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Innovating on the Data Cloud

10:00am PDT Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

With the ongoing explosive growth in data, more and more applications are taking advantage of that data to deliver value to their users. As a result, every application is becoming a data application. Hundreds of software teams are building their applications in the cloud across many use cases and industries. What are the advantages? How does this deliver value to end customers? How does this make data accessible to a variety of stakeholders to make data-informed decisions? And how does this enable developers to deliver different applications? Join this session to hear from product and engineering leaders at leading software companies about their unique use cases, what problem their application solves, and what key learnings they have to share with the community. You’ll learn best practices to: - Deliver differentiated applications by building on a modern data platform - Significantly accelerate development time - Drive fast growth by delivering value to your end customers Speakers: - Matt Walker, Founder & CTO/CISO, Simon Data - Augusto Barros, VP Cyber Security Evangelist, Securonix - Erik Peterson, Founder & CTO/CISO, CloudZero - Natalie Mead, Sr. Director Field CTO Office, Snowflake (moderator)

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What’s next for enterprise open source in the decade of data

10:00am PDT Thursday, September 30th, 2021

It's increasingly clear that open source software (OSS) is a smart bet, and data is key to increasing competitive advantage and accelerating growth. Today’s data leaders are four times likely to have deployed a best-of-breed OSS technology like Kubernetes and Apache Cassandra. And according to Gartner, much of the world’s application innovation is now based on open source software. Plus, companies already using a robust OSS data stack are twice as likely to attribute more than 20% of revenue to data and analytics. Open source is an engine for innovation, offering reliability, scalability and security for IT leaders intent on future-proofing their infrastructure, building a powerful data strategy, and succeeding in a market that's still reeling from the pandemic. To learn more about how open source can help companies activate data in real time, use artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer relationships, and transform their business, don't miss this VB Live event. You'll learn: - How and why key open source technologies should play a central role in your data strategy role - How to leverage leading and emerging technologies to drive your own data strategy forward - Best practices for aligning cultural as well as technical patterns for success to accelerate innovation Speakers: - Al Gillen, Group VP, Software Development and Open Source, IDC - Bryan Kirschner, Vice President Strategy, DataStax - Sarah Novotny, Director of Open Source Strategy in the Azure Office of the CTO, Microsoft

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Practical strategies for navigating growth in a complex world

1:00pm PDT Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Throughout the past year, companies have focused on recovering from the pandemic and establishing a course for new growth. Behind this tension however is a fundamental paradox: As a business grows, the more complex it becomes, and the more complex it becomes, the harder it is to grow. According to a 5-year study by Bain and Company, only one in 17,000 companies will grow to $500 million and become a sustained value creator because of the bottlenecks, systems breakdowns, and complexity that accompany growth. This leads to employee overwhelm, performance gaps, and derailing the ability to serve customers and create the momentum the team desires. Unfortunately, the typical response to complexity is to add even more complexity – more people, more systems, more oversight – which only compounds the problem. How can companies grow profitably and avoid the internal breakdowns and pitfalls that accompany growth? In this free VB Live event, we'll talk about the symptoms of too-fast growth – from losing touch with key customers to communication breakdowns, overwhelming workloads, and low employee morale. Then we'll address strategies and solutions to stay on track and prioritize what matters most. You'll come away with strategies to revive your energy, bring your focus back to delighting customers, reconnect to a bold purpose and mission, redefine your direction, energize your team, and more. Registration is free. Attendees will learn: - The major challenges of too-fast growth - How to recognize the complexity that could be undermining your team or organization - How to adapt the skills and behaviors needed for consistent, scalable growth - How to build teams and cultures that thrive in a complex world Speakers: - More expert speakers to come! - Kristine Gunn, Executive Director, Talent and Org Management, TriNet - Stewart Rogers, Moderator, VentureBeat

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