free now! Attend this webinar and learn: * How to effectively hire and train a top sales force * What the smartest sales quotas look like, and how to set them * How to create and implement business management systems * What motivates sales teams, and how to take advantage * What an effective sales culture looks like and how to build one Speakers: * Burt Powers, Senior Director of Dell Small Business Sales * Stewart Rogers, Analyst At Large, VentureBeat

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The audience, 5G, AR and mobile trends shaping the next generation of gaming

10:00am PDT Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

The gaming industry has gone through dramatic changes in the last 10 years, but there are four trends that are likely to change things even further: the increased power of mobile gaming, the integration of AR in real-world environments, the growth of streaming audiences eclipsing player growth and 5G networks. In this session, we’ll take a look at the history of gaming and the trends, products and moments that have driven the industry forward to this point. We’ll then look at how these four trends, supported by AI and data, are likely to impact the future of gaming. Registration is free. What this webinar will cover: *A historical look at gaming revenue and the impact of mobile networks *Analysis of gaming demographic shifts, and what could happen when “peak millennial hits peak gamer” *Inside data on esports, streaming audience growth, and what we can learn from “stick and ball” revenue models *Predictions on the next generation of gaming experiences, and when these trends will converge and disrupt the industry Speakers: Erik Archer Smith, Marketing Director, Data at Treasure Data Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat

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The enterprise AI conundrum: Build or buy?

10:00am PDT Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

It’s do or die time: According to Gartner, the global business value from AI leapt by 70 percent last year, to $1.2 trillion, and it will triple to $3.9 trillion in 2022. So enterprises interested in getting on the AI train should jump now -- before you lose some major competitive advantages. Of course, the biggest challenge for enterprise companies is figuring out the build versus buy question. There’s the build-in-house model of AI implementation, with open-source toolkits and expensive, but essential new hires. The number of startups offering full-service consultation, with set-up and service is proliferating, but who do you choose, and what do you pay for? And somewhere in between those options there’s the artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS) approach — and again, the field of vendors is crowded with options. There’s no easy, one-size-fits-all answer — but there are experts with real insight into how to identify your business needs, and where to get started implementing AI in the most cost-effective, profitable way possible for your enterprise. To get up front and personal with pros in the trenches now, register now for this VB Live event! You'll learn: *How to identify your AI needs *How to identify your decision criteria *The pros and cons of build and buy, and the best situations for each *How to get a handle on the true costs of both build and buy

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Why financial services companies need to invest in voice and chat

10:00am PDT Tuesday, September 24th, 2019

Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant are changing the way consumers live and how brands engage with people. Witnessing the rise in popularity of voice-enabled digital assistants, many financial service providers are planning on incorporating or have already added this new technology into their systems. But while investment in voice assistants continues to grow, questions remain on how much these technologies can drive digital engagement, streamline customer communications, and build revenue. Don’t miss this chance to join our discussion on voice and chat technologies and find out how they can be effectively utilized to create a more engaging and meaningful customer experience. Join our webinar to learn: • How conversational technologies are changing the financial services landscape • What to look for in a voice-enabled solution • Why context is key for the future of voice-enabled digital assistants • Ways voice and chat can power financial wellness • Tips for capitalizing on conversational interfaces and improve customer loyalty • How Envestnet | Yodlee data accuracy helps power AI-enabled voice and chat solutions Speakers: *Juan Romera, Head of Business Developer, Abe.AI *Katy Gibson, VP Application Products, Envestnet | Yodlee

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How desktop-as-a-service makes complex IT architecture simple

10:00am PDT Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

As private and public clouds get less expensive, they’re expected to completely replace on-premises computing to make IT cheaper, easier to run, and more secure. But right now, most enterprises still have their feet in both worlds, using hybrid systems that are intended to make the lives of the CIO and the IT department easier. Unfortunately, the complexity often just adds additional cost and reduces business value. So how do you harness the power of a hybrid system, with any cloud provider? Desktop-as-a-service is a virtualized interface that makes the complexity of your software completely invisible to your users, and allow IT to spin up a desktop instance with one click. It’s a world where IT no less complex but a lot easier to use -- and your users far more productive. Learn more about how to address the complexity of your tech infrastructure and desktop-as-a-service when you join this VB Live event! Register for free now! In this webinar, you will discover: *The concept of desktop-as-a-service including how it works, what it is, and where to get it *How things have become complex, and how to measure complexity for your enterprise. *How to understand the business value of dealing with complexity Steps toward mapping out a course of action Speaker: Jon Eugenio, Principal Solutions Architect, Nutanix Xi Frame team

