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How fintech is using voice and chat to revolutionize customer experience

10:00am PDT Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are changing consumers’ expectations on how they interact with all kinds of companies. So it’s no surprise that financial institutions and other financial service providers are racing to keep up and optimize their customers’ current user experience with flexible and contextualized voice and chat capabilities. But while investment in these types of conversational technologies continues to grow, there is still confusion about how much these technologies can really drive digital engagement and streamline customer communications. Don’t miss this chance to understand how voice and chat conversational technologies are creating a more engaging and meaningful experience for your customers. Webinar attendees will learn: * How are conversational technologies changing the financial services landscape? * Things to consider when looking to deploy a voice-enabled solution. * How can Voice and Chat support a broad range of financial wellness solutions? * Capitalizing on conversational interfaces to capture and improve customer loyalty. And much more… Speakers: * Frank Coates, Executive Managing Director, Envestnet | Yodlee Analytics * Ken Dodelin, VP Conversational AI Products, Capital One * Sandi Boga, Director, Product Innovation, ATB Financial * Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat Sponsored by Yodlee

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Can your data infrastructure support AI marketing?

8:00am PDT Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Are you AI-ready? You need to be. Artificial intelligence marketing applications are delivering on their promise to source new insights to grow your business fast, AI technology is becoming available to any company looking for a competitive edge, and now’s the time to move, if you want to stay ahead of the curve. But the challenge is not just in defining an AI strategy; it requires developing the infrastructure to support it. Should you be developing in-house, or look to available technology and collaborate with outside experts? Keep deployment on-premise, or reach for the cloud? Can your current infrastructure, from server performance to processing power, stand up to the demands of increasingly complex AI applications? Get ready to level up your marketing strategy with AI, advance your technological capabilities in smart, strategic ways, learn how to make sure your next infrastructure move helps you exploit the AI advantage and more when you join this VB Live event! Register for free! Attend this webinar and learn: * How to tell if your marketing and IT departments are AI-ready * The fundamentals of an AI-driven infrastructure * The role of clean, definable data goals in successful AI implementation * How to scale the AI workload Speakers: * Andrew Malinow, PhD., Principal Data Scientist, Zylotech * Rolf Schromgens, CEO, Trivago * Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer, TGI Friday's * Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst, Forrester * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat Sponsored by Zylotech

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Location data: The secret to really knowing your customer

10:00am PDT Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Where are your target customers going, and how are they spending their time and, more importantly, their dollars? Location data and intelligence – not just on how consumers are interacting with your brand but also with your competitors – is key to crafting a killer consumer experience and reaching them when and where their hearts and minds (and wallets) are ready to be captured. From foot traffic patterns and location visits to frequency analysis, custom venue visit analysis offers powerful, actionable insights to companies looking for a competitive edge in a crowded field. Learn how to capture new customer interest, keep older customers coming back, and boost your market share when you join this VB Live event! Register for free now! During this webinar you’ll learn how to: * Boost engagement with location-based consumer insights and competitive intelligence * Gain insight into the behavioral patterns of customers and prospects * Apply the best use of location data for your business Speakers: * David Bairstow, SVP Product Management, Skyhook * Sheryl Jacobson, Principal Consulting Strategy and Analytics, Deloitte Consulting LLP * Stewart Rogers, Analyst at Large, VentureBeat (Moderator) Sponsored by Skyhook

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5 must-have AI readiness strategies for business

10:00am PDT Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Enterprise preparation for AI has centered almost exclusively on data prep and data science talent. While without data there would be no AI, enterprises that fail to ready the broader organization, chiefly people, process, and principles, don’t just stunt their capacity for good AI, they risk sunk investment, jeopardize employee trust, brand backlash, or worse. Ensuring sustainable deployment starts with assessing enterprise data strategy, aligning myriad stakeholders, technological feasibility assessment, and a coordinated approach to ethics. Join VentureBeat and industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights, Jessica Groopman for discussion on the five fundamentals of AI readiness at our upcoming VB Live event! Attend this webinar and learn: * What you need to do to prepare for AI-- beyond the data science team * Real-world examples and research findings * Top 5 best practices for strategic AI implementation Speakers: * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat * Jessica Groopman, Industry analyst and founding partner of Kaleido Insights * Nathan Decker, Director of eCommerce, evo

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