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Is your small business ready for the new world of work?

10:00am PDT Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Navigating today’s new world of work does not have to be complex and daunting. Industry-leading technology platforms have developed a robust set of easy-to-use digital tools to help your business move forward. Customers and employees are demanding more access to digital solutions that enable seamless ways of doing business. As a result, business owners are taking action to quickly modernize their business processes to better adapt to today’s environment. Join us to hear how digital transformation can help your business stand out from the competition and accelerate sales -- even in challenging times. In this webinar, you’ll: - Hear from industry experts from DocuSign, Stripe, and ChowNow - Understand market trends impacting the speed of business transactions - Learn how technology platforms are helping businesses shift to the new world of work - Enable your business to use digital tools as a competitive advantage and key differentiator Speakers: - Brent Kraus, SVP Sales & Restaurant Success, ChowNow - Dave Simon, Vice President, Small Business Commercial Sales, DocuSign - Jeanne DeWitt Grosser, Head of Revenue and Growth for the Americas, Stripe - Stewart Rogers, Moderator, VentureBeat

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How AI is impacting customer experience in fintech

10:00am PDT Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Customer experience is key to having a customer retention rate that leads to more business deals and, consequently, more revenue. And companies like MasterCard are implementing AI strategies that are transforming how customer experience is done. Join Mastercard Lab’s VP of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Dr. Steve Flinter, as he shares insights on why AI is essential for fintech companies now. You'll learn how world-class companies are using artificial intelligence in their retention strategies, explore real-world case studies, and gain insights into developing an AI strategy, as well as how to overcome the challenges that arise. And DefinedCrowd’s CEO Dr. Daniela Braga will dive into how to make your AI investment perform. She'll cover the nitty gritty of implementing an AI platform, including data collection, annotation, and structuring to guarantee the accuracy of a machine learning model. Register now to learn how your fintech company can leverage AI, NLP, and voice technologies to dramatically improve customer service, boost efficiency, and improve your bottom line. Takeaways: - Understand the different types of AI initiatives a company can launch to improve CX based on NLP and Voice technologies - Know how to develop those AI initiatives and the role of data on training AI/ML models - Get to know a case study from a fintech company (Mastercard) Speakers: - Dr. Steve Flinter, VP of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Mastercard Lab - Carla Saavedra Kochalski, Director of Conversational AI & Messaging Products, Capital One - Dr. Daniela Braga, Founder & CEO, DefinedCrowd - Hari Sivaraman, Head of AI Content Strategy, VentureBeat (moderator)

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How paying attention to what your users say can pay off

10:00am PDT Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Product quality is more important than ever. User retention, brand equity, and revenue are driven by the quality of products and experiences you deliver. The simple fact of the matter is that companies that consistently deliver great products and experiences beat the competition. One of the top ways companies can consistently deliver great products is by automatically identifying actionable quality issues in user feedback and sharing those insights with product, engineering, and support teams. Automated product quality analysis can save you time and guide you to allocate resources to initiatives that improve product quality and drive growth. Join this VentureBeat Live event to learn more from companies that have implemented automated user feedback platforms to drive significant improvements in product quality, the best way to integrate tools into your workflow, the best tools to use, and more. Attendees will take away: - A broad overview of how product quality impacts user retention, brand equity and revenue - An in-depth look at how to drive significant improvements in product quality in a cost-effective manner - How to select and implement the right automated quality analysis platform - And more! Speakers: - Greg Burch, VP Engineering, StyleSeat - Kyle Nesbit, Chief Resident & Technical Lead, Gradient Ventures - Anthony Heckman, Head of Growth, unitQ - Ben Ilfeld, Head of Product, VentureBeat (moderator)

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What it takes to launch a mobile game internationally

10:00am PDT Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Mobile gaming is a global billion dollar industry. Its meteoric rise is fueled by growing ad revenues, an increase in gamer participation from a diverse demographic, and investment from non-gaming giants from entertainment and other industries. At the same time, the advent of technologies like 5G and increased cloud capabilities are expanding mobile game appeal and accessibility. The next step? Launching abroad. Publishers are capitalizing on these trends by expanding their reach into new, lucrative markets. But finding success means overcoming some at-home market hurdles like foreign government regulations, the risk of market saturation and competition, and the spectre of slow sales. Such hurdles can make the leap to cross-border success intimidating — but there's never been a better time to go global. For insights into what it takes for American publishers to build an international audience and vice-versa, the strategies that developers need to put into place, and how to mitigate risk, join experts from Facebook Audience Network in this VB Live event. From a NA/LATAM lens, this session will cover: - What is influencing publisher motivations to expand internationally? - What should publishers ask themselves when looking to expand? - What are the key insights and trends publishers can leverage when planning to expand? Speakers: - Marcio Freire, Publisher Solutions Manager, LATAM & Scaled, Facebook Audience Network - Martin Bradley, Research Director, 2CV - Jennifer Poulson, Head of Publishing & Product, SEA, Riot Games (moderator)

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