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Why AI success takes real internal disruption first

10:00am PDT Thursday, September 26th, 2019

Most enterprises consist of a series of functional silos, and that may have worked until now. Artificial intelligence has changed the playing field dramatically, becoming a driving force for companies to approach customers and markets in new ways, address internal and external pain points, and gain competitive advantage. But to harness AI as a transformative technology for your company, you need to depart from a siloed model to a horizontal approach. By automating diverse but connected processes, AI and machine learning opens up new opportunities for cross-functional optimization, knitting together and optimizing silos, and creating new efficiencies that were not possible before. To learn how to squeeze out the promise of AI with a truly horizontal approach, build a strategic vision around elevating every part of your enterprise, and truly transform your business, don't miss this VB Live event. You'll learn: ●How to identify areas of opportunity and look at how each of these areas connect ●How to put necessary support in place to make AI meaningful ●How to ask the right questions about your data ●How to collect the required datasets to truly transform their businesses ●How to anticipate the user experience ●How to create a rally point around what it means to employ this type of technology ●What decisions are required to implement at scale Speakers: John Fremont, Founder & Chief AI Officer, Hypergiant

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Want your sales teams to always be closing? Adopt AI

10:00am PST Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Sales leaders are continually on the hook to make the current quarter outperform the last, and now AI and machine learning offers brand new ways to improve workflows and conversion rates. Artificial intelligence can increase your lead and appointments by fifty percent, reduce new rep ramp time by 30 to 60 percent, and increase win rates by 10 percentage points. It can ensure a rep’s time is all impact, all the time, by automating tasks, highlighting conversation best practices, and slashing whats essentially downtime by 40 percent — and even initiate contact with leads, qualify them, follow up, and sustain them. Leaving sales reps the time and the primed field to close the deal. AI and machine learning technologies just keep maturing, making it easier — and smarter than ever — to plug in to a new way of doing business. To learn more about how early adopters have transformed their sales processes and enjoyed enormous gains in return, don’t miss this VB Live event! Register for free now! Attend this webinar and learn: How to simplify tasks that take up too much of sales' time *How AI will improve forecasting accuracy *How AI can identify coaching themes from meetings based on what top reps do better than others *How AI can identify which clients will be easiest to both up-sell and cross-sell *How AI can identify best pricing and discounts for individual clients to avoid leaving money on the table *The leading technologies to implement AI for sales acceleration Speakers: *Stewart Rogers, Analyst At Large, VentureBeat More speakers coming soon!

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How AI is transforming enterprise analytics

10:00am PST Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Enterprise analytics will trend toward a $70 billion market in 2019, now that business users everywhere are demanding immediate, universal access to data and reporting. With the advent of AI, data access and accuracy are being improved even more. But AI also brings with it responsibilities around governance, privacy and protocol. So on one hand, AI is helping prepping clean, rich data -- for example auto-completing or correcting data where it does not exist or is wrong, or even auto-suggesting reporting dashboards, equipping decision-makers to understand what reports to follow and what the data is telling them. On the other hand, this speed and cornucopia that AI provides brings with it a new urgency to make sure that data is all safe, especially given heightened attention across industries to concerns around privacy, bias, and fairness. To learn more about how Ai is transforming enterprise analytics, don’t miss this VB Live event! Register here for free. Attend this webinar and learn about: *The importance of clean, rich data and how AI is helping this *Why AI dashboards will replace KPI dashboards *How AI and analytics approaches differ across devices -- with mobile being so much more meshed within the Internet of Things *How AI and analytics quickly surface problem areas in customer strategies and allow actionable insights in real time *The importance of clearly-defined questions in creating AI analytics dashboards Speakers coming soon!

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