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Expand your mobile game success with a multi-platform strategy in 2021

10:00am PST Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

To meet the increasing player demand, developers and publishers are going to be firing out new mobile game titles at breakneck speed in 2021. To successfully launch your own game in an increasingly crowded market and capture user attention right from the start, you need to think beyond the app store. Going beyond the traditional avenues can help you create a community with your players, improve the discoverability of your mobile game, and scale your mobile business. To learn how to develop a multi-platform launch strategy, how to both capture and keep user attention, and how to keep your game growing, don't miss this VB Live event! You'll learn about: - Acquiring new users with a multi-platform experience - Creative ways to build a community beyond the app store - How to target the right markets, platforms, and regions for your game Speakers: - Michail Katkoff, CEO & Co-Founder, Savage Game Studios - Chris Hewish, President, Xsolla - Miikka Luotio, Interim Director of Business Development, Europe, Xsolla - Steve Peterson, CEO, StoryPHORCE Entertainment (moderator)

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The 2021 digital toolkit: How small businesses are taking charge

10:00am PST Thursday, January 28th, 2021

When it comes to running a business, time is one of your most precious resources. Many small businesses are performing digital health checks and taking a fresh look at how they will provide a better digital experience for their customers in the new year. Finding ways to become more efficient can greatly improve the customer experience and your bottom line. One of the easiest ways to improve operational efficiency is by building your digital toolbelt. From accepting digital payments to automating your entire agreement process, digital tools streamline your efforts, saving you time and money. Here are three benefits digital tools bring to your business: - Accelerate Quote-to-Cash - getting paid quicker, digital tools help you hold onto your own money as long as you can. - Enhance Customer Experience - simplifying the agreement process makes business convenient for you and your customers - Increase Security - digital tools offer you and your customers peace of mind and gain a competitive advantage Speakers: - Anthony Heckman, Head of Business Development, unitQ - Laurie McCabe, Cofounder & Partner, SMB Group Inc. - Dave Simon, VP of SMB Commercial Sales, DocuSign - Stewart Rogers, Moderator, VentureBeat

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How the U.S. open banking system is driving huge innovation

10:00am PST Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

As open banking initiatives gain traction in the U.S., fintechs and innovative financial firms are in an ideal position to deliver personalized products, apps and services based on consumer-permissioned data. The ability to leverage timely rich consumer data and insights positions open banking as the launchpad for open finance experiences that can assist consumers to make positive impacts in every aspect of their financial lives. Join our webinar to discuss open banking and open finance with industry thought leaders from FinGoal, Tiller Money, and Envestnet | Yodlee. Learn how the new open banking movement is fueling digital experiences that result in better financial outcomes for consumers. We’ll also walk through what you need to do to prepare for open banking and connect with the open APIs that make this revolution possible. Register for our webinar to discuss: • What’s happening with open banking in the U.S. • How open banking ecosystems work • Ways open APIs drive financial wellness • How to leverage deep consumer insights • How to prepare for open banking Speakers: - Peter Polson, Founder, Tiller Money - David Nohe, CEO, FinGoal - Brian Costello, VP, Data Strategy and Strategic Initiatives, Envestnet | Yodlee - Evan Schuman, Moderator

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The power of audio: Building customer connections and boosting loyalty

10:00am PDT Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Audio is booming. Consumers are spending 30% more time listening to spoken word audio, including podcasts and news. And 43% listen daily, with 48% listening an average of two hours a day. A big percentage of those are podcasts, which will reach 112 million listeners in 2021. That's why audio is an incredibly powerful way to reach customers, and brands that do it right can increase personalization, consumer convenience, and customer loyalty. Learn how to add audio to your marketing mix in this VB Live event. Attendees will learn: - How brands can include both branded audio and media, and user-generated media in their go-to-market strategy - The benefits of branded audio media - How offering services, or partnering with audio forward companies, to generate or support quality audio can provide a competitive advantage and differentiation Speakers: - Sripal Mehta, Senior Director, API Platform, Dolby Labs - More to come!

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